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So, has anyone randomly picked up a book that looked like it might be interesting, and after a few chapters or pages, began to have the sneaking suspicion that it's an undercover gay romance/adventure? (Always a delight to find one of those--Hello Nightrunners.)

I was absolutely, positively certain that was what was going on Carol Berg's Transformation. You could have cut the sexual tension between the two main characters with a spork! It's slavefic, which can be very, very icky a lot of the time, but Berg makes it not be icky. Basically, the slave (Seyonne) is sitting quietly judging the everloving fuck out of his master (Aleksander) every time he acts like an asshole (which is all the time, pretty much) and it drives Aleksander crazy, learning to see himself from a slave's perspective, and eventually he starts showing compassion--a teeny bit, but still. Then stuff happens involving a secret war with demons and a curse. Aleksander and Seyonne have to run for their lives. Seyonne finds out the woman he loved and his best friend left him for the slavers when they could have rescued him. Then, towards the end of the book is this little gem:

I had wondered about it myself. Aleksander could not prevent me [removing the slave collar], and I wasn't sure he would try. But on that night, as the first stars popped out of the deep turquoise of the sky, I finally understood my hesitation. Something extraordinary had come about between Aleksander and me. Something beyond oaths, beyond duty, beyond necessity and desperation. If the Prince unlocked my chains, I would not walk away. But until Aleksander believed it, I had no name for him but master, and no name for myself but slave. And inside I am yelling YES IT IS CALLED TRUE LOVE, GET ON WITH IT PLEASE. To me that reads pretty clearly that Seyonne at least has realized that what he feels is deeper than just genuine respect and friendship. I was deliciously anticipating the moment when Aleksander finally got a clue, but it just never came (he does set Seyonne free though). They both end up with women; Seyonne finds out his girlfriend was tricked by his best friend, who conveniently dies at the end, and, well, Aleksander isn't married yet, but it's implied that his future marriage to his betrothed won't just be a marriage of convenience.

I am not entirely sure if Berg is really that clueless, or trolling the everloving fuck out of m/m readers. (If so then A for effort?)
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And I'm not even talking about what [personal profile] thene thinks I am talking about.

I just finished Crusader by Sara Douglass.

What the fucking hell kind of shit ending was that? Like. I can deal with everyone dies endings, and bittersweet endings, and even ambiguous endings (lol Animorphs). But stop with the fake happy endings, oh my fucking god.

They defeat ULTIMATE EVIL, and all live happily ever after frolicking through an Infinite Field of Flowers, which is some kind of quasi-afterlife/alternate dimension/whatever the fuck. But they will never get bored because they have been granted contentment! And then the physical continent they were living on disappears into the ocean. Seriously, I can deal with the whole are-they-dead-or-aren't-they thing. But. Frolicking. In a field of flowers. UNIRONICALLY.

And I really did like these books, especially the last three. There were enough editing issues that had my eyes twitching, but the story itself was interesting and as ~fresh and ~original as epic fantasy can ever get. And then she had to go and fuck it up. I am so disappointed. :(
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For some reason, I went on a rereading Valdemar bender over the weekend (okay, so I have been hellaciously sick again, and when I am so miserable that I just stay in bed...yeah, they're comfort reads, bite me. Last time I was sick I tortured myself by googling “Vanyel Stefen” on my (non smart)phone, but I did find one pretty good fic and the browser actually rendered it somewhat legible, but. I decided not to do that again.)

Wow I realized I have about 1750 words of me bitching about this book series. lol. )
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Today is the first day off I've had in a while. I was kinda at a loss, actually. And then it occured to me, I should start rereading the Animorphs. I've reread books here and there, but there are plenty of books (most of them) that I only read once or twice, when they were still brand new--and that was over ten years ago. It would probably make finishing my Ani fics easier, as well as being a fun way to relive my adolescence no wait why would i want to do that. Thinking about it, there are lots of books I loved back then that I would be interested in rereading...to see how they hold up, you know? Of course they were almost all library books, so it would take time and effort to track them down. This could be a fun project, y/y.

I guess I should also make an effort to actually update my Goodreads page. /shame
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Book review! Wow, it's been a really long time since I posted one, my bad. I haven't been reading very much lately, to be honest. I've had a major case of the blahs and everything I pick up, I just can't seem to get into.

