kat_nic: (Madam Vastra)
the nice misanthrope ([personal profile] kat_nic) wrote2014-11-12 08:20 am

(no subject)

GUYS. THE JOB IS POTENTIALLY IN MY REACH. Motherfucking shitty cell phone service means I missed their call while I was at work yesterday, and now we are apparently playing phone tag, but the point is they are hiring again and THEY THOUGHT OF ME. I need this job so bad, my hours have been cut yet again, and even if current job gives me another raise in January, it still wouldn't be anywhere close to what I would make at this other place.

ETA the interview is tonight at six. *crossed fingers*

ETA 2 The interview went well, and they want me to come back Sunday night for a working interview. FUCK YEAH

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