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I always say to myself every few months, I am going to start posting more. I am going to fucking log onto my Goodreads and Librarything and Dreamwidth and start interacting with some goddamn human beings. lol

SO! In no particular order:

*Kitten! I'm at work right now so I can't post any pics, but he is all black, with yellow-green eyes (green around pupil, with a circle of yellow surrounding the green). His name officially is Sammy but I pretty much always call him Little Man. He was abandoned in the park when he was itty bitty, like had only just learned to walk little. So even though I told myself I wasn't getting another cat, yeah, right, this is me. Idk how or why I always end up with 3 cats when I swear this time I'm sticking with just 2 but hey.

*Work! This May I finally got hired by the place I've been trying to get a job at for 3 1/2 damn years, but, not the position I wanted (overnight baker). For some reason the bakers are interviewed and hired by Big Corporate Bossdude. Like, the bakery is literally a whole separate operation from the rest of the cafe. Well I made damn sure that every manager in this place knew I wanted to be a baker, if there was ever an opening. Well guess what??? This is my...fifth night? Wow, yeah, it's been five days. And I LOVE IT. My trainer is awesome, the work is awesome, THE PAY IS AWESOME. More than what minimum wage is supposed to be awesome. An actual fucking living wage, what a novelty.

*My car started acting up the day I started baking, lolol this is just my luck. The word "alternator" was floated around, and I'm just like. fuck. I literally cannot catch a break ever. But, it was just some fan cooler thing and spark plugs that needed replacing. Aside from the fact that I would rather not have to pay another fucking bill, I am very attached to my car. I love my car. She's a Saturn Ion and she's eleven years old, she's missing a hubcap and the other 3 are scuffed up, has a dent in the front fender (not put there by me tyvm), a cracked windshield, and needs a new paint job, but idgaf. I love this car. I will cry the day this car dies for real. And fucking GM killed the brand, the stupid fuckwits, so I don't even know what car I will hypothetically buy next.

Uh, guess that's it for now?