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but occassionally with semi-funny results.

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I came home from the doctor, unloaded the meds and paperwork before I turned on the light, and when I did, this is the sight that greeted me. She still has not moved even after I took the picture, uploaded it to Photobucket, and posted this. It's almost like idk she thinks she's in charge around here or something. (Don't tell her she actually is.)
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So, after three years and three interviews, I finally managed to get The Job. It's funny, the last year or so I've had several interviews at other places, but no offers. And now I've had two job offers in the same week. I was planning to take both jobs if I could, because downside, (you knew there was one, this is me after all) The Job can't promise me I'll be full time. Which, hey, at least they're being up front about it. But Alternate Job said they would not work around another schedule. They had good benefits, but the pay was meh. It's a nursing home with like fifty residents, soooo not the most fun or challenging job. Although, that interviewer asked the best questions. Ten years in the restaurant biz, and however many interviews I've had, this was literally THE FIRST TIME someone's quizzed me on weights and measures. Which, yeah, fuck naming the mother sauces, because knowing the difference between bechamel and veloute is pretty useless if you don't know how many cups are in a quart. And I have worked with/trained people like that (and that right there is one reason why I believe culinary school is the most useless thing ever).

I decided to keep Job A in the meantime. Do I still hate that place? Idk, maybe marginally less than I used to? But Job B is a wing joint. I am glad that I had it because I needed the money, but goooood do I hate that it's part of my resume now. /food snob Because I am a terrible, awful person, it was quite gratifying when one of the managers just about begged me to stay. But when I told him where I was going, he was like, yeah, we really can't compete with that. Sorry dude.

ALSO OZ IS SICK :( The vet said he may need surgery depending on what the test results show :((( It may be crystals in his urine or kidney stones, and there is a slim possibility that the problem may be fixed by putting him on a special diet.

And, my knees really hurt again. And, now there is random ankle pain?! STANDING ON CONCRETE FLOORS FOR HOURS ON END IN $20 SHOES HAHAHA
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-Since The Job has so far proved elusive, I decided fuck you and went over to a rival bakery, and got interviewed today, and I think it went pretty well. Interview dude straight up told me he liked me, he liked my experience, he saw nothing to indicate I would not be hired, buuuut I still have to be interviewed by the general manager. Downside, it is for front of house, but I made sure he knew that if there was ever an opening in the kitchen, I want in.

-My roommate is moving out in May, I want to move out in August, so I want to be able to live alone for the two months and try to find a quieter, possibly cheaper place (again). The ground floor sucks, and the current upstairs neighbors are horribly loud and rude. but, OF COURSE my roommate's cat shredded the carpet around our bedroom doors, so at some point this summer i am going to have to try and find matching carpet and do a patch job, because I would really like my security deposit back and also to not be responsible for the remaining balance of installing new carpet.

-Goddammit, though, I just spent $65 on new black and white chef pants for current job, and the uniform at the bakery is black pants. UGH

-Toby's cancer came back again, so I have decided to just let nature run its course. This was a really hard decision, but I just cannot afford to keep treating this, especially if it's not fucking working, anyway. Tip for cat owners: tell the vet to give their vaccinations on their hind feet, because the type of cancer Toby has IS CAUSED BY THE RABIES VACCINE, possibly the three-year vaccine is more likely to cause it, or prevent it, I have seen conflicting information on this, but anecdata: Toby went his whole life without getting this type of cancer until after he got the three-year vaccine, so. A three legged cat is better than no cat.

-I have health insurance! I am going to the doctor on Thursday! I am horribly nervous about this :( Filling out the family history forms just reinforced the fact that I need to act like a motherfucking adult and go to the doctor for a checkup, though, because my family? So not healthy.
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I feel like shit right now because I still owe thene a fic. Somehow or another the file was lost, idek. Sometimes I work on fics at the library, so my best guess is I fucked around and clicked save as instead of save. All I know is it is not on my flash drive or laptop, and all efforts to recreate it have failed miserably. I'm trying to come up with something new and better but it's not coming easy this time. Also there has been cat medical drama, idek how many hundreds of dollars I've dropped on them so far. Around 11:30 on thene's birthday my roommate said she thought Oz was bleeding. I picked him up and he was bleeding pretty bad from his hind foot, and I immediately had to control the inevitable freakout because oh my god, did he step on a nail or a piece of broken glass, wtf is going on here. So off to the after hours emergency vet clinic we went. While we were waiting to be seen his other foot started bleeding, and I am just sobbing on the inside because that cat is the closest thing to an actual child I will ever have. I love him like a lot. I love all of them, but I've had Oz the longest and he is totally my favorite, not even gonna lie.

