Oct. 15th, 2014

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I just want to know what jackass thought up food-scented candles.

I remember a couple years ago I walked in my parents' house and it smelled like LOVE and DELICIOUSNESS. I thought I was about to get a treat, but noooo, mom was burning a sugar cookie scented candle. :[

And then my mom bought me a scented candle for my birthday. A pumpkin pie, harvest spice, and maple sugar scented candle. Gee it's not like I'm trying to quit eating sugar or anything. (I didn't even eat cake on my birthday, I can't believe it either. And they made one, too.)

I'm probably going to make this instead of the gluten/dairy free pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving Shindig. It looks cheaper to make, why must grain free baking flours be so fucking expensive. Plus there will be approximately 15,000 pies there anyway (did I ever mention how fucking gigantic my family is?) I found a recipe for green bean casserole that contains ingredients I can eat, and pureed cauliflower is a fucking delicious substitute for mashed potatoes, with clarified butter and roasted garlic. So that's the holidays sorted. I have sort of been worrying about that, because I am really commited to No Grains and Real Food but do you realize how much stuff is made with grains and processed mystery ingredients? LIKE EVERYTHING. And then there was belated realizing that I can't have cornbread dressing. That was always my most favorite, I could seriously just eat a huge plate of dressing and call it Thanksgiving. Did you know that 90% of corn is GMO? It is on my do not eat ever list. Rice is negotiable. Why isn't rice more delicious?


kat_nic: A cat wearing glasses (Default)
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