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lol, I started this application on Friday, and ran out of library time and was only able to complete it today. It had one of those really annoying questionnaires/skills assessment thingies that ask you the same question over and over and I was so ready to ragequit the damned thing.

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Finally found a second job! I was really starting to worry--I need more money in the worst way, and maybe now I'll be able to get a little ahead instead of constantly playing catch up.

But I still need to find a new roommate. After having three people express interest and then flake on me, I broke down and posted an ad on craigslist. Which, incidentally, is how I found my job. I walked in, applied, and was interviewed and hired on the spot! So, back to the roommates--god, the drama. I'm never living with anyone younger than me, and especially not anyone who has a deadbeat boyfriend she'll give money to every time whatever shady job he has falls through. And then gets all defensive when I point out that almost all our bills and rent have been paid late since we've lived together. Turns out the reason for that is she is paying two-thirds of everything. This bum wasn't even paying his share when he moved in--he was only paying his way for about a month and a half. But, she loves him, and I don't know what he's been doing to "try" and make money. I nobly refrained from replying to that with, "What, is he mowing lawns? Sucking dick?" My personal opinion is, the reason he's never had a real job is he's a big fucking pothead, and would never be able to pass a drug test--and the jobs he has, light construction, landscaping, stuff like that--those people drug test the hell out of their employees. But, I'm not mentioning it, and she's going to pay for the next month and then we'll sign a roommate release, and part on more or less amicable terms.

That's the gist of everything that's been going on. For a while I wasn't sure what the hell I was going to do. I figured the only thing I could do was suck it up and break the lease, or just get evicted, and move back in with the folks. All I need is a new roomie, and things will be about as good as I can expect them to be.
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So, it looks like I won't get the position they were advertising for, but they will probably hire me as a line cook. The pay isn't as good, but it's better than what I make now. And I've already got a possible roommate lined up. So things are getting better.

My hot sauce is becoming very popular! So far I've given away two batches and I've got a third one going now. Thankfully it's very cheap to make, so I just bought a bunch of plastic squeezy bottles (also cheap!) and that's what I'll give out as Christmas presents this year.
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The employment agency route is potentially paying off! I am so far the only applicant for a position who is even remotely qualified for it, and the pay is more money than I've made in my life. With this salary, I will definately NOT need roommates! I never thought I'd say this but thank you Faulkner State. (For making me take ServSafe, and for eventually making sure I got my certificate). I may get called in to interview sometime today, so please, fingers crossed, positive vibes, etc.

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Well, my roommate's boyfriend is moving in with us. I mind, but I don't mind. I'd still rather live alone, but having bills and rent split in thirds is going to be a big help. I'm going job hunting again tomorrow; I'm really getting desperate for a second job. If I could count on my current one to give me decent hours (or a living wage) I wouldn't bother, because even though it sucks, it's money. But, yeah. This time instead of classy restaurants (because they are absolutely doing all they can to stay afloat, no luck with them at all) I'm going to all the tacky chains, places that have bars and serve cheap food. Applebee's, Chile's, etc will never go out of business. At least, not as long as they hold onto their liquor licenses. I hope to god it doesn't come to the point where I end up in fast food hell again. Oh, but I finally found a way to get all my furniture up from Gulf Shores. It's only been, what, three weeks we've been moved? -__-

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Job interview tomorrow! *crosses fingers*
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So the place that I thought didn't want to hire now wants to hire me because someone quit this morning!  They gave me a call back and want me to go on a second interview next Tuesday!  Job hunting WIN!!!

Of course the interview could have been tomorrow but the probability of snow killed that.  One more reason to hate snow.  Grrr.
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The job interview went well, but...they don't want to hire me until after Christmas.

Bah. Humbug.
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So here I am. Again. Living with my parents. Stupid economy.

My god, this house is falling apart. They live in a mobile home and it's just a piece of crap. And they're still paying off the mortgage. There are spots in the floor where the wood is rotting through--there's a place in the kitchen where one of my cousins actually stepped through the floor! The carpet is worn almost completely through in places (they've been covered with rugs), and the linoleum in the kitchen is peeling away. The bathroom--dear god, the bathroom. The bathtub is separating from the wall and the wall paper is peeling off the walls, and there's mold and mildew on the walls because the fan doesn't work, plus it's always humid here, anyway. Oh yes, and the septic tank likes to act up now and then--lovely, that.

