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does kat ever have good luck

the answer to that question is a solid "sometimes it is admittedly less bad than usual"

guess what

this is not one of those times.

R.I.P my car :( the frame just like...exploded while i was driving at fucking 75 mph on the interstate. I thought a tire blew out but when I pulled over to assess the damage, the whole rear driver's side was just busted. Pieces of the rear driver's side door are gone. You can see right inside to the rear axle.

Like. This car is only 11 years old. No accidents. What could even cause the frame to just go kablewy like that?

Oh yeah and yesterday I decided to move back in with my parents because I (already) have too many fucking bills, and I have had no luck finding a roommate. And this morning I tried to donate plasma, which I do on the reg because hey, tax free income, but my veins, which were already doing not great, were like nope, not having it. In either arm. And now the fucking car blows up. No money, no car, and two new bills showed up this week and one of them was not a prospective car payment.

I don't even know anymore. I really fucking don't.
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*hugs tight* I'm sorry honey. I really am. That's like when I was barely hanging on and then got too ill to work and had to move in with mom and dad. In some ways it was a good thing because I am more financially stable now than I have ever been, and I am looking for a house which I never thought I'd be doing. but other parts are really tough, so I understand what you're going through.

I cannot fathom what'd make that car do that O_O My car's 11 years old as well and if that happened i'd be seriously freaked out.
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I just looked at your tags and I need a sugar mama too LMAO
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Re: PS

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I'm lacking the money to accept that offer LOL