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Pretty sure I didn't get the job again. I've put off calling b/c I kept hoping that maybe it was taking so long to hear back because of the holidays. But. Yeah. Self delusion and hope can only go so far before you just have to woman up and admit you just got screwed again. I was so fucking sure this time, thanks for getting my hopes up of ever attaining something resembling financial stability while still working in a field I love, only to crush them once again.

I really think I'm starting to hate this place.
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You know what, fuck all of you and your automated email. I'd rather have false hope and radio silence than a fucking form letter; we have decided to pursue candidates that are a closer match for this position. I AM PERFECTLY QUALIFIED, NO, OVERQUALIFIED TO WORK IN YOUR TACKY-ASS CHAIN RESTAURANT, YOU FUCKWITS.
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In this case, one of the owners. Lately he's been finding fault with the way we do things. Only he never comes to us with these supposed "issues" he tells the kitchen manager and he relays it to us.

The owner doesn't actually do any of the cooking. He creates the recipes and he used to be a banquet chef somewhere, but the point is he's been out of the kitchen for a while. Yeah, these are his recipes, but I take issue with someone who has no practical experience actually making all these recipes every day telling me I'm doing it wrong, just because I don't follow the exact outlined procedure, because oh hey, they still haven't hired another cook to help us out and the shit still has to get done somehow, so we take a few shortcuts. What the fuck difference does it make if I use the burr mixer or the robot coupe? NONE WHATSOEVER, but the burr blender is apparently his favorite toy. LOOK THAT THING MAKES MY HAND CRAMP AND IT TAKES LONGER TO BLEND THINGS.

Just gtfo and let me do my job. Go play golf or whatever it is moderately wealthy middle aged white guys do.
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She stuck a note on my timecard that said (paraphrasing) "We're too slow for you to be clocking in this early".

ASDFASDHFJG, If you would bring your ass in to work at 4 AM like you're supposed to, I wouldn't have to come in at 3 to do all these breakfasts we have going out at 7:30 and 8:00. And why the fuck can't you actually say this to my face when you know I am still here? I am a passagg bitch myself, but I'm not the GENERAL FUCKING MANAGER. GROW A GODDAMN SPINE FOR FUCKS SAKE.

And then, oh lol, literally just now, she called me and told me she just took an add-on for Monday morning, for 150 people, and they're getting 75 sausage biscuits and 75 ham biscuits, and 25 dozen mini muffins. And she said I need to be in early. It's okay for her to tell me how much time I need to do my work, but I am incapable of making such a decision. Motherfucker.


Normally in January, business slows down for us quite a bit. And it has been really slow, but most of our "big" jobs (25--30 people) have been breakfasts, which fall under my purview, so I haven't felt the squeeze quite as bad as some of my coworkers.

Now, ordinarily, my boss would be at work at 4 AM to let me in, and she would do her paperwork and help me out as needed. But since she gave me a key, she's been coming in at 6 (well, she's supposed to come in at 6, it can be anytime between 6 and 7, when we open the deli for breakfast). So, whatever, I don't care, I like being by myself for part of the morning. And having my own key essentially means I can set my own hours, which is great, because when my boss was letting me in, it was usually at 4:05--4:10, and those ten minutes can really put me behind if we have catering stuff going out on top of the stuff I have to do to prep the deli for breakfast.

So, yeah, because I actually got decent hours this week (36) that's a problem. This place is run so assbackwards, oh my god. We had a staff meeting a couple of months ago with all the owners and managers, and the owners all said that labor was their biggest expense.

WELL FUCKING STOP HIRING PEOPLE FUCKING IDIOTS. How does it make sense to have 6 employees, 7 counting the assistant manager, working in the deli when it would only take 4 people to run the front counter, plus the assistant manager to work the register? There is one other person who works in the kitchen who is trained to work in the deli, and she can be pulled in when it gets busy, plus the general manager. They keep hiring people from one of the local drug rehab programs, which is noble and all, but we don't need the extra labor.

Meanwhile I am certain that food costs have to be the second biggest place the company is hemorrhaging money from, with all the waste I see everyday. The GM finally decided to cut down on the amount of biscuits and muffins I put out in the deli, because almost every day for the year I have been doing the baking, we've had half of it leftover; the biscuits get thrown out, and the muffins are sold for half price the next morning, or given out as free samples, and usually most of a pot of grits gets thrown out, as well. Not to mention all the shit that the company gives away as promo, or donates. They didn't say a word about that, oh no, it's kiss the customers' ass, and don't talk on your cell phone at work, and abide by the dress code. Huh?

I took the initiative and cut down the amount of cookies I make too, and I just flat out stopped doing the mini cinnamon rolls and danishes, because we weren't selling those even when we were busy (because they were so fucking expensive! $1.75 for some little danish you can eat in three bites, or two big bites? When a brownie or lemon bar is bigger and only cost $1.25?)

