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November summary:

-The main thing was almost losing my dad. He's been sick pretty much all year, been to all kinds of specialists in Atlanta and Birmingham, but he suddenly started deteriorating early this month. He ended up having major surgery, and the doctors still don't know exactly what's wrong with him, but whatever it is is responding to steroids, so there's some breathing room at least. My mom had a total breakdown and it felt like I was the one who had to hold everything together. When I saw my dad in the hospital, I wanted to break down. He's fifty five but he looks like he's still in his early forties, but he looks so old now. He told me that now he knows what it feels like to die. I still don't even know how to deal with that, honestly.

-The library's antivirus software failed spectacularly and the computers were down until a couple of days ago

-I was almost evicted

-Car troubles

-Not getting enough hours at work, still need a second job

-Ended up missing a job opportunity because of not being able to access my email :(


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My sister Mary is taking a culinary class next semester.  She thinks we should open a restaurant together and have our own reality tv show on Food Network.

I think this is entirely possible.

On a side note, I got a catalogue for women's fantasy type clothing in the mail today.  There's some cool real world appropriate stuff in there too, excpet it's all made of polyester.  No way in hell am I paying $89 for a polyester dress.  Anyway, right in the middle of the cataolgue is a page of dildos "personal massagers", which is just sort of--odd.  And a bit off putting.  Not that I'm a prude by any means, but nerdy RenFaire type chicks can get laid too!  The impression I was getting from the magazine being the exact opposite, hence the need for vibrators in a (supposed) clothing catalogue.  The one that caught my eye the most was covered in flowers.  I kid you not; it was a tacky eighies looking rose floral print.  Other than that very tame looking.  Dunno about any of you, but If I was in the market for a sex toy I'd go all out and get something really kinky. 

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[livejournal.com profile] yurnewbff is being such a brat. I asked her to please get me a can of Dr. Pepper and she won't do it. Meanie. What's the point of having a younger sister if you can't boss her around....
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Wow I've been quiet.  Didn't mean to be but time just goes by before I realize it.

I went to my parent's this weekend to see [profile] yurnewbff's band competition.  It was good, the band played well, but the colorguard routine wasn't all that great (not like when I was member, ahem). 

Finally, midway through October, autumn comes to the South.  Actually, the climate skipped fall altogether and went strait to freezing (although only at night, it warms up a bit in the day). 

And oh!  When I was back home I fell in love with a kitten named Mo.  He's fluffy and white, with a grayish streak on his head and neck, like a mohawk.  Oh, Mo.  I restrained myself, because he's not weaned yet.  Yes, yes, I know I don't need four cats.  I know, but when it comes to cats and books I just can't...say...no.  Wish I had a picture but my phone battery died.  (Yeah, I finally got around to getting a new phone, although now I can't remember whether or not I posted about my old phone that was demonically possessed.)
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Looks like the economy is hitting this area, hard.  Lots of people have lost their jobs, and now only one of our restaurants is open (normally two are open year round, and there are two more that are only open during summer).  Which means that now we are obliged to start serving breakfast and Sunday Brunch, a prospect that certainly does not thrill me in the least.  I have become too accustomed to keeping late hours and getting up at around noon.  Start going on beach vacations, please! 

Diana Gabaldon:  Christ, woman, you write a lot!  Voyager is over a thousand pages long!  And I only thought Mercedes Lackey was hard on her characters; what you put poor Jamie and Claire through makes Misty look like a benevelant goddess by comparison. 

Oh my God, my mother's birthday is tomorrow.  And I only know that because the mouse pointer moved over the little clock in lower righthand corner, displaying the date.  (I should at least get points for knowing when her birthday is.)  Looks like I'm paying Amazon extra for overnight delivery....

