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i am special

Yesterday at Job B I managed to cut myself three times in a thirty minute period. Courtesy of my bosses who had our knives professionally sharpened. I'm pretty sure these knives weren't this sharp when they were new.

I am definitely quitting Job A in March. Aflac open enrollment starts then and I want to make some changes to my policies. Once they take effect I'm giving my two weeks'.

It kind of makes me sad to think about leaving this place, just because I've been here so long and I got this job at a time when I really desperately needed one, but my loyalty has been stretched thin by all the bullshit the KM and food and beverage director* have put me through, not to mention the demoralizingly low pay--nine freaking dollars an hour. After three years of never being late, never calling out, going above and beyond what my job requires of me including staying at work off the clock to clean and organize the kitchen. Three years and I am currently the one who has worked here the longest. Everyone else has been here less than a year. I want to hit all the managers on the head with the clue bat and yell maybe it's YOU. Several people have said they will quit when I do, lol. Being appreciated by everyone but my supers: lol.

Compare that to Job B where one day the KM told me he was glad I was a competant human being. They also trust me to know what the fuck I'm doing and let me do it. So, okay Job B is slightly less...glamorous. It's a wing joint. But the pay is better and I have opportunities for advancement. It'll have to do until I finally get The Job.

*So, the F&B Director is one of those assholes who think he's god's gift to [whatever]. He likes to show off his ~superior knowledge~ and also to try and trap people. Ex., he added cheesecake to the menu last spring. He was showing me the recipe, and asked me if I knew how to use a spring form pan. I said I did. He asked me which side of the bottom piece is supposed to face up (thinking I was bullshitting him? Idk). I showed him. And then I watched him struggle to put the pan together. And then ninety minutes later when we checked it, it was still raw because he forgot to turn the oven on. This motherfucker.
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I guess that's the catch - you're putting up with shit no human should put up with, and the longevity of your putting-upness is never going to save you; it will only demonstrate to them that they can take you for granted. but holy fuck can someone pay you more money already. And quit taking you for granted, jesus.

I am still playing the long game with my jobs...I will probably get my securities license in a month or two via Job A, but quitting with that immediately would look tasteless; besides, doing something useful with it before I leave would probably be wise. Job B is really just a way to keep my hand in with tax shizz, but the boss is a total sweetheart who respects me massively? Anyways, I want all this to add up to something, something I'd enjoy doing more than what I do at Job A; and it could, I feel like there could be some hella niche call for a dual track tax and securities representative, but Job A is full of dangling carrots & scientific curiosities and it keeps dropping more money on my head; I just hate my work. (yep, my life is hard). I recently got put in charge of some shit tho, which I could/should use as an excuse to offload the most loathsome parts of my job.

I'm also still doing gift tax returns for the slimy asshole...tho, the last one I did, I charged him $100 flat bc for something like 30 mins work that felt kinda awesome and then he accidentally fwded me an entire email chain in which he flipped my work to a client for $1285. No really. Holy fuck, capitalism is dumb.