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So one of the things I was worried about when I started The Job was that maybe it would actually be horrible, maybe I've spent so motherfucking long trying to get it and idealizing it that it can't possibly have been worth all this effort.


Is it the greatest job I've ever had? No. (That was the job at the beach resort, which I was laid off from in 2008. Fucking republicans and their fail economic policies.) But I give it a solid Second Best.

The greatest part though, is the limited amount of human interaction I have to deal with. Come in, do the work, get the fuck out.

But fuck my brain, because I experience low grade anxiety almost every time I go to work, and it's bullshit because I have literally nothing work related to be anxious about. My trainer told me from day one that some of the pastries I made looked better than his. But the feeling of inadequacy remains. I guess just the fact that there is so much new information to absorb, even if none of it is really difficult, kind of overwhelmed me a little. I've done baking before but it was nothing close to volume of work at this place. And I guess coming from my other job, where I was kind of...a bnf? Not amongst the managers of course, but by the time I finally quit I was the oldest employee; almost everyone else had been there less than a year, so if there was something somebody didn't know, "idk ask Kat" was kind of the default response. Which, being anxious about my job now is so much more dumb now that I think about it, because I had waaaaaay more stuff to learn at my last job just to do prep, and I was actually crosstrained to work on the line, too, so wth. And my trainer has told me repeatedly that I'm doing very well. So idk I think I just wish I could fast forward to "expert" but that's not how it works, brain.

Stupid fucking brain.
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So, after three years and three interviews, I finally managed to get The Job. It's funny, the last year or so I've had several interviews at other places, but no offers. And now I've had two job offers in the same week. I was planning to take both jobs if I could, because downside, (you knew there was one, this is me after all) The Job can't promise me I'll be full time. Which, hey, at least they're being up front about it. But Alternate Job said they would not work around another schedule. They had good benefits, but the pay was meh. It's a nursing home with like fifty residents, soooo not the most fun or challenging job. Although, that interviewer asked the best questions. Ten years in the restaurant biz, and however many interviews I've had, this was literally THE FIRST TIME someone's quizzed me on weights and measures. Which, yeah, fuck naming the mother sauces, because knowing the difference between bechamel and veloute is pretty useless if you don't know how many cups are in a quart. And I have worked with/trained people like that (and that right there is one reason why I believe culinary school is the most useless thing ever).

I decided to keep Job A in the meantime. Do I still hate that place? Idk, maybe marginally less than I used to? But Job B is a wing joint. I am glad that I had it because I needed the money, but goooood do I hate that it's part of my resume now. /food snob Because I am a terrible, awful person, it was quite gratifying when one of the managers just about begged me to stay. But when I told him where I was going, he was like, yeah, we really can't compete with that. Sorry dude.

ALSO OZ IS SICK :( The vet said he may need surgery depending on what the test results show :((( It may be crystals in his urine or kidney stones, and there is a slim possibility that the problem may be fixed by putting him on a special diet.

And, my knees really hurt again. And, now there is random ankle pain?! STANDING ON CONCRETE FLOORS FOR HOURS ON END IN $20 SHOES HAHAHA
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Yesterday at Job B I managed to cut myself three times in a thirty minute period. Courtesy of my bosses who had our knives professionally sharpened. I'm pretty sure these knives weren't this sharp when they were new.

I am definitely quitting Job A in March. Aflac open enrollment starts then and I want to make some changes to my policies. Once they take effect I'm giving my two weeks'.

It kind of makes me sad to think about leaving this place, just because I've been here so long and I got this job at a time when I really desperately needed one, but my loyalty has been stretched thin by all the bullshit the KM and food and beverage director* have put me through, not to mention the demoralizingly low pay--nine freaking dollars an hour. After three years of never being late, never calling out, going above and beyond what my job requires of me including staying at work off the clock to clean and organize the kitchen. Three years and I am currently the one who has worked here the longest. Everyone else has been here less than a year. I want to hit all the managers on the head with the clue bat and yell maybe it's YOU. Several people have said they will quit when I do, lol. Being appreciated by everyone but my supers: lol.