They never meant to live here permantly. When they bought this land they were planning to build on it, but they never had the money. Finally the place we were renting was sold and we had to move. So they bough this trailer (used, from the repo place) and put it out here. Of course they're teachers, so they don't make much money, and now they've declared bankruptcy. Who knows how much longer they'll have to live in this dump.

Jobs are proving a little harder to come by. No one wants to hire me now, they want to wait until after New Year. Ugh. I need a job now, dammit, not in another month. But at least I know of people who actually want to hire me. Actually I seem to be a desirable job candidate, because of my previous experience catering banquets. I'm not exactly thrilled at the thought of doing that again, but whatever, I'm not picky.

And to top it all off, I had to leave my books in storage. There just wasn't room in my car. *sob*
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It finally paid off--I have a job interview tomorrow!  At a country club, no less (posh, eh?).  I know this is counting my chicks before they hatch, but I'm certain I'm going to get this job--I talked to the manager on the phone and he was very helpful, very nice sounding.  Not a lot to go on, but hey, a girl's gotta hope, right?  Oh, I'm so nervous, though!  I hope I don't let my nerves get the better of me and make me talk too fast or sound like an idiot.  Cross your fingers for me!
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If I needed any more proof that I'm doing the right thing, the first day of class was it. I loved it. I had such a great time, and got free dinner on top of it. We jumped right into things, and I was relieved to see that my knife skills are neither the worst nor the best. I am very good at slicing carrots and dicing garlic, but potatoes--harder than they look. Of course that was all the fancy cuts used for garnishing, not just dicing them up for soup or salad or whatever. I think I made a very good showing of myself for the first day. Today was sanitation and safety, and it is shaping up to be a fair bitch, and waaaaay harder than you would think it would be. Ugh, and public speaking was today too. Tell me, how the hell I was able to squeak by without taking public speaking as an English major, but need it to graduate with a culinary degree? I have one more class on Thursday (my internship class) and then that'll be it.

So on to the job situation. Still haven't heard back about the salad bar job. I hope that even if I don't get it they have the decency to tell me that, and not just leave me hanging. But the fast food job interview was today, and that looks very promising. I think I did pretty good, and the manager...! I so so so want to work for her. She seems like someone I could be friends with outside of work. We just clicked. We're the same age, and we even live in the same apartment complex! If I get that job I won't be as upset if I don't get the other.

And for the record, I'm pretty sure that there aren't any franchises outside the Southeast. It's like, I don't quite know how to put it, like upscale fast food. Definately not on the same level as McKing. And I'll go on a limb and give a hint in case anyone might know what I'm talking about: they only serve chicken. And they're closed Sunday (which god I need that).

Oh, and the balance of my student loans is being mailed as I type. It has never come to me this early; I was expecting to recieve it in September. So if that comes in this week or even next I won't be quite so desperate for a job, although I still need one for my internship (and a fast food place, sadly, will not suffice for that). So...things continue to look up.
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I am very nervous/excited about class today. Which starts in 2 1/2 hours, by the way. Also I bought my knife kit today! It filled me with joy, opening it up. I need to get some pictures of it, it looks so professional. Kinda like a doctor's bag from way back when.

Still waiting to hear about the salad bar job though. Which makes me think, that if I get this job, it'll give whole new meaning to the phrase "salad days". Ha. Yeah, I worked at a salad bar during my salad days. Man that was corny.

And for what it's worth, since I know you're not exactly exited about turning 30 (;P), happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] impeccablesimon!


It's raining again. The novelty of rain has quickly worn off (my former part of the country being in a severe drought). Well, that's what happens when you live near an ocean, I suppose. Speaking of which, I haven't even been to the beach yet. D: Too busy.
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I have another job interview, this time on Tuesday.

I was thinking on Thursday night, that even if I did get the salad bar job, I should keep looking for a fast food job and work the breakfast shift, because I still need to save money for summer semester (thanks again for shorting me, Uncle Sam). There is one fast food place that if I had to do fast food, then this would be it. And that is the place that called me yesterday about an interview. It would be perfect; I can pay the bills and live on the salad bar job, and save all the fast food money for college. And once I had enough saved I could just quit and have a life again. See? Perfect.

Things are coming together again. I just...it's amazing. All I need to do is actually get the jobs and I'll know for certain the universe doesn't hate me, or that I wasn't a serial killer in a previous life and am being punished for it in this one.