It turns out Oz had not one but two burst abscesses on his feet. Which it is a total mystery how he got them because he is strictly an indoor cat, and there have never been any aggression issues with him and the other cats. The two theories the emergency vet presented me with are a.) he could have broken the skin during grooming and they got infected, or b.) spider bite, which we do have those freaking huge creepy brown house spiders that look a lot like brown recluses, but then what are the odds that either the exact same spider would bite both of his hind feet, or two different spiders would bite him at exactly the same time? I could accept this theory if it were his front feet that were infected, but no. His regular vet suggested feline diabetes or a thyroid problem, but his bloodwork all came back totally normal.

So no sooner have Oz's feet healed than I find out Oz and Toby both maybe have cancer. Toby is having surgery first because his tumor is bigger; I have to postpone Oz's surgery for the middle of next month because this has all totally cleaned out the piggy pank. If it is cancer then hopefully the vet will be able to cut the tumors out before they spread. Hopefully it's not cancer but there's only a twenty five percent chance of that.

I just want my kitty babies to be okay. :(
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STUPID CATS. Stray boy cat disappeared the day after I made that post. :( I hope someone else took him in; I spent the next couple of days after he disappeared fearfully checking the side of the road. I hate it when I see cats hit by cars. :( (I know my fate; agoraphobia, cats taking over apt, dying alone.)

Work has since picked up, and I no longer worry about needing a second job. Amazingly enough the busier we've been the more I've been able to write; unfortunately what I'm writing are two completely new things and not finishing any of the stuff I have in-progress. Such is life. (I can tell I've been on a writing kick because I keep fighting the urge to hit ctrl+s after every other sentence or so. Self, DW is not the same as MS Word.)
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/shuffles feet, looks embarrassed

Uh. So, this thing, where I really love animals and cats especially. Um. And it's like they know that I can't turn something away that's starving and abandoned. Yeah. I didn't mean to, honest, but he just showed up at my front door! He was skinny and skittish but in no time he was letting me pet him and love on him, and I just know he used to be someone's pet but then they realized how inconvenient responsibility is. My theory is, they were too cheap to take him to the vet get neutered, he started marking his territory, and they threw him out instead of doing what they were supposed to do in the first place. Spay and neuter your cats and dogs, for the love of god.

At least the other stray cat I was feeding got adopted by a neighbor (and she was pregnant). I highly doubt I'll be able to bring him inside, although once I know he's healthy (and more importantly, neutered and hopefully less aggressive) we'll try and see if the others take to him.

NuJob isn't giving me enough hours. :/ And then they drop the bomb that in March, they're closing the restaurant for ten days to expand the dining room. And as I have not been there long enough to accrue vacation days (six months), or to qualify for partial unemployment (90 days), I'm getting screwed out of almost an entire pay period (probably a whole pay period, as anyone who'd ever had to deal with contractors knows, it always takes longer than they say it will.)

Well, just as I had decided that I am going to need a second job regardless, I got a call from one of the places I applied to last month. They want me to fill out their application on their website, as I had only done the short one on snagajob.com. So, it's not an interview or anything, but it's still a prospect, so hey. It's an in-home senior care place looking for non medical caregivers, which I have experience doing that, taking care of my grandmother when she was sick. I've been contemplating off and on the notion of volunteering with the hospice that took over her medical care when she went from chronic to terminal, but it's always easy to find excuses not to do stuff like that, unfortunately. I honestly didn't know places actually paid people to do stuff like reading to housebound seniors, cleaning their house, cooking or just keeping them company for a while. I thought it was all volunteer work.

Yeah yeah, I know, misanthropic, much? Sick, housebound old people are like animals. <<< eta, in that my withered heart feels sympathy and the urge to help them. God, that sounded terrible.
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This happened as I was editing the newest chapter of MPTP. ;___; There is one scene that is being a butthead and holding it up, and thenyesterday instead of working on that particular scene I went and wrote a thousand word sex scene ._. So now I have the scene that still needs working on and then I will probably need to go back and edit the porn and then oh god scene transitions, what are they, how do they work. I need to take a break from it, but I hope it will be finished, uh, really soon. I know I said that a month ago, terminally slow writer here, sorry.

Spiders ;___; A couple of months ago I found a brown recluse at work (and killed it) . And then I found another one on Wednesday (now also deceased). Spiders in general are bad enough; the ones that can actually fuck your shit up are ugh ugh ugh. The best part: of course I told the GM and everyone to be careful when in the basement and opening boxes and stuff--recluses like those places a lot. So when I told her about finding the second recluse, she asked me if I was sure it wasn't the same on I saw before. The same one...that I killed. I was joking with my friend about it, and I told her, goddamn, it's not bad enough we've got human motherfuckers hanging around here (it's an old building in the historic district, so of course there are several stories of it being haunted), now we've got spiders haunting us, too?
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Time to dust off the DW, I guess.

