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Kay so that place never called me about an interview. When I first applied the owner was like 'I will call you after Labor Day' and the Wednesday after I hadn't heard back, so I walked down there after work and spoke to the owner again and gave him a copy of my resume. He said he would call me the next week. HE THEN CALLED GSA FOR A REFERENCE EVEN THOUGH I CHECKED "DO NOT CALL THIS EMPLOYER" ON MY APP. I know this because GSA asked me where I had applied to and what my plans were. DUDE WHAT THE FUCK. And the kitchen manager just straight up asked me when my last day was. GSA did say he gave a favorable reference, but still, what the fuck. I had to lie (although it ended up being truth after I met the guy replacing GSA) and say I was only looking for a second job and wasn't planning on quitting. NuBoss is awesomely competent, I had forgotten what it was like to work for someone I actually respected. If I get a significant raise sometime soon, I wouldn't consider leaving unless I was offered a really super awesome job.

So, I put in two apps today, one at some new chain that just opened up, and the other at the job I have been trying to get for a whole damn year now. IF I ACTUALLY GET THAT JOB NOW THAT I HAVE GONE GRAIN FREE I WILL LOL FOREVER AT THE IRONY.
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In regards to this post; strike that, reverse it. When I drastically reduced my meat consumption and started to really pile on the grains (mostly brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread), I stopped gaining weight, but I didn't really lose any, either. I cut back on junk food, but I still binged from time to time. I thought what the hell, I can treat myself sometimes, can't I? I thought I was mitigating some of the damage by choosing, say, Chex Mix or Wheat Thins instead of potato chips, or chocolate chip granola bars instead of candy. I thought the idea of grains actually being bad for people was just some nutty fad.

But, for the last month and a half I've been eating meat every day, have not touched any grain based food at all, and spent the first month eating absolutely no sugar, not even fruit. I didn't let myself have a last hurrah, I just cut it all out, cold turkey, completely purged my kitchen of everything I was giving up. I had just discovered sriracha a few months back, and fell in love, but the second ingredient in it is sugar so it had to go. The first week, it's weird, but, even though the cravings were super bad, they strengthened my resolve in a way. I'd intended to reintroduce bread and pasta (two things I swore I couldn't live without) after thirty days, but once the initial cravings went away and I noticed how much better I felt, I decided to just give it up permanently.

So yeah, I'm converted. By the end of the first week my clothes were already feeling looser. By the end of the third week I had to buy a size smaller jeans. I bought a shirt two sizes smaller than I usually wear. And digestive issues? Forget the yoghurt, just stop eating gluten.

My moods are better, too. Depression is still an issue for me, probably will be for a long time, but it's been a long damn while since I felt in a good mood for no particular reason. I have more energy, I just overall feel better than I have for a long time. I realize that even though I thought I was doing good things for my body, I was damaging it. I've had to learn to listen to my body, and (this is the hard part for me, creating a routine and sticking with it) plan my meals and keep track of what I eat so I can learn what works for me and what doesn't (raw spinach doesn't. Oh god it doesn't.)

Now that I'm over the grain hump, I'm giving up dairy too. At first I didn't plan on it, but now I figure why not just try? It's been a lot easier than I thought, actually. I never drank milk, and I only ever ate butter on toast. Cheese was a little harder, but it's not been that bad in the long run. Coconut milk is the best non dairy standin for things like smoothies and sauces, I've found. It's got a much creamier texture and tastes a hell of a lot better than soy milk or almond milk. And the more I read about soy, the more I figure I'm better off avoiding it, anyway. I just discovered coconut flour and I'm devising a gluten free dairy free pumpkin pie recipe for Thanksgiving. I even found a gluten/dairy free recipe for biscuits using coconut flour, though I'm suspicious of it.

Also on the agenda is to start eating organ meat. Gonna start with chicken livers, since my research suggests they're the least aweful tasting offal (pun totally intended). Fermented foods, idk when/if I'll work up the nerve to give them a try. My mom and I call saurkraut sour crap. Bleh.


Aug. 28th, 2014 08:37 pm
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Okay so there's this new restaurant opening up. Upscale, right on the riverfront. Looks super nice. I drive past it every morning on my way to work. I have really wanted to apply, but feeling no self worth, massively intimidated, etc. Today I finally womaned up and called the number. Guy answers, says oh hey we're in the office two doors down from the restaurant. Come on in and fill out an application .