Now it is kitty time! I buy them toys, and what do they end up playing with? A piece of straw. >_< Idiots.
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All the good vibes must really be working, because yesterday after I left the library, the very first place I walked into interviewed me. The first place that I've been to all damn week that was actually looking for hired help. And Oh! It's perfect. I want this so job so bad I can taste it. Not only is it walking distance, but it's not a waitress job! (Christ, I had a hard enough time dealing with people over the phone, can you imagine how aweful it would be to deal with warm bodies?) If I get the job I will be in charge of the salad bar. Meaning I will be in the kitchen, but able to work more or less at my own pace. I can get my feet wet. This is exactly the kind of experience I need. The only downside to that I can see is no tips. On the other hand, I expect to get a higher salary than I would as a waitress. But, the manager did tell me that they had other applicants. So if you kindly would, send vibes to the dude along the lines of give the girl a break, she's a college student, she needs it more than some dumb high school kid.

So things are looking up. I haven't got the job yet, (I should hear back by Monday), but if things continue to follow the current pattern of just falling into place, then I have to get it. And it's not like I haven't been trying, after all. I firmly believe I deserve this.
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So for the time being it appears that noon is my library/internet time. Hello again. I don't know how depressed I still feel but I'm expecting a call today from a place (discretion prevents me from naming names) that will either say, "You are hired" or "You are not hired". I had to pick now, of all times, to move to a tourist town. The end of fucking summer when no one needs any help. I am even branching out into retail stores. I mean a place like Office Depot wouldn't really need seasonal help, would they? Office Depot? Come on. Um. And Wal-Mart. Look, I'm fucking desperate, okay? Sheesh. Don't look at me like that!

If it wasn't for my class schedule I'd even go back to office/clerical work, which lord knows I have plenty of experience in. But it just wouldn't work with a M-F, 9-5 type job. No way I'd be able to work enough hours.

So, because things have been crappy, I don't have tv and I only get an hour a day online, I went ahead and against all better judgement checked out some books. I promise I will not read them when I should be job hunting, and I won't stay up late to read them and then not get up and look for work the next day. They are The Mage Hound by Elaine Cunningham, (who was a contributing author to the Sails and Sorcery anthology), and Baudolino by Umberto Eco, historical fiction.
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Feeling a mite bummed.  It sucks moving to a place where you don't know one single person.  I thought about introducing myself to the neighbors but it scares me.  I'm not normally very assertive, and anyway the guy across the hall had a sign on his door that said "Pest control: I work nights and sleep days, do not knock or spray".  

Once class starts and I find a job I'll start making friends and feel better.  I hope.  

God, I've stooped to applying for fast food jobs.  I just hope that some--decent--place hires me before McKing does.  Although even if I did get a fast food job I would keep looking for a better one.  Still it's been difficult today to get motivated enough to get up and about and whatnot.  That may be due in part the weather.  It rains a lot here.  But I just remind myself rent is due in 17 days.  And who knows when or how much the utility bills will be.  If I was dealing with the my old power company I know I could my bill under $100, easy.  But different companies, different rates.  Hell, they charged me $230 just get the power service switched into my name, and it would have been $380, but they did a credit check and I qualified for a lower deposit.  Still.  The other company never charged me or anyone I know more that $40 to activate service.  

But at least the library is only three miles (2.8, exactly) from where I live. 
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My math-hating brain likes this one, lots.

There is bad news and good news. Bad news first: my house is possibly going to be sold by next month. Just out of the blue, this couple I knew and lost touch with want to buy it. I have no idea why. I knew the house was for sale, but I figured with this market it wouldn't matter, especially since it's small and not in a good location; not to mention it's defiantely a fixer-upper, and the yard looks like hell.

But on the bright side, the woman just quit her job editing the catalogue for some store that sells some stuff, I don't care, the point is she put in a good word for me and maybe, just maybe I could have job as an editor--not the fun kind, yeah, but this will give me work experience that is actually pertinent to the career I hope to one day have. So I can't get too mad at them for possibly buying the house.

But still, ya know? It sucks.
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Still waiting to hear back on several jobs I've applied for.  There has been some slight indication that I may get hired on at the office my sister works at, at least part time, which would be so wonderful, 'cause then we could carpool.


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