So, uh, I just spent ninety dollars on flea and deworming medication for my cats. :/ Fucking fleas. As an FYI, I have found entirelypets.com is the best place to get dewormers for cheap, and deadfleaz.com is the best place to get flea preventative. I was buying the Frontline generic from Walmart, but since last summer they've had to stop making the "plus" version that prevents the larvae from maturing, because Frontline still owns the patent on that. FROWNY.FACE. And the regular stuff that only kills adult fleas just ain't working. And then they got tapeworms from the fleas, and because they're all such fatasses they have to take one and a half pills and ofc there's only three pills in a bottle. Petco charges $25 for Tapeworm Tabs, and entirelypets.com has it on sale for $10.99, regular price $14.99. ;__; Three doses of Revolution for cats at deadfleaz.com is $25. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS, that's how much the useless crap I've been buying at Walmart costs. ;_____;

Still cheaper and less painful than raising human offspring, though. ;)

oh, lol

Jul. 18th, 2012 01:55 pm
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When I first got Mica one year ago, she weighed seven pounds. Nothing but skin and bones. Yesterday at the vet, she weighed in at 15.9 pounds. ._. Girl has over doubled in size. I swear I don't free feed, and they all only get 1/2 cup of food a DAY. Unless my housemate/the people she brings over have been feeding them when I'm not at home? Mica has very bad food anxiety, and the second she sees the bottom of her food bowl, she starts begging for more, so I can see them giving her more food not knowing/caring that I already fed her. They get daily play time with the laser pointer and feather wand, so I really just don't know.

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Yet another pic from my old computer. This is from 2009, the first time in a while it snowed here. I took a ton of photos, but these are the ones I'm posting now :) I put mom's cat, Emma, outside to see how she'd react to snow. And this is how, lololol. She stopped dead in her tracks, turned around, shaking off her paws after each step, and started scratching at the door. This cat is so prissy, she comes in from outside to use the litterbox, and then goes back out again.

kitty )
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Welp, my laptop is almost totally dead. I've been getting blue screens a lot more frequently, so I finally broke down and ordered a refurbished laptop, which I'll use until I can get a good deal on a brand new one. As I was sorting through all my files deciding what's worth saving, I found a bunch of pictures I took when I was in culinary school. Like this one:


And also lots of kitty pictures.


Aw, smoosh face.
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This month is Oz and Toby's birthmonth; sadly I do not know the exact date. But they are seven and six years old now. ;___; Oz isn't showing many signs of aging, except for being less playful than he used to be. Tob is still the same old same old, but in the back of my mind now I'm always thinking, I have maybe five more years with them, if I'm lucky. They could well make it all the way to seventeen or eighteen, but eleven or twelve is still a good long life for a cat.


My babies ;_______;

And I cannot believe that in June I'll have had Mica for a whole year. o.O

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Terrible phone pics of the Assorted Felines, because I am all out of batteries for my camera and I keep forgetting to buy them when I am shopping.

Mica, who upon joining this family weighed a pathetic 6 pounds, 8 ounces. I have no idea how much she weighs now, but it is safe to say, more. I don't free feed; she gets exactly a half cup of food a day. If I don't watch her, she'll push the other two out of the way and steal their food. Girl has no home training.

Toby, aka Butthead, aka Will-You-Fucking-Get-Out-Of-The-Way, is practically joined at my hip. He is probably half dog. He destroyed a pair of my favorite flip flops, drinks out of the toilet, and has a kind of bark-like meow that he mostly uses when he is trying to boss me around. He is the squishiest cat-teddy bear hybrid ever.

Oz. The fluffy. Believes me to be his personal divan/sofa/bed/IDK, if I stop moving long enough he will sit on me. Loves to have his tummy rubbed.

The cat pole I dragged in from the dumpster...! These things cost around $80, therefore I am excite to have a free one. They are lined up in order of age, awe.

And also for better quality pics, see here and here, posts I made to the Livejournal comm cf_pets about Mica, when I first adopted her.
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Toby, stop staring at me plaintively with those big blue siamese eyes and tapping my arm. Writing is finally happening! Just because I am up stupidly early that doesn't mean it is time for breakfast and pettings.

Now with photos:

And of course anytime the laptop is, open, Oz gets jealous.

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Mica is such a pushy, chubby, adorable, playful brat. Her latest game of hijinks involves stalking Oz and Toby every time they're in the litter box. She lays in wait, and pounces on them as soon as they come out of the bathroom door. And she also, for some bizarre reason, likes to nurse my blanket. I would find these wetspots on my bed, and had no idea where they were coming from, until I caught her at it. Also she likes to try to catch the drawstrings on my pajama pants. She is such a little booger. She has enriched our lives so much in such a short time.

And it amuses me to no end that everyone I live with, everyone, even people who dislike small animals in general, end up loving at least one my cats. My roommate actually talks to them. My sister meowed at Toby when we lived together. My dad loves Oz--and he normally hates cats. He even let Oz on their bed, which normally no animals on the bed is an ironclad rule. Even my roommate's friends will tell me about funny stuff they did while I was gone.

Don't know if you can clearly see what she's doing, but yes, she is sucking on the blanket. Weirdo.
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Oz snuggling me after I got home from the dentist.

All is well. No more blood or pain.

(How has it taken me five years to get around to making icons out of my cats?)


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