Compare that to Job B where one day the KM told me he was glad I was a competant human being. They also trust me to know what the fuck I'm doing and let me do it. So, okay Job B is slightly less...glamorous. It's a wing joint. But the pay is better and I have opportunities for advancement. It'll have to do until I finally get The Job.

*So, the F&B Director is one of those assholes who think he's god's gift to [whatever]. He likes to show off his ~superior knowledge~ and also to try and trap people. Ex., he added cheesecake to the menu last spring. He was showing me the recipe, and asked me if I knew how to use a spring form pan. I said I did. He asked me which side of the bottom piece is supposed to face up (thinking I was bullshitting him? Idk). I showed him. And then I watched him struggle to put the pan together. And then ninety minutes later when we checked it, it was still raw because he forgot to turn the oven on. This motherfucker.

life, etc.

Oct. 7th, 2015 04:16 pm
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officially no longer a 20 something. Kind of weird but kind of not.

What's really weird is going from job 1, which I have been at for three years and I therefore know everything to do with this restaurant, to job 2, where I'm a noob. Weird headspace, let me tell you. Benefits to job 2: so far, the managers all seem okay. They all seem to appreciate me which should not be a novelty but nevertheless is. But let me be real, this is a place that serves hot wings and burgers. There is not even a saute station. This is not what I went to culinary school to do. But, for now, this is what I'm having to do to get ahead.

Job 1, on the other hand, the managers are mostly assholes, but when people find out that's where I work, they are delighted. It's a place I'm honestly proud to say I work at. Why can't they just pay me more* :(

So anyway, I went and applied for The Job again. This is what, the third time this year? and looking back, November/December was when I was called in for interviews. So. Maybe this is the year it happens. Fingers crossed.

*I know why, because they are stupid and incompetent and spend money on stupid shit we don't need. They just bought an $800 Kitchenaide mixer. for the sole purpose of making compound butter. I said to the kitchen manager, why did you buy that expensive mixer. The kitchen manager said they didn't want to buy the $200 one because it would probably break. I was like, but, you don't need to invest any money in this at all. It's. Just. Butter. If you really want it to be whipped then go to Walmart and buy a hand mixer for $6. He said that the food and beverage director wants to do pound cake at some point. Okay. That still doesn't require you to spend $800 or $200 or any dollars at all. Do you know how cheap it is to make pound cake? Do you realize how long it would probably take to get a return on that investment? And that's if they end up putting pound cake on the menu. Jesus, these stupid assholes.
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-Since The Job has so far proved elusive, I decided fuck you and went over to a rival bakery, and got interviewed today, and I think it went pretty well. Interview dude straight up told me he liked me, he liked my experience, he saw nothing to indicate I would not be hired, buuuut I still have to be interviewed by the general manager. Downside, it is for front of house, but I made sure he knew that if there was ever an opening in the kitchen, I want in.

-My roommate is moving out in May, I want to move out in August, so I want to be able to live alone for the two months and try to find a quieter, possibly cheaper place (again). The ground floor sucks, and the current upstairs neighbors are horribly loud and rude. but, OF COURSE my roommate's cat shredded the carpet around our bedroom doors, so at some point this summer i am going to have to try and find matching carpet and do a patch job, because I would really like my security deposit back and also to not be responsible for the remaining balance of installing new carpet.

-Goddammit, though, I just spent $65 on new black and white chef pants for current job, and the uniform at the bakery is black pants. UGH

-Toby's cancer came back again, so I have decided to just let nature run its course. This was a really hard decision, but I just cannot afford to keep treating this, especially if it's not fucking working, anyway. Tip for cat owners: tell the vet to give their vaccinations on their hind feet, because the type of cancer Toby has IS CAUSED BY THE RABIES VACCINE, possibly the three-year vaccine is more likely to cause it, or prevent it, I have seen conflicting information on this, but anecdata: Toby went his whole life without getting this type of cancer until after he got the three-year vaccine, so. A three legged cat is better than no cat.