But this was something I actually read back in January, and posted the review on [livejournal.com profile] weirsjohnny. It's Johnny Weir's memoir, Welcome to my World.

Review under cut )

How I became a fan )
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LJ Mobile beta, why so sucky? Every time I try to log on it takes me to the Russian site, and when I switch back to English, it takes me back to the log in page. Thankfully I've found the library, though, and their sweeeet, sweeeet high speed connection. Although of course their book selection is rather meh. The fantasy is all the usual suspects, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, most of the authors I find dull and cliched. And this is the only library in the county. *sigh* Hopefully soon I'll find a way to get all my stuff. I have such a TBR pile that I could be working through. Although at the library I did manage to find the Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes, which I am slowly getting into. I read The Hound of the Baskervilles when I was a kid and liked it, but I'm only halfway through "A Scandal in Bohemia" and I have to say, I'm not impressed. Holmes is kind of a dick. An arrogant, self absorbed dick at that. But I'm not at the point yet where I throw it across the room in disgust. After all, I made it to book four in the Sword of Truth series, so I don't give up easily on books/series.


Dec. 9th, 2009 10:12 am
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I've been bitching lately about having nothing to read around here. Which is ironic, because if I had all my books I would only read a few pages at a time and then be bored again. But there you go; it doesn't have to make sense.

The point of this being, I remembered yesterday that I gave my entire Animorphs collection to [livejournal.com profile] yurnewbff when I moved out years ago. And I had the entire collection, which is somewhere around 70 books--all the regular ones, the Megamorphs, the various Chronicles, even the Alternamorphs (sp?), which were choose your own adventure style, and I never really liked them, but I still had to have.

I have rediscovered the sheer love I once had for these characters. You know how you sometimes dig up a book you loved as a kid, reread it and wonder what you saw in it all those years ago? That's not the case with Animorphs. They're still as good I remember. Except for the thankfully short lived tv show. That I still have some VHS copies off...man it is bad. I made my whole family and a few of my school friends watch it. I doubt they've forgiven me. But it wasn't as bad as the original Power Rangers movie...that is a level of suck that I just...have no words. But it was so fuckin' cool when I was nine years old!

Anyway. Animorphs, by K.A. Applegate (yeah, she fell prey to the marketing belief that kids will only read books by authors the same gender as themselves, so she was published under her initials--lame). One of the reasons I remember thinking it was cool was because the characters were racially mixed, and came from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Also there was a love interest between a black and white character. That was a pretty bold move, I think, and props to the publisher for going ahead with it--and not white washing the characters on the cover art.

Another thing that really impressed me was the fact that the aliens were not humans with silly putty on their faces.

Just check these guys out: )

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Looks like the economy is hitting this area, hard.  Lots of people have lost their jobs, and now only one of our restaurants is open (normally two are open year round, and there are two more that are only open during summer).  Which means that now we are obliged to start serving breakfast and Sunday Brunch, a prospect that certainly does not thrill me in the least.  I have become too accustomed to keeping late hours and getting up at around noon.  Start going on beach vacations, please! 

Diana Gabaldon:  Christ, woman, you write a lot!  Voyager is over a thousand pages long!  And I only thought Mercedes Lackey was hard on her characters; what you put poor Jamie and Claire through makes Misty look like a benevelant goddess by comparison. 

Oh my God, my mother's birthday is tomorrow.  And I only know that because the mouse pointer moved over the little clock in lower righthand corner, displaying the date.  (I should at least get points for knowing when her birthday is.)  Looks like I'm paying Amazon extra for overnight delivery....

Speaking of my mother--she called my work last night to see if I was there.  According to the bar tender, I am in the doghouse because I have not called her, or answered her calls, for a week, and she thought I had been murdered or kidnapped.  (Do mothers do this only to their daughters, or do they do it to their sons, too?  Must remember to ask my brother.)  I can't help that my phone is broken!  I have to buy a new one on Friday when I get paid.  Alright, I could have borrowed someone's phone and called her, but I forgot.  I'd have sent her an email, except I know she hardly ever checks it. 

Alright, alright, I know I am a bad daughter.  Off to Amazon.
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I'm not dead or incapacitated or anything.  In case anyone was wondering.  I've just read an amazing series of books and that pretty ate my brain for a while (I read two--yes two books in one day, both around four hundred pages.  I had a headache afterward and I cried myself to sleep--one of those endings--and was in a foul mood at work the next day).  And have been rereading them since then.

