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Toby has another tumor. I still have $45 left to pay off from his sugery back in Aptil. Ugh. Car is acting up but it turned out to be a faulty sensor and not a faulty transmission. It needs a new battery in any case. Guess I know what I'm spending next paycheck on.

Like, I am seriously at the point of considering fast food employment. My student loans come off deferment in December, that's $120 added back in to ye old monthly expenditure. Everytime I put some money into my savings, I end up having to use it. I can't even get up to $50 before I have to use some of it to buy gas or food or cover a bill.

I would love to force the company CEO or the Food and Beverage Director to live on what they deem a fair wage. Protip: anything below ten dollars an hour is a fucking joke.
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And even $10.hr is a joke when you live somewhere where the cheapest rent for somewhere that isn't in a dangerous area is $600.mo
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My last apartment was $400, but it was a smaller town largely made up of college students. Also it was an old apartment, the bathroom was tiny, the kitchen had no storage, and they had no noise rooms at all. so I could complain about my neighbors waking me up at 2 am and there was nothing they could do about it. Average rent was in the $500s where I lived before not the $600-$700 range.

Most things here are over $700. I've found 2-3 places below $700, but...one is $685 which I can't even afford at 11.50/hr. And that's a 1 bedroom. There's some that are 600-635 depending on who's renting them and I haven't seen them yet. The $600 ones I've seen the 2 bedroom (which is 700) but the 1 bedroom's $600, and that negates having a roomate not that I know anyone I trust that well.

If they call me tomorrow and tell me that I have that job I interviewed for the last couple weeks, I'll start out at $10/hr. I need to be making 11.25-11.50 and hr to afford the $600 apt and not be completein broke and scrounging for food which I am NOT doing again. I wouldn't be rich. I'd have about $125-160 "left over" after bills and stuff. And to get to that point...it's gonna take like 5 years.
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Yeah it wouldn't be as bad if my mom had control of all the money. But dad is stingy and mom only gets like $550 from her social security and retirement every month so it doesn't leave us a lot to work with. So I don't have a lot to eat (because I don't eat like be does) and he fusses when I buy much food to speak of because they "have food". He thinks I just want to eat "junk" but when I bought some fresh fruit he bitched about that too because he said it costs more than the nutrition I was getting from it.

Not to mention he's extremely conservative, religious , and rascist and I'm not. And I've gone from a 2 bedroom apartment to one bedroom and 2/3 of my stuff's in the garage. Yeah. This is not an ideal situation. So having money will not only allow me to pay stuff off and work toward moving out but also I can eat and get Netflix back etc.
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A friend said to me a while ago that $16/hr was where he first felt like he was getting paid real human being money - that's here in Boston. When I was near ATL, our one-bed place was about $700 including water/sewer, and I was getting $7.50 most of the year and M was on $11, and that $11 felt like a lot - it was the difference between us getting by and us not getting by. But yeah; I could never keep so much as $50 before having to dip into it for some bullshit or other.

These days I am one spoiled, absurdly lucky human being, and am only likely to become luckier in the future, but; holy fuck I wish you could get out of the South.

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I am currently slaving away at Burger King. Didn't want to, but there really weren't any other options. Actually, I've been off for the last 2 weeks, as my knees, specifically the right one, has decided to fail me. Either way, it's sad how I went from making 10-11 an hour, to barely above minimum wage. And yes, I know having a piece of a job is better than none at all, but like you said, anything below ten an hour is a fucking joke.

Yeah, I know I've been M.I.A. What can I say? Life needs to use some lube before fucking a bitch in the ass.