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Okay so there's this thing where I need everyone I know to talk me out of doing something that I really want to do, even though it is not the wisest course of action.

I need everyone to tell me, Kat, do not spend forty dollars on an Ice Network subscription.

Got that? Do. Not. Spend. Money. On. Ice. Network. Subscription.

Even though NBC is balls and I wouldn't have to do this is they would just air the whole damn competion. I would happily wait for Youtube vids to surface, but the only broadcast of US Nationals happened in America on NBC, and they barely showed any of it--just the free skates of the last two groups of each discipline! And okay the real reason is because Johnny commentated for Ice Network and everyone who has a subscription says he was really great and funny. What I really need is for someone to be a good little pirate and share with the rest of us plebes

I need to save save save, and this is a v. stupid thing to do with the money left in my paycheck after I pay all my bills like a responsible goddamn adult. That is my better judgement speaking! But my inner fangirl is bouncing around like a three year old jacked up on Mountain Dew and Ho Hos, begging me to indulge myself. Decisions, decisions!
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Oh, the men's podium is the most perfect men's podium...! Jeremy's free skate was divine; this program has always been good, but he really turned it up for Nationals. And Adam got his first National medal! I winced when he doubled his quad, but he landed both his triple axles, and that double toe he did to save the landing of the--oh crap I can't remember which jump it was without rewatching, and it's not on Youtube yet. BUT IT WAS AMAZING.

I was very impressed with Jason Brown, even with all the mistakes. He just needs a couple more years' experience on the senior circuit and a triple axle, and he will definitely be a force to contend with. Keegan Messing is growing on me; he's very fun to watch. For some bizarre reason, he reminds of Marco from the Animophs. I have no idea why; I think it's his height and hair and he seems to have this funny-guy vibe. But sparkly pirates are hard not to like in any case.

Ice dance; Meryl and Charlie nailed it as expected. The Shibutanis are starting to grow on me, too. They are technically superb, but there's just something about the sibling ice dancers/pair skaters...they're fun to watch, but they don't have to same chemistry that some of the unrelated teams achieve.

And Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt!!! They've been flying under the radar but wow was their free dance spectacular! They were robbed of third in my opinion. :/ I've been watching old vids of them and I can see that this year they have really stepped it up. I hope they have good results next season and end up on the podium at Nats, and maybe get to go to Four Continents.

I reserve judgement on pairs, since NBC didn't air it. At all.

Ladies; Alissa, what was that dress??? What was wrong with your other one??? Am I alone in my opinion that it looked like she was skating in lingerie? I really liked Ashley Wagner, and I hope she can bring it at Worlds. Mirai...I wish I knew what her problem's been. She's always been headcasey and this season has just been really awful for her. Rachel--she started out slow, really slow, and I was wincing inside because it's fucking Firebird you know, you've got be dynamic and all over the ice. She picked up at the end, but for me it still an underwhelming performance. I hate seeing her skate like this. I get that it's hard adjusting to being in your first years of college and all...but I'm wondering if this won't be her last season. She just...hasn't seemed like she has that competitive fire anymore. And Agnes...awe. Third is a good placement, but she was only on the podium because she had such a good lead from the short, and she knew it. Another case where she just needs more experience on the senior circuit, because after that first mistake she just fell apart.

Aaaaaaaand now I need to spend a couple of days on Youtube watching Euros.
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And now it's time for the ladiezzzz!!!

aaaaah, Rachel, I still love you even though you haven't had a great season.

I don't know who I want to win! There's no obvious winner in ladies. I guess I'd be happy with any combination of Alissa, Mirai, and if she can pull it off, Rachel. Or Ashley! She was amazing in the short.
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AHHHHHH I had the time wrong!!! The free dance is on now and omg skating on a 62'' HDTV omg. I used to be all, who the fuck cares about high def, UM I DO.

And NBC showed the short program and chort dance of the top two finishers. EXCITE!!!
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I don't know why I cannot brain effectively these days.

I guess it's just that time of year, partly, and it's the fucked up weather, and I think that the combination of it feeling like spring but the days still being short winter days is throwing my mental state even more off kilter than usual. I haven't written anything since finishing Everything and Nothing. I have made some pretty awesome food but other than that, my creativity has shriveled up.

And anxiety is rearing its head again. My sleep patterns are fucked all to hell, and I might actually get to sleep only to wake up an hour later and stare blankly at the ceiling, and feel some sort of nebulous fear that there's something I should have done, something I've forgotten, and its really, really important.

Fortunately figure skating season is in full swing, so my standard method of coping by immersing myself in fandom is working. I won't post long detailed fs stuff because I know no1curr, except to say omfg I will never with the results of Canadian Nats. Never. Even though Jeremy Ten came through and got bronze after breaking his leg in the summer, fucking Chan and his fucking 302.14 points whaaaaaaaaaat. Oh my god how much do I still hate the IJS??? I could handle it if the judges handed him a bunch of 6.0s, but this is just too. fucking. much. At least the ISU isn't recognizing it internationally, so that means there is like, half a god. But still, the fact it even happened, even if only at a National competition. If he ever breaks the 300 mark in an international competition, I will seethe with rage, I swear to god.

ETA: fuuuuuuuuuuck my boss just called me and told me I have to work in Saturday. I will have to miss the US Nationals free dance and maybe also the ladies free skate, depending on how long the party lasts. :(((((((((((((((
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There was another skating show I wanted to watch on Sunday, but NBC totally cockblocked and showed some stupid basketball game instead. But, Youtube exists for just this reason (although I was soooo hoping to be able to see it on my parent's new HDTV, which was obviously invented for the sole purpose of admiring skater asses.

Skating videos, let me show you them )
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my grandmother got satelite tv and her package comes with BBC America so I got to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special eeeeeeeeeeeeee

The bestest thing would be if she also got Universal Sports, although I am not sure if they broadcast the Japanese figure skating championships. :( At least the vids show up on Youtube pretty quickly. But yay Dai and Mao won, even if yet again I didn't get to see it live. And Yuzu in third place, good, good. Most of my faves have had good placements this season, except Adam. The judges are on crack, fuck Chan and his inflated scores, etc. I am nervous/excite for the US championships, & praying to the skating gods for Adam to win; IT'S HIS TURN DAMMIT.
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Why are my favorite American figure skaters skating to the most boring and cliched music this season? Adam, I love you, but get someone else to pick your music. Same with Alissa. I couldn't even finish watching her long program from Trophee Eric Bompard. (I would have watched the whole thing, but she was kinda ~meh in the performance anyway, so why force myself when I already know the results, right?)

Whatever, I still always have Daisuke. One thing he never is, is boring or predictable.

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