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life, etc.

officially no longer a 20 something. Kind of weird but kind of not.

What's really weird is going from job 1, which I have been at for three years and I therefore know everything to do with this restaurant, to job 2, where I'm a noob. Weird headspace, let me tell you. Benefits to job 2: so far, the managers all seem okay. They all seem to appreciate me which should not be a novelty but nevertheless is. But let me be real, this is a place that serves hot wings and burgers. There is not even a saute station. This is not what I went to culinary school to do. But, for now, this is what I'm having to do to get ahead.

Job 1, on the other hand, the managers are mostly assholes, but when people find out that's where I work, they are delighted. It's a place I'm honestly proud to say I work at. Why can't they just pay me more* :(

So anyway, I went and applied for The Job again. This is what, the third time this year? and looking back, November/December was when I was called in for interviews. So. Maybe this is the year it happens. Fingers crossed.

*I know why, because they are stupid and incompetent and spend money on stupid shit we don't need. They just bought an $800 Kitchenaide mixer. for the sole purpose of making compound butter. I said to the kitchen manager, why did you buy that expensive mixer. The kitchen manager said they didn't want to buy the $200 one because it would probably break. I was like, but, you don't need to invest any money in this at all. It's. Just. Butter. If you really want it to be whipped then go to Walmart and buy a hand mixer for $6. He said that the food and beverage director wants to do pound cake at some point. Okay. That still doesn't require you to spend $800 or $200 or any dollars at all. Do you know how cheap it is to make pound cake? Do you realize how long it would probably take to get a return on that investment? And that's if they end up putting pound cake on the menu. Jesus, these stupid assholes.
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kat, isn't it funny when people think that corporations spend their money efficiently. ISN'T IT. Skilled, educated staff vs gizmo, hmm.