Mar. 31st, 2015

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-Since The Job has so far proved elusive, I decided fuck you and went over to a rival bakery, and got interviewed today, and I think it went pretty well. Interview dude straight up told me he liked me, he liked my experience, he saw nothing to indicate I would not be hired, buuuut I still have to be interviewed by the general manager. Downside, it is for front of house, but I made sure he knew that if there was ever an opening in the kitchen, I want in.

-My roommate is moving out in May, I want to move out in August, so I want to be able to live alone for the two months and try to find a quieter, possibly cheaper place (again). The ground floor sucks, and the current upstairs neighbors are horribly loud and rude. but, OF COURSE my roommate's cat shredded the carpet around our bedroom doors, so at some point this summer i am going to have to try and find matching carpet and do a patch job, because I would really like my security deposit back and also to not be responsible for the remaining balance of installing new carpet.

-Goddammit, though, I just spent $65 on new black and white chef pants for current job, and the uniform at the bakery is black pants. UGH

-Toby's cancer came back again, so I have decided to just let nature run its course. This was a really hard decision, but I just cannot afford to keep treating this, especially if it's not fucking working, anyway. Tip for cat owners: tell the vet to give their vaccinations on their hind feet, because the type of cancer Toby has IS CAUSED BY THE RABIES VACCINE, possibly the three-year vaccine is more likely to cause it, or prevent it, I have seen conflicting information on this, but anecdata: Toby went his whole life without getting this type of cancer until after he got the three-year vaccine, so. A three legged cat is better than no cat.

-I have health insurance! I am going to the doctor on Thursday! I am horribly nervous about this :( Filling out the family history forms just reinforced the fact that I need to act like a motherfucking adult and go to the doctor for a checkup, though, because my family? So not healthy.


kat_nic: A cat wearing glasses (Default)
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