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So, after three years and three interviews, I finally managed to get The Job. It's funny, the last year or so I've had several interviews at other places, but no offers. And now I've had two job offers in the same week. I was planning to take both jobs if I could, because downside, (you knew there was one, this is me after all) The Job can't promise me I'll be full time. Which, hey, at least they're being up front about it. But Alternate Job said they would not work around another schedule. They had good benefits, but the pay was meh. It's a nursing home with like fifty residents, soooo not the most fun or challenging job. Although, that interviewer asked the best questions. Ten years in the restaurant biz, and however many interviews I've had, this was literally THE FIRST TIME someone's quizzed me on weights and measures. Which, yeah, fuck naming the mother sauces, because knowing the difference between bechamel and veloute is pretty useless if you don't know how many cups are in a quart. And I have worked with/trained people like that (and that right there is one reason why I believe culinary school is the most useless thing ever).

I decided to keep Job A in the meantime. Do I still hate that place? Idk, maybe marginally less than I used to? But Job B is a wing joint. I am glad that I had it because I needed the money, but goooood do I hate that it's part of my resume now. /food snob Because I am a terrible, awful person, it was quite gratifying when one of the managers just about begged me to stay. But when I told him where I was going, he was like, yeah, we really can't compete with that. Sorry dude.

ALSO OZ IS SICK :( The vet said he may need surgery depending on what the test results show :((( It may be crystals in his urine or kidney stones, and there is a slim possibility that the problem may be fixed by putting him on a special diet.

And, my knees really hurt again. And, now there is random ankle pain?! STANDING ON CONCRETE FLOORS FOR HOURS ON END IN $20 SHOES HAHAHA
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Congrats on getting THE Job

I hope Oz is better soon.
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so much love. Heh, good thing you had two jobs all along, so you can just delete wing joint from resume with no gap. I am willing to bet that once you've settled in, you prove to be competent enough to be a full time necessity.

I am almost done with the two jobs thing, like 6 days from done, but they will be horrible grinding days and I will just have to drag myself through them on my knuckles, motivated solely by eyepopping amounts of money, and maybe some chocolate in my handbag. god, I'm tired and I want to write. I hope you get your time back soon too.

Oz :((( Our cat had a special diet for his last 2 years. My roommate made his food herself, which saved her a lot of money, and was also the best way to deal with his weird combination of ailments.

lol I remember those $20 walmart shoes; when I worked on my feet I spent more on the insoles than the shoes, I swear.