Speaking of my mother--she called my work last night to see if I was there.  According to the bar tender, I am in the doghouse because I have not called her, or answered her calls, for a week, and she thought I had been murdered or kidnapped.  (Do mothers do this only to their daughters, or do they do it to their sons, too?  Must remember to ask my brother.)  I can't help that my phone is broken!  I have to buy a new one on Friday when I get paid.  Alright, I could have borrowed someone's phone and called her, but I forgot.  I'd have sent her an email, except I know she hardly ever checks it. 

Alright, alright, I know I am a bad daughter.  Off to Amazon.
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They are all gone.  Phew.  That was an experience and a half.

Today is [livejournal.com profile] yurnewbff's birthday.  She has been in the world for fourteen years now.  Good god, has it been that long?  She's as tall as me now!  We may even wear the same bra size! 


Erm.  Yeah.  Happy birthday sis. 

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Well I'm back--I took off a couple days before Memorial Day Weekend to visit my grandmother, who lives up past Birmingham.  A fair drive.  I always cook for her when I visit, and Shannon, I made Mulligatawny soup and she loved it!  She said it was the best thing I ever made for her!  I wish I had remembered to bring my camera, because I also made my lasagna (my lasagna is legendary in my family).  Dangit!  When I made the soup I got a little creative since this was the second time--I decided to keep on subbing chili powder for the turmeric, and I used two different types of apples, a granny smith and a Washinton red delicious, and wow, that really changed it up!  I also threw in a red bell pepper but those were the only changes I made. 

Oh thank god Memorial Day is over.  I worked a combined 22 hours on Sat and Sun, with no break at all on Sunday, unless you count when I was sent to the grocery store to buy more watermelons and when I took a pee break.  Oh yes, and we stayed open an hour later than usual because of the holiday!  And I didn't find that out until fifteen minutes before I thought we were closing!  Grr.  We only had about five tickets, not worth staying open an extra hour for!  And of course there was the big buffet we had down at the pool--apparently we do a special buffet on every holiday.  Something to look forward too.  But we get to eat all the leftovers (and take them home!) so I'm not really complaining.

And of course I didn't complain when my boss called me yesterday morning and gave me the day off!  I was scheduled to come in at four but there was a scheduling conflict and he wanted me to take yesterday off and come in today instead.  Hell yeah!  I was expecting him to say they were getting slammed and needed me to come in early. 

All in all a busy week, but I'm rested and ready to take on the summer vacation season, which I am told is a whole new kind of crazy.  Bring it, bitch.
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I finally made it in at 4 am.  I have discovered that I really prefer road trips at night.  At least when I am more-or-less familiar with the route.  I always get concerned that I'll miss my exit when I get on I 85 North and end up halfway to Atlanta before I know it.  I know it's 42, but I always think, no, wait, that's not it, is it?  Whatever. Nighttime is when all the radio stations play the best music.  And hardly any commercials.

Olive is as feisty as I remember her being.  She's not much for snuggling right now, all though she did sit still for a while in my lap this morning and even licked my chin.  Awe. 

That's it for now, just taking time for a quick post, I am here to visit with family and others I haven't seen in months.  Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I had hopes that maybe this year I would actually be happy and not depressed like I have been the last several years.  I think right now my attitude is mostly wait-and-see.  For the time being the good things in my life are equal to the shitty things.  What will happen next to tip the balance? 
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I'll be picking up Olive this weekend.  : )  My parents want me to come home for my birthday, so while I'm there I may as well get her, even though it's a little earlier than I planned.

And this is just too funny not to share.  My little brother is in his first semester of college in Montgomery, which is about an hour's drive from where my parents live.  He comes home every weekend, but he always ended up at his girlfriend's house (who was a grade below him and is still in high school).  My parent's did not appreciate that, at all, since they were the ones who were picking him up and dropping him off (since he has no car, obviously).  So they talked to the girlfriend and came up with a joint custody deal.  Every other weekend the girlfriend picks up my brother and he hangs out at her house, and the other weekends he stays home with Mom and Dad.  So the point is, this is my parent's weekend with him and I'll get to see him.  Awe.  I talk a lot about my sister but I'm probably almost as close with my brother.  We just never lived together (outside the family home, that is).
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This family is now the owner of a Wii. My thirteen year old sister is a Nintendo freak and asked for it for her birthday. And she got one.

