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Sometime soon I need to post a recap of my post-surgical medical/non medical drama, because everything that could go wrong, did. My cat dying in the middle of it was just the turd cherry on top of the shit cake.

But anyway I like my endocrinologist. He is the first doctor I've been to to be appropriately amazed at my weight loss, and that I did it 100% on my own with no supplements, appetite suppressants or surgery, and with a wonky thyroid, no less.

Life without a thyroid has been mostly similar to life with a thyroid. I was pretty sure I needed a higher dose of hormone, which was confirmed today. I have been sleeping way more than usual, and I've gained some weight, ugh. Hopefully I can get that back under control but other than that, it's business as usual.

I found a second job, starts in September. It's a startup so I'm definitely keeping current job. I would in any case because one job is just not enough. I tried again to get The Job but so far I've heard nothing back :(

On that note, I made some KILLER paleo eggplant parmesan, that I roasted the eggplant slices with salt, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and parmesan, instead of breading and frying them. I like it better than regular eggplant parm, tbh.
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*hugs* I hope things start going better for you.
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Kat love ;___; fuck this summer, it's been rough. Also fuck the two-job grind, but it helps a hella lot in thin times. And spreading your bets like that sometimes helps the right thing come along. You never know.

I want your eggplant parm god damn it, I suck at doing eggplants and my dumbass roommates never let me experiment with them.