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the nice misanthrope ([personal profile] kat_nic) wrote2014-10-14 07:52 pm

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Toby has another tumor. I still have $45 left to pay off from his sugery back in Aptil. Ugh. Car is acting up but it turned out to be a faulty sensor and not a faulty transmission. It needs a new battery in any case. Guess I know what I'm spending next paycheck on.

Like, I am seriously at the point of considering fast food employment. My student loans come off deferment in December, that's $120 added back in to ye old monthly expenditure. Everytime I put some money into my savings, I end up having to use it. I can't even get up to $50 before I have to use some of it to buy gas or food or cover a bill.

I would love to force the company CEO or the Food and Beverage Director to live on what they deem a fair wage. Protip: anything below ten dollars an hour is a fucking joke.

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