All I have to say is my parents had damn well better not expect me to help them pay any bills this month.

That is all. Except I forgot to mention that I was going to cook the chicken I had marinating last night, only to find when I got home from work that my dad had bought barbeque sandwiches for dinner. >.< I know they saw the chicken in the fridge; one them put a box of leftovers on top of it.

Twenty-three days. Thinking of that, and the fact that XM Radio has just begun playing one of my all time favorite songs ever ("Wish You Were Here" by Incubus) has improved my mood signifanctly. Now hush so I can hear.
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Family is in Birmingham, because my mom had surgery. All is well, they're coming home Wednesday, but since I have to work I came home today. I am all alone again...:)

To Do list for tommorow:

Call the school to check on status of financial aide, make appointment with advisor to register for classes.

Call different appartment complexes and property management companies to check on prices.

Cancel my sister's book club membership.

I got my sister to sign up for the Science Fiction Book Club, because new members get six books for the price of one, and give the books to me. So when I rejoined this last time, I got twelve books for the price of two. Cha ching! I've bought the four other books and I can cancel her account. Now I need to find someone else who's willing to sign up and give me their books.

Also have eggs boiling so I can make tuna salad. I loves me some tuna salad. With sweet relish, please, not dill, ick.

Yay for mundane details.


I must also add that these pickles are the best in whole entire world. You doubt? Buy a case. They are GOOD. And excellent in my tuna.
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All my lj friends know that I've been wanting to go to culinary school, although my newest ones won't know about the problems I had with my dad when I told him about my decision. Basically, he though I was making a mistake and should have continued on with an English degree. Well, this morning he came up to me as I was washing dishes and told me he was proud of me for not letting anything get in the way of doing what I wanted to do, himself included. After the disappointment in dealing with The Art Institute and their insanely high tuition, and then the same with Culinard, it would have been so easy to let myself be discouraged and just quit. Actually, it never once entered my mind to give up on my dream; no matter what I was going to keep looking until I found a place to go that wouldn't require me to sell a kidney to be able to afford the tuition. And ta da, that place turned out to be in my home state, so I won't even be very far from home.

It's just nice to know that he's on board. It really bothered me, a lot more than I let on, that he disapproved of my decision.
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...I can already tell.  I can't sleep!  My aunt left her husband and is crashing with me, so I never really had the house to myself.  But it's different with my aunt.  It's weird to me even calling her my aunt, we get on so well we're more friends than anything else.  So we've been up talking and eating pie (if there is any occasion that calls for pie, this is it buddy).  So anyway I'm all keyed up from the sugar and the emotions.  Also, we watched one of those "reality" ghost hunter shows and now I'm scared to go to sleep. It's going to be hell at work tomorrow, but oh well.  Won't be the first time I've gone to work short of sleep.  

I'm almost to the point where I'm so sleepy I stop making sense and suddenly start laughing at the slightest provocation.  Okay, yeah, It's barely even midnight yet.  But then again, to me sleeping in means not getting up till nine o'clock.

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The folks have all gone out of town to visit my one remaining grandmother. I have to work (and I already went by myself a few weeks ago) so I stayed home and oh god it was such a relief to come home to a quiet house.  It's just me and the cats.  Yep yep.  Will be able to get some reading done; normally I don't read at home, unless it's late and I can't sleep.  It's too hot to go out to the gazebo now, and too noisy most of the time in the house itself.  I read mostly at work, on my lunchbreak and on weekends.  

So, anyway, I'm very much looking forward to a relaxing week (well, more or less, not counting when I have to go to work).  