And now they're raising the costs of drinks and soup. Instead of cutting back on waste, and letting go of the extraneous employees (harsh, I know, but Crazy Bitch and Xanax are two none of us would mind seeing the back of) they're running us off the clock, like we don't have bills to pay and (for most of us) kids to take care of.

Sigh. I hate to keep complaining about this job instead of just finding another one. It's just, the one other really really good, high end fine dining place around here is run by a chef who has a bad reputation for being a real asshole, and given their turnover? I don't doubt.

And given my payraise began last January, I am half afraid that when I file my income taxes this year I'm going to end up owing again, instead of being able to add that little bit of money to the "Get The Fuck Out of Here Fund". :(
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Oh my god, my sister in law got another cat. What the hell. I don't even give the poor thing till summer till it scratches her or the kids, or she gets tired of cleaning the litter box, and she decides to get rid of it.

This makes the second cat, and she's also gone through two dogs, and a guinea pig since she married my brother a little over a year ago.

Oh, damn

Jan. 17th, 2012 08:05 pm
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Mom just called me and told me they found Shadow. He was shot dead. A friend of my mom's found his body dumped on the side of the road in the next town over; the assholes who did it figured they were being clever by taking his collar off and staging it to look like he'd been hit by a car. She said when Dad saw him he started crying.

We even have suspects, although we can't prove they did it; a couple of hunters who lease the land right next ours. My SIL's brother met them one day when he was out hunting, and they asked about the dogs and seemed irritated about it. They probably shot Cody and Shadow because they were scaring away the deer.

Mom and Dad called the sheriff and he filed a report, but since we also can't prove it happened on our property, there's nothing he can do. Dad buried Shadow in the garden, and they said when my sister took Cody out to relieve himself, he went straight to Shadow's grave and wouldn't leave.

God help those bastards if they ever set one foot on our property.
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I'm at my parent's house for my sister's thirteenth birthday. Just now my dad was outside In the garden, and he saw one of her dogs bleeding from his side.

Someone shot him. And we can't find her other dog. Dad is taking him to the vet right now, and I'm watching my nephew while everyone else combs the woods looking for dog #2.

God, people fucking suck. These two dogs (a pair of labs, yellow and black) are the sweetest, most non aggressive dogs. There is the slight possibility that they were shot on accident by a deer hunter, but this happened sometime between 1:30 and 3 PM, and the best time for deer hunting is morning/evening.

ETA: dog #2 is still missing and presumed dead. They are normally inseparable; the missing dog is named Shadow because he follows Cody everywhere. Cody is incredibly lucky; the bullet ricocheted around inside him, but didn't damage any major organs. He has some cracked ribs and a partially broken hip, and had a drainage tube inserted, and is wearing a cone of shame.

more updates + graphic photos )
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I was suddenly added to the schedule at work for Sunday, 9 a.m. I am always happy to get more hours, even though my job sucks, because I have these things called bills...?

So I flipped through the work orders to see what we had going out, and the reason I have to come in is because the GM got us a table at a fucking WEDDING EXPO, and the food she wants to bring is just ridiculous. A layered Mexican dip, a spinach artichoke dip, a crab dip (made with imitation crab, yuck), mini chicken quesadillas, and finger sandwiches. To a WEDDING EXPO. THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT, I have to come in on a Sunday morning and work maybe an hour and a half (for fucking $7.50 an hour!), and the company isn't even getting paid for it???


I mean, it's good dip, don't get me wrong. But. For a wedding expo, that is likely to be crawling with ~bridezillas? Not exactly showcasing our best qualities. Just sayin'.
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Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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So season one of Falling Skies is over. Let me rant about it.

wth writers )

Spoilers for everything. lol


Jun. 20th, 2011 08:08 pm
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I am debating with myself about doing something that is very stupid. My nextdoor neighbors have a dog and a cat. They are scumbags who shouldn't even be responsible for a compost heap, much less living animals. The smart thing is to call animal control, show them the pictures of the animals, and let them handle it. But you guuuuuuys, I am smitten. Smitten. But it's hard enough paying for the pets I already have. Is it right of me to take them in, knowing how little income I have? They're going to have to be checked out by a vet, and that makes a vet bill for four animals. Plus a spay/neuter bill. Plus food. But will they be better off in the system??? I am pretty sure the local shelter is no kill, but they are more than likely at full capacity. I know I've heard of friends of my brother in law who had to give up their dogs, and were turned down by shelters because they just had no room.