So, okay, anxiety is out in force but come on, it's time to make shit happen. I went in and applied, the owner looked my app over and conducted a small pre-interview. He said that he thinks I am a very strong candidate and that they will definitely get in touch with me to conduct a more extensive interview! MOTHERFUCKIN' EXCITE. And the starting pay ain't half bad, better than where I work now, that's for sure. There is some concern about this being a startup, but I am reasonably sure it will be successful, what with all the new development happening. I really really want this to work out and if it does for it not to be another dead end, soul crushing job.
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Oh god where do I even begin. Most importantly; no further health issues with the fuzzbutts. Also, Awesome Roommate finished college and moved out (I knew she was only planning to be here short term but still. frownyface) to be replaced with Roommate of Undetermined Temperament and Financial Stability. She is a military chick, been to Afghanistan but is planning to get out of the army after she finishes her degree in computer science. She goes to church, and also, she has a cat, but the one time she brought him over to see how they would all mingle, everyone got on fine. I was worried about that, but after five minutes they were all totally chill.

Work: I got a raise, an entire forty cents, which is better than the twenty five cents I was expecting and certainly better than nothing. BUT BEST OF ALL. GIGANTIC STUPID ASSHOLE IS ON THE WAY OUT. HE IS FOR REAL IN THE PROCESS OF TRAINING HIS REPLACEMENT. Supposedly this is his decision (he says he is retiring--which okay, I totally buy a forty five year old retiring on a restaurant manager’s salary), but I think the company higher-ups decided he wasn’t doing a good enough job (there have been hints throughout this year that he and the kitchen manager were in danger of losing their jobs because of the restaurant not being as prosperous as the investors want. Those hints included him threatening my job and accusing me of bleeding the clock and telling me I am basically worthless and replaceable as an employee. Funny how before I turned him down cold when he said to me: “Kat, when are we going out to dinner” he was all, I wish I had more employees like you, you are a such a hard worker. lol)

So future general manager is MUCH NICER (although I have no idea how competent he is jobwise) and when I was training him (all new managers have to spend a couple days training on all the stations) we discovered we have almost the same taste in books. Honestly if I had known he was gonna be the new GM I would not have been so forthcoming about anything to do with my personal life and things I enjoy, but the official line in the beginning was that he was training here but would end up going to a different property.

I remember thinking a couple or three months ago I was going to really make a serious effort at posting more and reviving my Goodreads page. HAHA
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Oz in his booties and cone of shame :( But he is all better now, and didn't end up having cancer after all. And Toby is all better as well, and thus far Mica remains in good health.

omg y u do dis )
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I feel like shit right now because I still owe thene a fic. Somehow or another the file was lost, idek. Sometimes I work on fics at the library, so my best guess is I fucked around and clicked save as instead of save. All I know is it is not on my flash drive or laptop, and all efforts to recreate it have failed miserably. I'm trying to come up with something new and better but it's not coming easy this time. Also there has been cat medical drama, idek how many hundreds of dollars I've dropped on them so far. Around 11:30 on thene's birthday my roommate said she thought Oz was bleeding. I picked him up and he was bleeding pretty bad from his hind foot, and I immediately had to control the inevitable freakout because oh my god, did he step on a nail or a piece of broken glass, wtf is going on here. So off to the after hours emergency vet clinic we went. While we were waiting to be seen his other foot started bleeding, and I am just sobbing on the inside because that cat is the closest thing to an actual child I will ever have. I love him like a lot. I love all of them, but I've had Oz the longest and he is totally my favorite, not even gonna lie.

It turns out Oz had not one but two burst abscesses on his feet. Which it is a total mystery how he got them because he is strictly an indoor cat, and there have never been any aggression issues with him and the other cats. The two theories the emergency vet presented me with are a.) he could have broken the skin during grooming and they got infected, or b.) spider bite, which we do have those freaking huge creepy brown house spiders that look a lot like brown recluses, but then what are the odds that either the exact same spider would bite both of his hind feet, or two different spiders would bite him at exactly the same time? I could accept this theory if it were his front feet that were infected, but no. His regular vet suggested feline diabetes or a thyroid problem, but his bloodwork all came back totally normal.