-I have health insurance! I am going to the doctor on Thursday! I am horribly nervous about this :( Filling out the family history forms just reinforced the fact that I need to act like a motherfucking adult and go to the doctor for a checkup, though, because my family? So not healthy.
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Pretty sure I didn't get the job again. I've put off calling b/c I kept hoping that maybe it was taking so long to hear back because of the holidays. But. Yeah. Self delusion and hope can only go so far before you just have to woman up and admit you just got screwed again. I was so fucking sure this time, thanks for getting my hopes up of ever attaining something resembling financial stability while still working in a field I love, only to crush them once again.

I really think I'm starting to hate this place.
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GUYS. THE JOB IS POTENTIALLY IN MY REACH. Motherfucking shitty cell phone service means I missed their call while I was at work yesterday, and now we are apparently playing phone tag, but the point is they are hiring again and THEY THOUGHT OF ME. I need this job so bad, my hours have been cut yet again, and even if current job gives me another raise in January, it still wouldn't be anywhere close to what I would make at this other place.

ETA the interview is tonight at six. *crossed fingers*

ETA 2 The interview went well, and they want me to come back Sunday night for a working interview. FUCK YEAH
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Kay so that place never called me about an interview. When I first applied the owner was like 'I will call you after Labor Day' and the Wednesday after I hadn't heard back, so I walked down there after work and spoke to the owner again and gave him a copy of my resume. He said he would call me the next week. HE THEN CALLED GSA FOR A REFERENCE EVEN THOUGH I CHECKED "DO NOT CALL THIS EMPLOYER" ON MY APP. I know this because GSA asked me where I had applied to and what my plans were. DUDE WHAT THE FUCK. And the kitchen manager just straight up asked me when my last day was. GSA did say he gave a favorable reference, but still, what the fuck. I had to lie (although it ended up being truth after I met the guy replacing GSA) and say I was only looking for a second job and wasn't planning on quitting. NuBoss is awesomely competent, I had forgotten what it was like to work for someone I actually respected. If I get a significant raise sometime soon, I wouldn't consider leaving unless I was offered a really super awesome job.

So, I put in two apps today, one at some new chain that just opened up, and the other at the job I have been trying to get for a whole damn year now. IF I ACTUALLY GET THAT JOB NOW THAT I HAVE GONE GRAIN FREE I WILL LOL FOREVER AT THE IRONY.
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Oh god where do I even begin. Most importantly; no further health issues with the fuzzbutts. Also, Awesome Roommate finished college and moved out (I knew she was only planning to be here short term but still. frownyface) to be replaced with Roommate of Undetermined Temperament and Financial Stability. She is a military chick, been to Afghanistan but is planning to get out of the army after she finishes her degree in computer science. She goes to church, and also, she has a cat, but the one time she brought him over to see how they would all mingle, everyone got on fine. I was worried about that, but after five minutes they were all totally chill.

Work: I got a raise, an entire forty cents, which is better than the twenty five cents I was expecting and certainly better than nothing. BUT BEST OF ALL. GIGANTIC STUPID ASSHOLE IS ON THE WAY OUT. HE IS FOR REAL IN THE PROCESS OF TRAINING HIS REPLACEMENT. Supposedly this is his decision (he says he is retiring--which okay, I totally buy a forty five year old retiring on a restaurant manager’s salary), but I think the company higher-ups decided he wasn’t doing a good enough job (there have been hints throughout this year that he and the kitchen manager were in danger of losing their jobs because of the restaurant not being as prosperous as the investors want. Those hints included him threatening my job and accusing me of bleeding the clock and telling me I am basically worthless and replaceable as an employee. Funny how before I turned him down cold when he said to me: “Kat, when are we going out to dinner” he was all, I wish I had more employees like you, you are a such a hard worker. lol)

So future general manager is MUCH NICER (although I have no idea how competent he is jobwise) and when I was training him (all new managers have to spend a couple days training on all the stations) we discovered we have almost the same taste in books. Honestly if I had known he was gonna be the new GM I would not have been so forthcoming about anything to do with my personal life and things I enjoy, but the official line in the beginning was that he was training here but would end up going to a different property.

