Jul. 2nd, 2015

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Toby passed away Tuesday, June 30. He was a good companion, and he didn't deserve to suffer the way he did. He started deteriorating right before my surgery, and it was only until this week I felt strong enough to deal with letting him go. My sister drove me to the vet, and they euthanized him. We buried him in my dad's garden, not far from where he was born, actually. I'm really going to miss him, especially since he was the most vocal of all my cats. It's already so much quieter.

The stupidest thing of getting used to him being gone is the way he would always follow me into the bathroom. I had to call him and make sure he knew I was going in there, otherwise he would scratch the door. He would jump on top of the litter box and expect me to scratch under his chin, every. single. time. Weirdo. He was also the only cat who had no problem waking me up when it was time for breakfast. Oz and Mica wait for me to get up, but Toby scratched on my door frame and meowed at me until I got up.

I had this cat for nine, almost ten years. I knew it would be hard, but damn do I want to start crying when I go in the kitchen and see two food bowls instead of three.


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