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does kat ever have good luck

the answer to that question is a solid "sometimes it is admittedly less bad than usual"

guess what

this is not one of those times.

R.I.P my car :( the frame just like...exploded while i was driving at fucking 75 mph on the interstate. I thought a tire blew out but when I pulled over to assess the damage, the whole rear driver's side was just busted. Pieces of the rear driver's side door are gone. You can see right inside to the rear axle.

Like. This car is only 11 years old. No accidents. What could even cause the frame to just go kablewy like that?

Oh yeah and yesterday I decided to move back in with my parents because I (already) have too many fucking bills, and I have had no luck finding a roommate. And this morning I tried to donate plasma, which I do on the reg because hey, tax free income, but my veins, which were already doing not great, were like nope, not having it. In either arm. And now the fucking car blows up. No money, no car, and two new bills showed up this week and one of them was not a prospective car payment.

I don't even know anymore. I really fucking don't.

life, etc.

Oct. 7th, 2015 04:16 pm
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officially no longer a 20 something. Kind of weird but kind of not.

What's really weird is going from job 1, which I have been at for three years and I therefore know everything to do with this restaurant, to job 2, where I'm a noob. Weird headspace, let me tell you. Benefits to job 2: so far, the managers all seem okay. They all seem to appreciate me which should not be a novelty but nevertheless is. But let me be real, this is a place that serves hot wings and burgers. There is not even a saute station. This is not what I went to culinary school to do. But, for now, this is what I'm having to do to get ahead.

Job 1, on the other hand, the managers are mostly assholes, but when people find out that's where I work, they are delighted. It's a place I'm honestly proud to say I work at. Why can't they just pay me more* :(

So anyway, I went and applied for The Job again. This is what, the third time this year? and looking back, November/December was when I was called in for interviews. So. Maybe this is the year it happens. Fingers crossed.

*I know why, because they are stupid and incompetent and spend money on stupid shit we don't need. They just bought an $800 Kitchenaide mixer. for the sole purpose of making compound butter. I said to the kitchen manager, why did you buy that expensive mixer. The kitchen manager said they didn't want to buy the $200 one because it would probably break. I was like, but, you don't need to invest any money in this at all. It's. Just. Butter. If you really want it to be whipped then go to Walmart and buy a hand mixer for $6. He said that the food and beverage director wants to do pound cake at some point. Okay. That still doesn't require you to spend $800 or $200 or any dollars at all. Do you know how cheap it is to make pound cake? Do you realize how long it would probably take to get a return on that investment? And that's if they end up putting pound cake on the menu. Jesus, these stupid assholes.
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Pretty sure I didn't get the job again. I've put off calling b/c I kept hoping that maybe it was taking so long to hear back because of the holidays. But. Yeah. Self delusion and hope can only go so far before you just have to woman up and admit you just got screwed again. I was so fucking sure this time, thanks for getting my hopes up of ever attaining something resembling financial stability while still working in a field I love, only to crush them once again.

I really think I'm starting to hate this place.
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Time was setbacks like these would have sent me spiraling down and I would have fucking well quit even trying.

Anyway somebody else messaged me about moving in, although my quest for The Job continues; I got a special ~Job Alert~ from Snagajob about them, instead of being lumped in with Today's Job Recommendations. I've applied five or six times now. Whatever I did wrong at the interview, give me a chance to get it right, please oh god. A living wage, that's all I ask; a decent, competent human being for a boss would just be a bonus at this point.
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First rule of my life, first rule of my life.

When I think I'm learning from a past mistake, turns out I'm just making a brand new one. No decision is ever the right one.

The third person I was going to interview messaged me on Monday and told me she'd already found a place. Okay, I still had two choices. My first choice declined my offer because she wanted more space for her dog to run around in (this makes me angry and confused, because it's not like I ever lied or misled anyone about this being an apartment, not a house with a yard, and lack of dog-running space is easily verifiable without you having to actually come over and see it and get my hopes up.) I thought, well it wasn't like my second choice was bad, just overall I would prefer a female. So I texted him, and didn't hear back from him until this morning that he had another place. And you know, I had a gut feeling that I should just offer him the room immediately, but I did that with my last roommate and look where that landed me.

The absolute bitchkitty of it is that when I finally got my exroommate to come over and sign the roommate release, the property manager told me they needed to reverify my income to make sure I still make the minimum amount required before they take her off the lease, which hello, I don't ever since I stupidly let the general manager of the catering company get under my skin and I ragequit one of the only decently paying jobs I've ever had. And especially not now I'm only getting about twenty hours a week ever since Christmas was over. Business doesn't typically begin to pick up until around mid-April/May.

And I can't help thinking that if I hadn't somehow fucked up The Job Interview I'd be doing pretty damn well for myself right about now and not even needing a fucking roommate. Hell, if I'd been offered The Job the first time I applied for it I'd still be in my cozy, top floor one bedroom (although mercifully the baby and toddler that lived above me have moved out, but god only knows what they'll be replaced with).

There are days when I feel like a magnet for situational irony and bad luck, and there are days that prove it.
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I officially did not get the job. Even though I had resigned myself to not getting it, I still harbored a secret hope that the next time my phone rang, it would be them. And then their name was on the caller ID this morning and for just a second I thought, finally.

I never seem to remember the first rule of my life. Nothing good ever. Happens. To me. And if it does, it's just a prelude to a trainwreck.
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I don't think I'm going to get the job. :( Tomorrow will be two weeks since the interview, and I haven't heard anything back. I called on Monday, left a voicemail thanking them for interviewing me and letting them know they can always keep me in mind for future openings. :((( I just want a job that pays decently and doesn't make me depressed and anxious.