Oh, and lest I forget to share this bit of news that probably won't be of note to anyone but myself and possibly

[profile] madhowan: that Josh Groban Valentine's Day CD?  I decided to try and track it down, and you can buy it "used" on Amazon.com.  I say "used" because apparently a bunch of assholes bought them for the sole purpose of reselling them.  So I'll be breaking down and buying from Amazon for the first time ever--but not from Amazon itself, per se, since they're used.  Honestly, after I got over my initial disappointment of it selling out before I could buy one, I pretty much forgot about it until now.


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So my brother, who's about to head off to college in the fall (which just freaks me out, my baby brother is in college already!) joined Facebook and of course sent me one of those email invites.  Should I join?  Isn't lj enough?  On the one hand it would be a great way to keep in touch with him, since sad to say, I probably won't call him and he probably won't call me, but on the other hand, between lj and Goodreads, I already spend  more time on the computer than I know I should.  Is anyone else here also on Facebook?  Do you like it?  

oh damn

May. 21st, 2008 07:17 pm
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School is out, dammit!  No more "days off" for me, not when I'm stuck with all my sibs and parents and their friends (their friends always come to our house, they never go to their friends' houses).  Aaaall summer long.  God knows, I love my family, but they can be absolutely maddening to live with.  

Oh, and ya know, I was on the phone with my advisor from AI, (still haven't heard from financial aide, by the way), and she told me, in an offhand way, that oh, by the way, you know you've been accepted, right?

How...anticlimactic.  Yeah, thanks, that was a real special moment.  I'm still not completely decided on where I'm going yet.  I still need to check out Gulf Coast, and I haven't been contacted by them yet.  Come on, guys, get on the ball, everywhere else I requested information I was on the phone with a representative the very next day.  They had damn well not be mailing me anything.  Anyway, I'm managing to not stress out about it too much.

So, Friday, I'm secretly taking my littlest sister to see Prince Caspian, since not really anyone else loves Narnia, but if everyone else knew they'd want to go, too, and I just can't afford that.  So, probably next week I'll take my other sister to see something, whatever she wants, just to be fair. 

heads up

May. 15th, 2008 06:46 pm
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I'm going out of town for the weekend to visit my grandmother.  She's eighty years old and my last grandparent.  So I figured it was time to get someone to cover for me Saturday and drive up to see her.  I should be back home Sunday evening.
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Okay, my interview at The Art Institute is schuduled for Monday at eleven-thirty.  They're still waiting on two of my transcripts, so I called the schools in question to light a fire under their butts.  Hopefully they'll have come in by the time my interview rolls around, and I can finally Finally FINALLY know if I'm going or not, and start the financial aide process, and apply for student housing, and work-study.  Although I don't know if I want to do work study, or get a job in town.  Sure, work-study works around my class schedule, but they don't pay a lot.  And I seem to remember that you aren't allowed to take a full load of classes.  Um, thanks, I can handle that.  And juggle family in the mix, too!  Although now that I've scheduled an interview, I'm starting to go into an uncharacteristic "what am I going to wear" frenzy and am thinking about buying an outfit just to wear to the damn interview.  Which is seriously not like me, at all.  I usually go clothes shopping once, maybe twice a year, fall and/or spring, and only when there's a bunch of sales going on.  And even then, until I got a stupid office job where I have to dress professionally, I pretty much just bought a few pairs of jeans, some shirts, some sneakers, a jacket if I needed one, and only one or two nice outfits to wear to a wedding or a funeral if I had to go to one.  I've already gone on my shopping spree and thrown money away on slacks and blouses and one, (1), skirt. And a pair of shoes.  And stockings.  

Now, on to the matter of the cats: I know I said defiantly that I'd take them with me, but deep down inside I knew that was impossibble, since if they were discovered (and eventually they would be) then I would get kicked out of school, not just the dorm.  I've been wracking my brain, trying to come up with someone who could look after them for me, with the understanding that after I get my degree I'm taking them back, and coming up blank.  