I remember thinking a couple or three months ago I was going to really make a serious effort at posting more and reviving my Goodreads page. HAHA
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I went on the job interview last Thursday; I feel like I made a very good impression, both in terms of my work experience and ability to multitask/function in complete chaos. Also I made it clear that I really, really want to work there--did I mention I've put in three applications this year? And that was before I found out the pay is amazing, plus quarterly bonuses. That's quarterly. Bonuses.

I have never walked out of a job interview feeling that I actually made a good impression--I hope that doesn't mean I actually sucked horribly? Seeing as how I manage to keep myself employed regardless. IDK. I was pretty nervous at first, but once the process got going I felt really comfortable with her. What she said pretty much confirmed my feeling that this would be an excellent place to work; and I know to take all that with a grain of salt, but still, I just--

--I care about what I do. I like foodservice, goddammit. Where I'm working right now, I feel like no one gives a fuck except me, and I'm tired. I'm tired of being taken for granted; I'm tired of no accountability; I'm tired of knowing more than the fucking managers; I'm tired of being told I'm going to be a supervisor, and being given supervisor's responsibilities, and not only not getting paid more, but getting my hours slashed as well. I haven't even worked here a full year and I'm ready to walk. I am so fed up with this place. And it's not that I expect constant praise or that I can't handle criticism, I just want to work in an environment where everyone else cares too.

Anyway, she said that she had other candidates to interview, and that she would let me know her decision within a week. That's sort of worrying me a bit; I have some experience at baking, but not much, and it can only be considered "recent" if you squint. I'm hoping that the fact that this isn't just something I do for a paycheck is what will give me an edge over the others.
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Today is moving day; the person I was originally going to get a place with backed out because her finances weren't up to par. Hell, I'm just grateful she realized this before she actually signed the lease, unlike a former roommate. I do have a lead on another pair of roommates, who are engaged. I would normally shy away from them because of the potential for drama, but damn, it is slim pickings right now. Eh.

So, I'm currently in a top floor apartment (in a two story building). The apartment I'm moving into is on the ground floor. I am less than enthusiastic, because of me being such a light sleeper, it really does not take much to wake me up. But, on the other hand, stairs are a bitch. Well. As it happens, even though this is a three story building, from the parking lot, it looks like two stories. Yes, that is correct, I have to go down yet more stairs to get my apartment. The way it's set up is weird. It's like the parking lot is built on a hill right next the building, and there are actually little bridges connecting the parking lot to the buildings. Weird. But the apartment is cute and, imo, more spacious than the slightly larger, different style apartment that I originally looked at. I guess I'll just have to continue taking ibuprofen like it's candy (my knees, oh god. Is this getting older or did I actually fuck something up? No idea.)

In Gigantic Stupid Asshole news (that would be the general manager of my job) he's barely been in since last week. We all figured he was on vacation or something. Oh, but! On Sunday I was at the bar getting some beer for a recipe, when an on-duty deputy sheriff showed up and asked me where he is. All I could tell him was that GSA hasn't been at work all week. (lol and now we know why) It was only a subpoena, but the court date was for the next day, so I guess depending on if it was a civil or criminal case, maybe the case was decided without him, maybe court date was rescheduled, maybe the judge issued a warrant. He's still been a no-show this week. MAYBE HE WILL HAVE TO FLEE THE COUNTRY. LET ME HAVE MY DELUSIONS, OKAY.
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We have a new assistant manager. He is the best manager ever! I never knew what it was like to have a boss who was both competent and not an asshole, huh.

I am in the middle of working out our par levels with the GM, omg why has this not already been done. Also, the owner has been doing his bi-yearly menu overhaul. He is not taking anything off the menu, but is adding to it. What :/ Our menu is already unwieldy as it is, imo it should be split up into a lunch and dinner menu, at least. Hell, if it's not broke, don't fix it. I'm applying what I'm learning about the business side of restauranteuring and looking at this gigantic new menu and realizing this is the point when food costs get out of hand.