In case you were wondering, the books are Melusine, The Virtu, The Mirador, and coming soon to my front door Corambis, by Sarah Monette.  It's like chocolate for my brain.  I can't stop reading it, and the only thing that could make it better is if I had a bag of Dove dark chocolate bars to munch on at the same time.

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The garden is growing!  I am a little shocked that it's actually thriving!  The pepper plants and basil have already nearly doubled in size since Friday.  I think it's because I bought some halfway decent soil instead of whatever was cheapest.  But IT IS ALIVE.  Except for possibly my leeks.  Toby keeps trying to eat them.  Gah!  At first I was pissed, but then it occured to me that cats probably eat grass when they get sick like dogs, and I know he has a problem with hairballs.  So then I felt bad.  He probably had a tummy ache and was just trying to feel better.  But it's not my fault he won't eat the medicine the vet sold me.  He won't even eat bacon grease, which is an old folk remedy for hairballs.  Since the medicine the vet has is basically flavored vasoline there's probably no harm.  But he won't eat it.  Instead he eats my leeks.  The idiot.

Well.  That's what's been going on.  Garden, Toby, work (is still great, and I'm not quite so intimidated by working the line anymore), class (is still great too, I have a ton of pics I need to get around to uploading), I think I've covered everything.

Oh yes, I finally finished Last Argument of Kings.  I think the problem with it is that I don't sense that Joe really likes his characters very much.  I know he set out to write his books as a kind of anti-epic fantasy, and he certainly succeeded in that...but for some reason it just didn't engage me, at all. 

i fail

Mar. 6th, 2009 11:34 am
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at saving money.

I bought Dr Horrible's Sing A-Long Blog, another anthology with pirates (ridiculous since I haven't finished the one I already have), simply because Naomi Novik wrote a story in it, and here's the kicker--

This is EPIC FAIL.  This is me having no self control, whatsoever.  Dude.  It's a cookbook.  By Anne McCaffrey.  There are no other words I could possibly say that could describe its awesomeness any more than that.

I was just going to buy Dr Horrible, but Amazon seduced me with Super Saver Free Shipping.  So what if, even with shipping and handling added to the total, it would still have been less than the twenty-five dollars required to qualify for free shipping?

I am truly a hazard to myself.
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Ooooooh yeah.  Got some vintage sci fi (even a couple of Robert Heinlen novels) some anthologies, and other goodies.  I was slightly miffed that of all the tables of general fiction, romance, mysteries, and biographies, there was only one tiny table for science fiction (and fantasy, by implication).  At least I got it all to myself....
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This makes two of them...just need to get a lol-worthy photo of Oz next.

Does Kitteh have to smack a bitch?
In other news I finally got around to ordering books.  I am afraid of how much money I ended up spending.  About $80 at the SFBC website and probably another $70 or $80 at The Literary Guild.  Eep.  I ordered some nonfiction books that seemed interesting.  I read exactly 0 nonfiction books last year.  So I plan to edify myself a bit in 2009.  Oh, and I also ordered The Blade Itself, Before They are Hanged and The Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie, on the advice of [livejournal.com profile] imyril.  It's so good to get into a series right as it's finishing up!  No waiting for the sequels, haha!

my books

Jan. 3rd, 2009 10:47 am
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The first is where I keep all the fantasy/sf.  Hey, I never made a secret of my preferences!  The second where I keep the YA and I guess you'd call regular fiction, classics and nonfiction.

And here are the smart books!  A lot of them are so old and frail I'm afraid to actually read them, they could fall apart on me.  I have read some of them, some of them are on the good old TBR shelf.  While I'm at it, here are my stuffed animals:

The big mouse is from the movie, oh what was it called?  I think it was An American Tale or something like that; anyway his name is Feivel.  The big brown bear and the dog he's holding are my two favorites that I've had for practically my whole life, Dewey and Dog.  I don't know if I ever named the dog or not, seems like I would have but I don't remember.  I used to tie a string around his neck and drag him behind me everywhere.  The pink poodle is a gift from a lady at my last job, and the white bear with the party hat and the purple bunny are souveniers from Hershey Park.
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And I do have a lot to say!  First I got a 94 on my food prep final!  It would have been higher, because reviewing the test I saw yet more questions that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt (and the book backs me up) that I answered correctly, which TDC marked wrong.  Such as, a fryer chicken is older and heavier than a broiler.  FALSE.  You want fried chicken to be tender and moist, which means a younger, smaller bird.  But he marked it "true", the fucktard.  But I decided to leave well enough alone, since even if the class transfers I still want to take it over.