My parents have out and out said no way, we don't want them, before I even asked.  Oz and Tob don't get along with Luke and Leia, so I don't blame them.  And my aunt and uncle who live next door to us are the owners of Tigger, the cat that beats up Luke on a regular basis and who attacked Oz and Toby that time back at Nana's.  The little bastard clawed a hole in the screen and came into the house to get my babies!  Nope, they ain't staying with my aunt and uncle.  And my cousin the cop and his fiance--um, nope, not them either.  He's rough with animals.  I don't mean he's cruel to them, just--he plays rough.  Probably why Tigger turned out to be such a bastard.  And another cousin I was considering said to me one day, before I even asked her, that she hated cats and was a dog person.  What is a crazy cat lady in training to do?  I finally asked my sister if she'd do it.  She knows Oz and Tob, and they know her, and I know she likes them.  I told her I'd pay the stupid pet deposit, and send her money for food and litter and rent, because they charge extra rent per pet at her apartment complex.   I also let her know that she was my last hope, and would she please please think about it?

So, yeah that's it.  Got a day off, woo!  What am I going to do?  Get the oil changed in mom's car, go to the grocery store and pick up a few random items she asked me to get.  Take care of my baby sister who is home sick with a headache (riiight...she's got a headache that miraculously started to get better when I told her I had to go run errands; she jumped at the opportunity to go to town, and asked if we could go to China Garden for sesame chicken--I wonder if the brat didn't get wind of my plans somehow--but I don't mind.  I like my sisters, and I played the "sick" card myself on occasion, so I don't blame her).  I might even swing by a couple of thrift stores and look for books and useless crap.  Maybe we'll pass by a yard sale!  Don't get your hopes up, you know the last yard sale just had a bunch of ugly musty clothes and tupperware....

I think today is shaping up to be pretty good. :)


Apr. 15th, 2008 06:15 pm
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I had to drive my mom to Birmingham today, for a doctor's appointment. She's still recovering from bronchial pneumonia, and didn't want to make the trip by herself, since it's a three hour drive. I was able to make a lot of progress in The Eyre Affair (all that waiting in the lobby), but in truth, I felt very uncomfortable being in a hospital again. Nana and Pop were both constantly having to be hospitalized, so I've spent plenty of time in those kinds of settings, and I have to say, I don't like them very much anymore, whereas before, I guess I didn't have a problem.

I wonder how I would react to the sound of any oxygen tank, or a nebulizer? Or to the sight of an actual hospital bed? I couldn't say. I just know I have a lot of negative associations with those things now.

It just hit me today, that they're gone. It was a weird feeling. Not sad, precisely, just...weird.


Mar. 11th, 2008 08:42 pm
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Imagine my delight to come home from a long day at the front desk to the smell of pizza, stale from my mom's class' party. After a liberal application of hot sauce I deemed it fit for consumption; the spiciness overcame the cardboard-like taste of the crust. Hey, at least I didn't have to cook. ;) Is it asking too much for a decent pizzaria?

I have to say though, we do have a lot of great ethnic restuarants in my area. I lovelovelove Chinese and Thai food (but I hate Thai curries--they remind me of Coppertone suntan oil--all that coconut milk). Of course, no one in my family but me does. But, I found a friend at work who has pretty similar tastes (except for books, that's where we disagree, sadly), but we still have fun.

You know, I wonder more and more these days whether I was switched at birth, or adopted. Heh, if it weren't for the fact that I look a lot like my dad, I'd seriously consider that. We get along, but there's many parts of my life that they don't share or understand. At least that hasn't been a barrier to them being supportive of me (except for the culinary school thing; I get the feeling that my dad still thinks I shouldn't go, but at least he has the courtesy to not say so, not to mention the sense to not forbid me, not like that would make any difference). I'm really looking forward to Atlanta.


After that mini fit of meloncholy, I did a directory search just to see if there are any other people in my town who are also on lj, and lo and behold, there are eleven others besides me. Only none of them have updated for at least a year. And they all seem to be teenage girls who write about how much they love their boyfriends, or guys who are into anime. Not my thing. Figures.


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