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Welp I'm almost a year into having no thyroid, and one thing everyone forgot to mention about being a thyroid patient is you can't take the good cold medicine. :(

Of course it didn't occur to me to check this info until I had already bought some Sudafed. But, the upshot of this is that as I was googling "sudafed thyroid medicine interactions" I found this blog which color me intrigued. It's been, um, an embarrassingly long time since I've read something that was not fanfiction, woops.
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How unfair!

I mostly read on my commute & lunchbreaks...I am a slow reader, but I've got through some really great books in the last few months. Across The Steel Breeze by Alastair Reynolds and Occupy Me by Tricia Sullivan were both really good.

(I really need to not do this bullshit again next year; it is too weird to look out at the end of April and feel like the year is only just able to begin now. Hope you get out of two job hell soon too.)