Goddammit, animals are not toys! If you adopt a pet you are making a lifelong commitment.
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Because it's summer. This happens every year; why exactly is it newsworthy? The South has never waited for the calendar first day of summer to start whooping our asses with temps in the high 90s. Please, news anchors, stop talking about it like we don't already know and showing children frolicking in pools, and find some real goddamn news to report. And for the record, news is stuff like the dumbass who drowned in the Chattahoochee last week; that story was buried on the last page of the newspaper. (Seriously, who is stupid enough to swim in this river; thanx Atlanta for the lovely industrial waste you dump in it.) If you at least bothered to add some sort of important information, like asking people to remember that children and the elderly are especially prone to heat stroke and dehydration, or DON'T BE A DUMBASS AND SWIM IN THE RIVER NO MATTER HOW HOT IT GETS, then okay, but this constant OMGEE GUISE IT IS SO HOT LOL is getting. Fucking. Old.
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Look, dude sitting across from me at the library, your cell phone going off was not nearly as distracting as your long winded apology. JFC.

Oh yeah, did I ever mention that the people I was mooching wifi from finally got a clue and secured their connection? HELLO, NOISY LIBRARY. Seriously, this is the noisiest library I have ever been in. And I've been in many. Half the time it's the damn librarians making the noise. Just, argh, people, argh. I get that libraries are in danger of losing their funding unless they get more patrons, and are slowly shifting away from being "quiet places to read/study" to being "community centers" but is it asking so much for you to try to remember that some people STILL COME HERE TO READ? It is very distracting to try and read smutty fanfic an ebook when the librarian is standing right next to me talking loudly to a patron. About a cool video he asked her to watch, without earphones! I have no words. I invested in my own pair of earphones, but there's only so much noise blocking they can do.

Oh my god, I can hear a Tickle Me Elmo. They still make those?

ETA: Ahaha, they unsecured their network for some dumbass reason. \o/ Here I am home, writing, and out of the corner of my eye I notice that there is no longer a big red X over Network Magic. Huzzah!
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EX-roommate is coming over this afternoon to fork over the cash. Also they are finally picking up the hammock which has been sitting on our patio all this time, which apparently is the only item of furniture her dipshit boyfriend owns.

Please god let her have already done the change of address form at the post office. I want to delete her number from my phone and DELETE HER FROM MY LIFE, because really there is so much I never got around to posting about these two.

For now I'll leave you with these fun facts: when they were living here, their room reeked. The stench of unwashed socks, underwear, sweaty t-shirts (her boyfriend worked construction) coupled with the perfume of food trash would permeate the entire top floor if they left their bedroom door open.

And, well, to get kinda nasty, but his shit stank. It was not a normal shit smell, which I can put up with, because hey, we all do it. This was like something literally had crawled up his ass and died. This was something is wrong with you, you need to see a doctor. And he never turned on the fan and always left the door wide open after he was finished. I COULD SMELL IT IN MY ROOM EVEN THOUGH MY BEDROOM DOOR WAS CLOSED.

He would leave his work gear piled underneath the bar in the dining area. He was on fucking food stamps and never bought groceries, either. They always ate out, as evidenced by all the takeout boxes and fast food wrappers that littered their bedroom.

The one positive thing I can say is, they pretty much always did their own dishes. But all other cleaning--vacuuming, sweeping/mopping, scrubbing the toilets, the bathtub, etc., if I didn't do it it didn't get done. And they never bought soap, or toilet paper. One time they DID buy TP, and they kept it in their room! Like I was some sort of thief! And when it got close to running out, did they provide a new roll so no one ever got stranded? And they were the ones who used the most of it, anyway! I swear sometimes I thought they were eating the fucking shit, because how do three people who aren't even at home most of the day use that much toilet paper? If I was home by myself for a whole weekend I wouldn't even use half a roll, but let them be at home all weekend while I was out of town or something? They'd go through a whole roll! Sure toilet paper is cheap, but it's the principle of the goddamn thing. It was either wait until we actually run out, or just go ahead and buy it because duh.

Oh yeah, and she would use my tampons/maxis and not replace them! That's worse than the toilet paper thing, because that shit gets expensive, unless you don't care about having stained underwear and sheets and washing them every morning because the cheap stuff leaks.

God. I'll probably think of some more shit they did that pissed me off later.

mini rant

Jan. 25th, 2011 12:05 am
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How come no authors ever come to the South for a book tour? There are lots of cool, literate, openminded and nonjudgemental down here who are fans of many authors, but none of them ever, and I mean ever come anywhere near the South. And for the record, even though geographically Washington D.C. is in the South, it isn't The South and furthermore, is about a ten hour drive from where I live. Atlanta is only two hours. Please to be getting with the program, 'kay thanks.
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Found on [livejournal.com profile] indongcho 's journal. (Edited for clarification, because I ran out of library time yesterday.)


If anyone ever wants to know why I generally dislike people, this is a perfect example of why. 

Gender identity and biological sex are not the same thing.  Woman = gender identity.  Female = biological sex.  I know that this is a modern concept.  For most of history, woman and female were both used to describe biological sex.  But, now that gay rights has paved the way for transsexuals to start publicly transitioning, some redefinition is order.  According to H., this is a Problem. 