So no sooner have Oz's feet healed than I find out Oz and Toby both maybe have cancer. Toby is having surgery first because his tumor is bigger; I have to postpone Oz's surgery for the middle of next month because this has all totally cleaned out the piggy pank. If it is cancer then hopefully the vet will be able to cut the tumors out before they spread. Hopefully it's not cancer but there's only a twenty five percent chance of that.

I just want my kitty babies to be okay. :(
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Time was setbacks like these would have sent me spiraling down and I would have fucking well quit even trying.

Anyway somebody else messaged me about moving in, although my quest for The Job continues; I got a special ~Job Alert~ from Snagajob about them, instead of being lumped in with Today's Job Recommendations. I've applied five or six times now. Whatever I did wrong at the interview, give me a chance to get it right, please oh god. A living wage, that's all I ask; a decent, competent human being for a boss would just be a bonus at this point.
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First rule of my life, first rule of my life.

When I think I'm learning from a past mistake, turns out I'm just making a brand new one. No decision is ever the right one.

The third person I was going to interview messaged me on Monday and told me she'd already found a place. Okay, I still had two choices. My first choice declined my offer because she wanted more space for her dog to run around in (this makes me angry and confused, because it's not like I ever lied or misled anyone about this being an apartment, not a house with a yard, and lack of dog-running space is easily verifiable without you having to actually come over and see it and get my hopes up.) I thought, well it wasn't like my second choice was bad, just overall I would prefer a female. So I texted him, and didn't hear back from him until this morning that he had another place. And you know, I had a gut feeling that I should just offer him the room immediately, but I did that with my last roommate and look where that landed me.

The absolute bitchkitty of it is that when I finally got my exroommate to come over and sign the roommate release, the property manager told me they needed to reverify my income to make sure I still make the minimum amount required before they take her off the lease, which hello, I don't ever since I stupidly let the general manager of the catering company get under my skin and I ragequit one of the only decently paying jobs I've ever had. And especially not now I'm only getting about twenty hours a week ever since Christmas was over. Business doesn't typically begin to pick up until around mid-April/May.

And I can't help thinking that if I hadn't somehow fucked up The Job Interview I'd be doing pretty damn well for myself right about now and not even needing a fucking roommate. Hell, if I'd been offered The Job the first time I applied for it I'd still be in my cozy, top floor one bedroom (although mercifully the baby and toddler that lived above me have moved out, but god only knows what they'll be replaced with).

There are days when I feel like a magnet for situational irony and bad luck, and there are days that prove it.
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Two prospective roommates have been interviewed, still waiting on number three. I'm having a hard time deciding who to go with of the first two. Based on first impressions, I like them both; however they both come with dogs, one an American bulldog and the other a golden retriever. I already know Mica was disowned by her previous owners because of not getting along with a dog (That dog was smaller than these two, though) and Oz and Toby have never seen a dog up close and personal before. Oz did not seem terrified at all, more curious than anything, actually getting up close to sniff noses with one of them. Toby hid behind the sofa. Mica stayed on the sofa and growled. So that leaves the third person, who I have yet to set up a meet with, and who as far as I know is petless. We shall see.
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So I've been reading this pretty good Valdemar fic on AO3, about the events leading to Solaris becoming Son of the Sun and the Karse/Valdemar alliance. Really interesting premise and OCs, which is a rarity in this fandom (although becoming bit less of one).

But I still have issues with the whole Vkandis waiting hundreds of years to intervene because the population of Karse wasn't sufficiently exerting their Free Will thing.

So now my headcanon is that Vkandis was secretly overthrown by another, evil god. Maybe some misguided mage managed to bring Thalkarsh back. Much more interesting scenario, imo. Put it on the backburner, put it on the backburner....
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All this time my posting on the roommate website has yielded nothing except people I assume to be either scammers or idiots, and now suddenly I have three genuine inquiries. The hell? I may actually be able to pay my rent in February!

There was another job posting for The Job in my inbox, dayshift baker this time. Sooner or later, sooner or later.
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My love/hate relationship with Doctor Who, let me tell you about it. Holy shit this post is long )
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Applied to The Job again; it wasn't for the position I want--it's front of the house, which I normally avoid, but foot in door, etc.