Aaaand, the Nightrunners series, which I may have mentioned I love once or twice, is being rereleased with new cover art, by the new guy that did the cover of Shadows Return!  Ordinarily I wouldn't buy them, 'cause why?  Same book, right?  But the covers of the first three are just so...so...not good.  And the one on Shadows Return IS!  I would love to see what this artist makes of them! 

It's almost Christmas, I've survived the Class From Hell, and I've avoided taking more classes with TDC, not to mention that even though class starts January 7, it's on a Wednesday, and my classes are on Monday and Tuesday.  Haha, I get an extra long vacation!  Except for work of course, but I can deal.


Nov. 20th, 2008 01:38 pm
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I don't really have anything to say.   Except congrats again Shannon on becoming an aunt!

I am just being silly because I do not have to be in class for another 11 days.  O.O  Whoa.  I do not know what to do with myself.  And I managed to get the best schedule ever:  Mondays 8-11:40 and Tuesday 9-8.  No TDC next semester, either! 

I just have to say, it makes me feel very cozy, to be in bed reading and have all the cats in bed with me (Oz is usually on me; it's like he's not convinced I am sincere in my petting unless he is draped over my chest).  Even Olive, I am always faintly surprised when she actually sits still for a minute and wants me to pet her.  She's still pretty wild, even for a kitten. 

And now, what I have been most anxiously waiting for, I finally was able to read the new Valdemar book, Foundation.  !!!  I was not disapointed, at all.  It was the literary equivalent of wrapping myself in a warm fleece blankie and sipping a mug of hot cocoa in front of a fire.  I know that they tend to get a little formulaic; mistreated youth grows up in adversity, finds out she/he has special powers, and ends up saving the kingdom, or at least something else heroic.  There are some deviations from the pattern; Exile's Honor and Exile's Valor for two.  That was something I think you would like, Shannon.  It's one of those, what you call, bilgunsomething.  Anyway.  I feel to lazy right now to give it a proper review.  But really, mistreated youth grows up in adversity, finds out he has special powers, and ends up savig the kingdom really sums it up, although he hasn't saved the kingdom (yet, I imagine that will come in the following books).

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Just found out I have the whole of Thanksgiving week off.  Oh thank god!  However I'm not going home for Thanksgiving, just having a get together with another student from out of town.  But the week after that is finals.  I'm only worried about the one for TDC's class.  He hasn't even mentioned finals, and I have no idea what to expect.  So far the studying for his class has been just reading the chapters we've covered, or were supposed to cover.  I swear the man has NO business being an instructor.

And the log books are due!  I hate hate hate log books.  They took something that was reasonably simple and complicated the HELL out of it.  I really don't see how, once I actually begin an internship, I'm supposed to log all these hours.  Other students tell me that they just fake them out, and their supervising chefs, who've all been through it, understand, and sign off on them, even though the interns haven't actually spent 500 hours as the saute chef and 300 hours as garde manger. 

What I have to do with it right now is some of the more basic stuff.  I have to log that I know how to clean a deep fryer and de-lime an ice machine for instance, and that I have spent a certain amount of time actually doing these tasks.  And then TDC announces that we have to write up logs on all the dishes we've prepared for class.  GRRR.  So now I have to do about ten extra just for that, when I could have been doing them as we went along.  Thanks.

And on top of that we had sub freezing temperatures last night.  It was 25 damn degrees out!  And the rest of the week it will range from the 30s to the 60s.  Where oh where has my sub tropical climate gone?!  At least the new Valdemar book was finally checked in! 
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seeing as how I have tons and tons of food magazines.  I should be a food writer.  DUH.  This means going back after I get my degree in culinany arts and finishing that English degree, after all, or mabe journalism?  English with a minor in journalism? 

I like that idea.  I do; I know I've always had solid technical writing skills.  Working in the industry is fun and all, from the little I've been exposed to.  But this would be better!  And I still want to have a restaurant, too.  But I've always known that was going to be far in the future.  Ten or fifteen years at least.