I want to know one thing: why is redefining "woman" to mean a gender identity, instead of biological sex, a bad thing?  As a female who is lucky enough to identify as a woman, I am seriously pissed off.  I don't need or want you to "defend" my gender from the evil transwomen who are *shock* trying to redefine its meaning so it actually includes them!  Kinda like the way feminists redefined womanhood back in the seventies, so that now "woman" does not automatically mean "wife and mother".  For that matter, "woman" has never strictly referred to biological sex.  It has layers and layers of meaning and connotations that have changed and continue to change.   Wife.  Mother.  Healer.  Whore.  Priestess.  Temptress.  And that's not even going into the fact that what she's really complaining about is the appropriation of the modern, American* definition of womanhood.

How does the fact that there are certain biological males who identify themselves as women hurt you in any way?  Are you afraid that if someone who was born male but prefers to use female pronouns and has a female name, that it somehow invalidates you as a woman?  Because that's bullshit.  And to top it off, you have the gall to claim that it's not transphobia when you say male-to-female transsexuals shouldn't be allowed call themselves women.  What the fuck, bitch, where the hell is your little fantasy  land located?  That's exactly what it is.  And just because they call you on it doesn't magically prove your point.  It proves that you're an asshole. 

Your whining about "woman" becoming a vague, baseless word and your fear that womanhood is somehow being tainted or polluted, or lessened, just because a tiny segment of the population are born male but want to be women is utterly stupid.  Guess what?  Womanhood is a very individual thing.  It means different things to different people.  But you are obviously the type of person who feels uncomfortable or afraid in the face of things without an absolute value or a concrete definition.  Nothing is ever as clear cut and definite as it seems.  We just like to believe they are.  Get your head out of your ass, and try to find some compassion. 

*I'm assuming H. is American based on her spelling and general entitled attitude.

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I am temporarily catless. The apartment managers are conducting their annual "Safety and Sanitation Inspection" from now until Wednesday (what the fuck is this, a college dorm?!). Since my cats aren't on the lease (for the reason that it would cost me a $300 nonrefundable deposit and $90 extra rent per month) I had to hide them. So I took them back to my parents'. And I miss them so much already! I keep looking for them out of the corner of my eye--why isn't Oz poking his head around my bedroom door when I come up the stairs? Why don't I see Olive curled up in her box? I woke up at almost exactly the time Toby always wakes me up for breakfast. It feels wrong to not see their food and water bowls in the kitchen. For them to not be underfoot all the time.

Fucking apartment people.
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Add to the list of shitty things about our apartment: on Thursday we started having weird electricity issues. The electricity in my roommates' bedroom and the kitchen would go out, and then come back on after a few minutes. This happened after I'd already left for work, so I didn't know about until I came home. Krista had called maintenance and left a note in the kitchen explaining in more detail what was was going on. By the time I got home at around 3 pm, nothing had been done. And when I went to heat up some leftovers for lunch in the microwave, the electricity in the whole apartment went out. As well as in four other units. So I called the electric company directly, and guess what? They had a repair crew out in fifteen minutes. Versus the incompetent/lazy/fuckwitted maintenance people who had almost all damn day to do the very. Same. Thing. Just make a phone call. And having no electricity is considered a MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY, so that's an extra helping of what the fuck right there.

Also, the screws that are holding the deadbolt in our front door are coming out, because they are too short. This sometimes causes the front door to jam.

Seriously. This place is a fucking nightmare. As soon as we have enough money saved to move we are out of here. And fuck them if they expect us to pay them anything except the prorated rent.
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Fuck you, apartment.

We have lived here less than two months and one shitty thing after another keeps happening.

First we discovered that the bottom shelf of the refridgerator is being held up by the crisper drawer. So we can't actually put anything in there.

Then we found out the kitchen sink leaks, and the wood paneling beneath it is almost completely rotten.

Then the downstairs toilet broke. Roomie #2 fixed it.

The the upstairs bathtub started leaking, and water was not just dripping from the living room ceiling, it was steadily pouring from the ceiling. The leak was fixed by the maintenance guy, but the ceiling has yet to be repaired.

Then the upstairs toilet broke. Roomie #2 fixed it.

Now we have our first electric bill and it is $237.00. It should be around $120.00 for an apartment this size. The reason for this, Roomie #2 discovers, is the air conditioner is leaking cold air into the utility closet. He also found some exposed wires and water damage in there, too. Which, he helpfully pointed out, is a fire hazard.

Basically, this place is a shithole. I don't care that we're getting it at a discount. So we're looking for another place, and in the meantime if the wiring doesn't get taken care of, we're going to call the building inspector on their asses, because that shit is. Not. Cool.


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