Also my roommate texted me on Sunday and said she wants to move out, supposedly because she's allergic to my cats. I suspect this is bullshit, but what can I do? She did agree to go ahead and pay December rent, but Jesus, am I ever going to catch a break?
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November summary:

-The main thing was almost losing my dad. He's been sick pretty much all year, been to all kinds of specialists in Atlanta and Birmingham, but he suddenly started deteriorating early this month. He ended up having major surgery, and the doctors still don't know exactly what's wrong with him, but whatever it is is responding to steroids, so there's some breathing room at least. My mom had a total breakdown and it felt like I was the one who had to hold everything together. When I saw my dad in the hospital, I wanted to break down. He's fifty five but he looks like he's still in his early forties, but he looks so old now. He told me that now he knows what it feels like to die. I still don't even know how to deal with that, honestly.

-The library's antivirus software failed spectacularly and the computers were down until a couple of days ago

-I was almost evicted

-Car troubles

-Not getting enough hours at work, still need a second job

-Ended up missing a job opportunity because of not being able to access my email :(


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You know what, fuck all of you and your automated email. I'd rather have false hope and radio silence than a fucking form letter; we have decided to pursue candidates that are a closer match for this position. I AM PERFECTLY QUALIFIED, NO, OVERQUALIFIED TO WORK IN YOUR TACKY-ASS CHAIN RESTAURANT, YOU FUCKWITS.
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Oh, thank god I don't have to work tomorrow. :(

I am making serious for real plans to be out of here and working somewhere on the coast by next spring. I can't with my job anymore. I just. cannot. There is only so long I can quietly seethe before I snap (there is an fuckton of drama behind this; tl;dr version, I resent the hell out of the assclown who is our new head chef--it is not just me who feels this way, and INCOMPETENT MANAGERS OH MY). And I am tired of catering, oh god am I sick of it. I need to get back to being a line cook; that's what I am (or was, two and a half years ago...) really good at. Working the line, you come in for your shift, maybe do a bit of prep for your station, make the food on the tickets as they come in, then clean up and go home. With catering it's so fucking drawn out, and I know part of why I am having a terrible time sleeping is because I just can't stop thinking about my job and planning everything I have to do, also worrying that I forgot to do something important.

Guess how much I am looking forward to tomorrow in my state where it is still legal to buy fireworks? DRUNK REDNECKS + EXPLOSIVES. I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS. I really hope it rains all night tonight like it's supposed to (it's been supposed to rain all week); my parents live in the middle of the fucking woods with lots of pine trees, that in this heat wave are as dry as (for lack of a better simile) tinder. Guess where I'm spending the holiday. :/
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My laptop broke. Usedlaptops.com sucks, do not buy from them ever. I don't care that it broke; it came with a 90 day warranty and they're fixing it. I care that I had to pay over $60 in shipping ($18 and some change to actually ship it, $22 for the "laptop box" since even though I still had the original box it was shipped to me in, the FedEx person said if it was lost or damaged I wouldn't be able to get the declared value on it ($175) unless it was shipped in the special laptop box, and another $18-something for return shipping.) I was tempted to tell them, you know what, keep this shit, because the fifteen percent restocking fee would only be around $20.

But I need a computer. And they have the only computers I can afford.

So fuck.

And also there was much anxiety when I was emailing tech support and they wanted me to give them a phone number. I was flipping out worse than I have in a long time, and I just wanted to email back, look, software, I can figure out. Hardware, nuhuh, I'm not touching it. That's what you guys are for, just email the return authorization number to me already. I even tried to deflect by saying I couldn't use a phone right now, and they emailed back and said, well when is a convenient time for you?


But I knew it was stupid to not do everything possible to avoid spending more money, so I let them call me (better than ME having to call THEM), and then I still couldn't make it work and now I'm out sixty bucks plus the shitload of anxiety I had to process.

This has led to another round of money anxiety. Which is like the number two or three thing I worry about. And dealing with all this bullshit has completely drained my social fu reserves, and I have yet to actually start looking for a new place to live.


Okay, so the catering company I have worked at for the last 2+ years had the laziest idiot for a head cook. Not getting into that because no1curr, just trust me that this guy was a lazy son of a bitch, and I held out as long as I did with the shitty pay and shitty hours in the hope that one day he would get fired or quit, and here I am, with my year of culinary school, and fine dining experience!

This past February I ended up getting the promotion to baker, which, yeah is alright. It's more hours and more money, but my heart is not and never has been in the pastry arts, also experience in this field, I have none.

So a few weeks ago we hired a new prep cook. A male prep cook (almost all the other cooks are female). And this past Saturday the head cook quit! Actually flounced out of the job, if accounts are to be believed (and god do I wish I had been there to see it with my own eyes).

Who gets promoted to head cook? Take a wild guess.

Seriously? Seriously.


Feb. 1st, 2012 04:13 pm
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Okay so there's this thing where I need everyone I know to talk me out of doing something that I really want to do, even though it is not the wisest course of action.

I need everyone to tell me, Kat, do not spend forty dollars on an Ice Network subscription.

Got that? Do. Not. Spend. Money. On. Ice. Network. Subscription.

Even though NBC is balls and I wouldn't have to do this is they would just air the whole damn competion. I would happily wait for Youtube vids to surface, but the only broadcast of US Nationals happened in America on NBC, and they barely showed any of it--just the free skates of the last two groups of each discipline! And okay the real reason is because Johnny commentated for Ice Network and everyone who has a subscription says he was really great and funny. What I really need is for someone to be a good little pirate and share with the rest of us plebes

I need to save save save, and this is a v. stupid thing to do with the money left in my paycheck after I pay all my bills like a responsible goddamn adult. That is my better judgement speaking! But my inner fangirl is bouncing around like a three year old jacked up on Mountain Dew and Ho Hos, begging me to indulge myself. Decisions, decisions!


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