This year I resolve to get The Job.
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wtf it's Christmas in a week.

Saw The Hobbit, I DON'T CARE WHAT THE HATERS SAY, IT WAS AWESOME. Although, some of the less crazy ones do raise some valid points, and I actually kind of agree that the Mirkwood scene was cut short so there could be a ridiculously long fight scene when Bilbo and the dwarves are escaping in the barrels, and that the fight scene with Smaug was way too long--and I love a good fight scene, but they did seem slightly gratuitous.

I loved Tauriel, fuck all the book purists. Also, Legolas was a Mirkwood elf, it's not like it's extreme canon bending to bring him into the film, ffs. Bard's character got some much needed fleshing out. And I still don't see what everyone's problem is with Azog. There needs to be an antagonist, and while yes, there is of course Smaug, not to mention the trolls, giant spiders, and miscellaneous orcs and goblins, but (other than Smaug) none of them have a personal stake; they're just generic "bad guys". Bringing Azog in gives the generic bad guys some much needed cohesiveness, so that it feels like there actually is an opposing force that wants to prevent the dwarves from reclaiming Erebor, rather than just some random generic bad guys getting in the protagonists' way. Overall there are less changes and additions than there were in the LOTR films, and I still say those films are better than the books.
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Okay, I have had my pity party. Snagajob has sent me alerts about this job three times this year. No reason to believe it won't ever be available again, so if I have to keep working shit jobs in the meantime, fine.

Also I am sorry to say that I have been ignoring all my LHM fics-in-progress for Vastra/Jenny fics. And one of the main reasons for this is because I am becoming INCREASINGLY DISSATISFIED WITH THEIR CANON. LIKE, WHY DOES STRAX EVEN EXIST*. /headdesks forever

*Okay yes, he's funny, but can't he be somebody else's comic relief, god.
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I officially did not get the job. Even though I had resigned myself to not getting it, I still harbored a secret hope that the next time my phone rang, it would be them. And then their name was on the caller ID this morning and for just a second I thought, finally.

I never seem to remember the first rule of my life. Nothing good ever. Happens. To me. And if it does, it's just a prelude to a trainwreck.
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I don't think I'm going to get the job. :( Tomorrow will be two weeks since the interview, and I haven't heard anything back. I called on Monday, left a voicemail thanking them for interviewing me and letting them know they can always keep me in mind for future openings. :((( I just want a job that pays decently and doesn't make me depressed and anxious.

Also my roommate texted me on Sunday and said she wants to move out, supposedly because she's allergic to my cats. I suspect this is bullshit, but what can I do? She did agree to go ahead and pay December rent, but Jesus, am I ever going to catch a break?
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I went on the job interview last Thursday; I feel like I made a very good impression, both in terms of my work experience and ability to multitask/function in complete chaos. Also I made it clear that I really, really want to work there--did I mention I've put in three applications this year? And that was before I found out the pay is amazing, plus quarterly bonuses. That's quarterly. Bonuses.

I have never walked out of a job interview feeling that I actually made a good impression--I hope that doesn't mean I actually sucked horribly? Seeing as how I manage to keep myself employed regardless. IDK. I was pretty nervous at first, but once the process got going I felt really comfortable with her. What she said pretty much confirmed my feeling that this would be an excellent place to work; and I know to take all that with a grain of salt, but still, I just--

--I care about what I do. I like foodservice, goddammit. Where I'm working right now, I feel like no one gives a fuck except me, and I'm tired. I'm tired of being taken for granted; I'm tired of no accountability; I'm tired of knowing more than the fucking managers; I'm tired of being told I'm going to be a supervisor, and being given supervisor's responsibilities, and not only not getting paid more, but getting my hours slashed as well. I haven't even worked here a full year and I'm ready to walk. I am so fed up with this place. And it's not that I expect constant praise or that I can't handle criticism, I just want to work in an environment where everyone else cares too.

Anyway, she said that she had other candidates to interview, and that she would let me know her decision within a week. That's sort of worrying me a bit; I have some experience at baking, but not much, and it can only be considered "recent" if you squint. I'm hoping that the fact that this isn't just something I do for a paycheck is what will give me an edge over the others.


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