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So I've been reading this pretty good Valdemar fic on AO3, about the events leading to Solaris becoming Son of the Sun and the Karse/Valdemar alliance. Really interesting premise and OCs, which is a rarity in this fandom (although becoming bit less of one).

But I still have issues with the whole Vkandis waiting hundreds of years to intervene because the population of Karse wasn't sufficiently exerting their Free Will thing.

So now my headcanon is that Vkandis was secretly overthrown by another, evil god. Maybe some misguided mage managed to bring Thalkarsh back. Much more interesting scenario, imo. Put it on the backburner, put it on the backburner....
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My love/hate relationship with Doctor Who, let me tell you about it. Holy shit this post is long )

not dead,

Sep. 19th, 2013 03:12 pm
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still broke, but Roommate is moving in tomorrow. Also I'm looking for a second job, because my hours are already starting to be cut, dammit. My phone is out of minutes and I keep thinking that now is when someone will finally decide to call me for an interview, that is just my luck.


And then when I do find time to scribble something down and type it up in the library, it's (technically, but not really) Doctor Who fic, what? Blame it on the interspecies married lesbian couple. I have occasionally joked about a DW/LHM crossover, and my fevered imagination has come up with a semiplausable setup for it, oh my god all these terrible things that I love. I was ready to quit Doctor Who because my frustration with it had reached critical mass, but then interspecies married lesbian couple, did you get that? They are my new favorite thing, and even while I revel in the few episodes they're in, and wish fervently for them to get their own spinoff, I secretly fear that they will get their own spinoff, because Steven Moffat :/
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For some reason, I went on a rereading Valdemar bender over the weekend (okay, so I have been hellaciously sick again, and when I am so miserable that I just stay in bed...yeah, they're comfort reads, bite me. Last time I was sick I tortured myself by googling “Vanyel Stefen” on my (non smart)phone, but I did find one pretty good fic and the browser actually rendered it somewhat legible, but. I decided not to do that again.)

Wow I realized I have about 1750 words of me bitching about this book series. lol. )
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Sanctuary is canceled. :(((((((((((



brb sobbing in the corner...Please let there be a mini series. I figure that Damien, Martin and Amanda knew there might not be a season five, so they tried to tie off as many plots as they could in the season four finale. But still. So many unresolved threads!


This post is lovely eulogy/summary of why this show is the bestest. And now go Netflix it.

*I know it's not, they just ran out of money. Doesn't make it suck less. :((((((
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Today at work I was thinking of Sanctuary meta, as one does, and I was so caught up in it, I nearly called the GM 'Magnus'.

Also I rewatched the episode ''The Bank Job'', and man, it is weird hearing Samantha Carter's voice come out of Helen Magnus' mouth, even though they're played by the same actor. When Amanda is giving interviews or whatever, it's not weird hearing her speak with an American accent at all. But when she's playing Helen? It's weeeeeird.

eta: oh hey, and would you look at that, I check my Livejournal f-list for the first time in days and the page topper is delicious Helen/Charlotte fic. Nothing like lesbian porn on a Friday night \o/
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Oh, this is the kind of episode I love!!! Tension, drama, and no B plot! FUUUUUUUUUUUCK YES WE NEED MORE OF THIS KIND OF AWESOME. Also yay, internal consistency! Is this serious. SERIOUSLY. Next week is a special musical episode? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?????? :/
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Also, yay Henry! I knew he was too awesome to be killed in such a such a stupid way

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I was just thinking, what would make this episode of Sanctuary better? More Helen making out with Charlotte would be nice! I'm thinking about starting a fan campain to make her a recurring character. I would join Facebook and Twitter for this. With a fake name, obviously


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How could I tell Helen and Will were faking out the feds? Helen would never made idle threats like ''I swear if you harm him''. Blegh.

But hey, Nikola.

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Sorry to spam the f list with all these posts since no one cares, but I just have a lot of feelings about this show!

First of all, fuck you, Abby! Now that's out of my system.

I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING BAD I'VE SAID ABOUT YOU, SHOW, BECAUSE HELEN. KISSING. A WOMAN. ON TV. Please, please let Charlotte be a recurring character! And wow, was I right about her but in the most wrong way! I might have to try catching up on all the episodes I missed when the show moved from Friday night to Monday night, basically most of season four, so I can get back in the fandom and start gushing to people who care. ;)

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How can I tell Charlotte isn't the innocent I'm supposed to believe she is...this is one the problems I'm having with this show. It's getting obvious and predictable.

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Kate's only in four episodes this season and we get this...this...bimbo? Here's to hoping she meets the same fate as all of Will's other love interests.

Seriously. Did we need yet another white, blonde, busty female character. Let's ditch the one woman of color who is a total badass and replace her with this airhead.

And that plane's guns couldn't shoot through one metal barrel and some wooden crates? No.

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WTF IS THIS EPISODE I hate it already. Ugh. Am I losing interest? Possibly. Season four, I am unimpressed.

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So season one of Falling Skies is over. Let me rant about it.

wth writers )

Spoilers for everything. lol
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Anyone else been watching that new show on TNT, Falling Skies? Thoughts? )
And one more thing. )


Apr. 17th, 2011 03:07 pm
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I finally filed my income taxes, at the very freaking last minute, because I am a chronic procrastinator, and I was not looking forward to owing even more money to the IRS. I still owe from last year. But! I actually got a sizeable refund for the first time ever! A little more than I earn in one month. Which is going to come in handy, because I'm starting to get behind on a lot of my bills. Those fucking student loans are killing me. I applied for the income based repayment plan, but I have to wait for them to process my paperwork, and in the meantime I still have to pay the regular amount. Argh. So I'll pay off some of those smaller bills that are chipping away at my paychecks, and then go see a dentist, because my heretofore benign wisdom teeth have been acting up. They grew in forever ago, and my mouth is big enough to fit them and they aren't sideways or anything, but one of them just randomly decided to break a few months ago and it is ow. :( I think the regular dentist will be able to just pull it out instead of referring me to an oral surgeon, because tax refund or no tax refund, I can't afford that, and they won't even see you unless you have insurance or can pay the full amount upfront.

Then I need new (used) tires, and some other regular car maintenance that I can't keep putting off. And I guess after that I'll buy some garden stuff, and maybe some house stuff (like a microwave, lol) and now that I think of it, my cats are due for their checkup/vaccinations in June, so I'd better put some away for that...

And whatever's left, I'll buy some new clothes, since the three pairs of jeans I own are starting to get raggedy, and so are my five or six tee shirts. Yeah, that's really almost all the clothing I own. I have a nice pair of tan jeans and a couple of blouses to wear to parties and stuff, and one outfit that serves double duty for weddings and funerals. But don't ask me how many books I have. That, I'll have to get back to you. ;)

If anything's left after that, I'll save it.

Cut for geeky fandom stuff. )


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