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MS Word spelling suggestions for my username: satanic and catnip.
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DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WANTED TO--NEVERMIND. You don't need to know how filthy my mind is. XD


Mar. 26th, 2011 11:22 pm
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I just remembered something amazing from when I was a kid. When I was seven, another girl and my little sister and I were all in my room playing with Barbies. The girl asked me if I wanted to practice kissing, and I was like, okay! So we made my sister go in the closet to play and told her not to come out until we said to. And then we made out. With tongue. When we were seven. Well, she was eight or nine, if I recall correctly. But still. Fucking wow. This isn't the first time I've suddenly remembered this, but it's definitely the first time I've been amused by it, instead of embarrassed and ashamed. :D

funny story

Oct. 7th, 2010 03:39 pm
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Last night I went out to eat with my family, and as we were walking across the parking lot, I noticed there was a gym across the street, and the treadmills were facing the restaurant. L-O-L.

I'm hoping that soon I'll have internet access at home again, after, what, four years without? So I'll be around more. As it is, lj mobile is still sucking, or maybe it's just my phone, and work is still working, so if you've commented and I haven't replied, sowwy. There's only so much time in a day, and this library has stupid hours.
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Yesterday at work, I decided to have a bowl of soup for lunch.  A server guy was standing there and we were talking, and I peeked in the soup thing and saw we have a new soup, some kind of cream of chicken & mushroom thing.  I got a bowl and tasted it and I told the guy, "It tastes like Campells." 

He said "Really?" 

And I said "Yeah, I mean it's not gross or anything, it's just nothing special."

And then I turned around and one of the other cooks was right behind me, and I said "Hi!" in that fake bright oh-shit-I-hope-I-didn't-piss-him-off-how-much-did-he-hear voice.  And the server just busted out laughing.  But the cook was not the one who made the soup and he agreed, it tasted like it came from a can.  Which says one of two things: either canned soup is actually great, or the other cook cannot make good soup.

Mike, I'm beginning to think you're right and that my life would be a good basis for a sitcom.
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Or do I just have a dirty mind?  Okay, what do you guys think:

I was reading the newest issue of Woman's Day and I came across an article about children and toys.  The article stated that children don't need all these high tech toys to help them learn (I agree 100%) and that imaginative play was far more important for developing minds.  One example was used in particular, about how children can turn almost anything into a toy and come up with uses for things beyond what they were intended for.  A woman's son used his sister's Barbie, turned upside down and legs spread, as a stand for his toy pistol.

Is it just me?  Did none of the editors notice the, uh, symbolism of a boy sticking a toy gun between Barbie's legs?  I still chuckle thinking about that.
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Nu Kitteh Kushun   massages ur butt when it purrs

Toby just keeps doing lolworthy things!  And I finally got Oz in one, although not by himself.

Sum privacy, plz? Ur like, totally ruining the moment.
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This makes two of them...just need to get a lol-worthy photo of Oz next.

Does Kitteh have to smack a bitch?
In other news I finally got around to ordering books.  I am afraid of how much money I ended up spending.  About $80 at the SFBC website and probably another $70 or $80 at The Literary Guild.  Eep.  I ordered some nonfiction books that seemed interesting.  I read exactly 0 nonfiction books last year.  So I plan to edify myself a bit in 2009.  Oh, and I also ordered The Blade Itself, Before They are Hanged and The Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie, on the advice of [livejournal.com profile] imyril.  It's so good to get into a series right as it's finishing up!  No waiting for the sequels, haha!
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I could not help but try to supress a snicker when TDC announced that on the last day of class we were going to learn how to bone a chicken.


Great, so I'm into bestiality and necrophilia.  Oh god, and then one of the other chefs called the boning knife a boner.  I should be too old and mature to find shit like that funny...but dammit it still is!
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Well, not really, seeing as how I'm in public, but if I get hauled off to the funny farm that would take care of a lot of problems.  Really I'm just killing time before I have to go to work.

LJ defeats me with their inscrutable cuts.  I don't know why it did not work.  I have cut succesfully before.  There are actually some other images behind the cut.  It just didn't want to cut all of them.  I even used rich text editor, too.  Strange.

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funny pictures

Funny Pictures



Funny Pictures

Ah, Looney Toons. 


And now of course there are loldogs. 

funny dog picture, loldogs, naps, sleeping

all i wanted was a hotdog, loldogs n cute puppy pictures - I Has a Hotdog!

lassie falls in well, loldogs n cute puppy pictures - I Has a Hotdog!

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A lot of the agents at work send out newsletters to the people they've sold houses to, and word's gotten around that there's a friendly switchboard operator at the front desk who would be perfectly willing to proof them (and they pretty nearly always need proofing, believe me).  Well, one of them came up to me yesterday, a real sweet lady, and we were chatting and she said, well, I don't know if you can help me anymore, aren't you going to cooking school?, to which I replied, well, I may be a Facetious Ex-English Major but I can still spot a comma splice from a hundred yards off.  Everyone thought that was funny.  Especially after I told them what facetious meant.  (Ahem, from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, fa*ce"tious: 1) given to wit or good humor; merry; sportive; jocular; as, a facetious companion; 2) characterized by wit and pleasantry; exciting laughter; as, a facetious story or reply--just you know, in case.)

Oh, and I will have you know Shannon, that that movie-tie in I bought of the Narnia series?  It hasn't been Americanized.  I got to page nine I think, and noticed the word "colour".  Huh, what do you make of that?  Go HarperCollins.
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*Note: I only posted the things on this list that are actually in my own experience*

20 Ways to determine if you are a real Alabamian:

4.) You know the true value of a parking space is not determined by the distnace to the door, but by the availability of shade. --Especially true from April 'til October.

10. You listen to the weather forcast before picking out an outfit. --Not because of rain, or other precipitation. In someone else's words: "Our weather is female, and has PMS." This January, we had record lows (in the 20s) and record highs (79 degrees); keep in mind that this was in the same month.

14.) You aren't surprised to find movie rental, ammunition, beer, and bait, all in the same store. --And in the case of my local joint, some killer fried chicken and potato logs, as well!

16.) You know everything goes better with ranch dressing, or ketchup. --Especially ranch dressing on pizza, and ketchup on scrambled eggs. But even down here, the ketchup-on-eggs thing is considered weird, so that's more of a personal quirk than a regional thing.

19.) You have used your heater and air conditioner in the same day. --See note on # 10 ;)

20.) You are 100% Alabamian if you have ever had this conversation:
"You wanna Coke?"
"What kind?"
"Dr. Pepper."

--Hah! We really do call every carbonated beverage "coke", at least in my family.

I just thought I'd share that. I finally got the info I requested from The Art Institute and I found out I have to take a public speaking class. Public Speaking! I ask you: why? In the name of God, why? I hate getting in front of people. Absolutely hate it. No matter how good the speech or presentation is, no matter how much I practice, when I actually get up there I'm terrifed, and it's all I can do to keep my voice steady, much less remember what I have to say! Why, why, why?
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What twisted person came up with a toy dog that POOPS? One of the gifts that my little sister got for her birthday today.

And how's this for stupid: I recieved (yet another) chain email that warns that you should never pass on chain emails because they are actually the tools of spammers and are used to collect cookies and other info about you and your friends. The email then proceeds to urge you to send it on to everyone in your address book. Seriously.


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