Of course when I tell this new idea to my family they are going to sigh and shake their heads and say, well why didn't you just stay here and finish the English degree first, dummy? 

Trust me, I'm wondering about that myownself.

Times I have cut myself at work or in class:  6 (I think, I may think of another instance later)

Not all of this has happened with a knife, incidentally.  Hotel pans.  Damn hotel pans!  I've scraped the skin off the base of my thumb twice (in the same place, before it fully healed the first time, ouch!).  They get stuck together, and I have to pry them apart.   They have edges just sharp enough to cut, and just dull enough to hurt like hell.

Time I have burned myself: Too many to count.  Seriously.

I have a burn on my arm right now, in fact, and one just healed up on my ring finger.  I'm accident prone, anyway, and look at the industry I'm heading into! 

Still waiting for the library to call me to tell me the new Valdemar book is checked in.  Look, dude, there's a line behind you.  Read faster!


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Okay, the recipe contest I entered?  Yes, well, come to find out, the two main rules of the contest, which were not stipulated in the flier I recieved, but were in the 2x6 ad in a trade magazine that I get, are that the recipes have to contain two types of fruit, and include no more than ten readily available ingredients.

So I feel like a complete fool right now.  Because my recipe only used one type of fruit, and it had, if I recall correctly, close to 20 ingredients.  And I'm not sure what they mean by "readily available", anyway.  Things any shmuck would have in the fridge?  Or things you can get at a regular grocery store?

I did work out one other recipe, for the desert category, thankfully before I got around to submitting it, so I was able to add in another type of fruit and make it count.  And I'm proud of it, too, but I was really really proud of the first one. 

Stupid fruit company.

I mean why the hell was that oh-so-pertinent information on a measly 1/4 page ad in a trade magazine and not on the damn 8 1/2 x 11 flier that they sent out?  Okay sure I was supposed to look up the rules on the website, but all I remember from the rules page was the part about once I submitted the recipe it was the property of Dole yada yada yada. 

Stupid fruit company.

And to top it all off, yesterday I was in absolute panic because I couldn't find Toby.  I had the balcony door and my bedroom window open, because the weather is so nice.  And since I'm on the top floor, I figured none of the cats would be stupid enough to jump off.  Apparently not.  I noticed after a while that I hadn't seen Toby, and was only mildy concerned.  I called for him, I looked for him, and when he didn't follow me into the bathroom, even after I turned on the water faucet, I knew he was missing.  He always comes running when I turn on the faucet. 

So, frantic, certain that he had been hit by a car and I would find him dead in the parking lot, or that someone had snatched him, I ran around looking for him, and found him hiding on my neighbor's porch, right below mine.  He was obviously very shaken, but unhurt.  I had to coax him out, afraid that if I just made a grab for him he would panic and run away. 

After all that excitement, I decided to try and relax with a book I checked out from the library, Maladicte.  It was wonderful.  I love it as much as The Name of the Wind, and thankfully, it is completely stand alone, so I need not wait anxiously for a sequel!  A sequel would be nice, of course, but the threads were all very neatly tied off at the end. 

This is kinda spoilery, so read at your own risk, but I just have to say that...

I did say it was kind of spoilery. )
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So for the time being it appears that noon is my library/internet time. Hello again. I don't know how depressed I still feel but I'm expecting a call today from a place (discretion prevents me from naming names) that will either say, "You are hired" or "You are not hired". I had to pick now, of all times, to move to a tourist town. The end of fucking summer when no one needs any help. I am even branching out into retail stores. I mean a place like Office Depot wouldn't really need seasonal help, would they? Office Depot? Come on. Um. And Wal-Mart. Look, I'm fucking desperate, okay? Sheesh. Don't look at me like that!

If it wasn't for my class schedule I'd even go back to office/clerical work, which lord knows I have plenty of experience in. But it just wouldn't work with a M-F, 9-5 type job. No way I'd be able to work enough hours.

So, because things have been crappy, I don't have tv and I only get an hour a day online, I went ahead and against all better judgement checked out some books. I promise I will not read them when I should be job hunting, and I won't stay up late to read them and then not get up and look for work the next day. They are The Mage Hound by Elaine Cunningham, (who was a contributing author to the Sails and Sorcery anthology), and Baudolino by Umberto Eco, historical fiction.


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