And here's the kicker: today he was working out a recipe for dog biscuits. I shit you not. He wants to sell dog biscuits. Not that there aren't plenty of people who walk their dogs around here. But we already have so much to do! And he wants us to start canning this pear chutney he's concocted for a new pork dish. Because did I ever mention that when they did the renovations this spring, they added a retail store? We sell t-shirts, beer mugs, jugs. I guess they'll sell the dog biscuits from there, too? I D E K. It's not that I think these are bad ideas. I think the dog biscuit idea is pretty brilliant, actually, but for the love of baby jesus we cannot do all this with our current workforce. If business is really as excellent as they say then I am sure we can afford to hire at least one more cook, I am just saying.
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In this case, one of the owners. Lately he's been finding fault with the way we do things. Only he never comes to us with these supposed "issues" he tells the kitchen manager and he relays it to us.

The owner doesn't actually do any of the cooking. He creates the recipes and he used to be a banquet chef somewhere, but the point is he's been out of the kitchen for a while. Yeah, these are his recipes, but I take issue with someone who has no practical experience actually making all these recipes every day telling me I'm doing it wrong, just because I don't follow the exact outlined procedure, because oh hey, they still haven't hired another cook to help us out and the shit still has to get done somehow, so we take a few shortcuts. What the fuck difference does it make if I use the burr mixer or the robot coupe? NONE WHATSOEVER, but the burr blender is apparently his favorite toy. LOOK THAT THING MAKES MY HAND CRAMP AND IT TAKES LONGER TO BLEND THINGS.

Just gtfo and let me do my job. Go play golf or whatever it is moderately wealthy middle aged white guys do.
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I actually managed to get out of work today half an hour ahead of schedule (thankfully this makes up for me staying ten minutes past schedule on Tues and twenty minutes Wed)

The general manager is granting me more autonomy; not having to deal with him so much directly anymore, and knowing how much my resume could use the management experience, makes me think I can probably stick it out. Also liking most of the rest of the people I work with.

The power cord for my ancient laptop is dead. :((( I don't know if I should go ahead and spring for a new power cord or hold off until I can actually afford a new laptop in the fall (been eyeing the Acer Chromebook, omg waaaant and it is actually affordable, like, not all that much more than I payed for that refurbished laptop last summer). I can't write for any length longhand on account of my hand not being able to grip the pencil after a while; typing does get tedius if I spend too long at it, but not as bad as anything that requires me to grip something (such as a knife, lol my career choice).

Right now I am just trying to hang on until my lease runs out Aug 1st. Not looking forward to a shared housing situation again, but on the other hand, having disposable income is nice. The most depressing thing right now is despite how much I am working and the halfway decent paychecks I am getting, I'm just barely breaking even. Two more months. I can hang on for two more months. Fuck, I just realized my cats are due for their shots in June. ugh money ugh.

Job things

Apr. 23rd, 2013 03:08 pm
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This morning the general manager told me that I am going to "run the prep kitchen". I am kind of freaking out because HO SHIT RESPONSIBILITY, but this is clearly a step towards management and possibly a salary, so also, yay.

I also haven't had more than one day off a week in...many weeks, and last Sunday I worked over eighteen hours. I finally got off at 3:30 AM and had to come back on Monday at 9 AM, lol my career choice. But that's because we reopened after closing down for renovations, so it was a pretty hectic weekend for everyone, trying to get the place ready for business again. And before we closed for renovations, I worked ten days straight, and currently I am in the middle of a fourteen day marathon. I guess he figured he may as well make me a manager since I'm already working manager's hours?

At least we have a shiny new kitchen to play in now. Although what that really means is that, in the process of fixing the problems the old kitchen had, they gave us brand new and exciting problems to replace them with.

omfg what

Mar. 20th, 2013 04:01 pm
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This is a good omfg, jsyk.

I just became a trainer at work. THIS IS OFFICIAL, SERIOUS BUSINESS. I had to go to a "Train the Trainers" class today--and found out that for every person I train who makes it through the 90 day training/probationary period, I get a $100 bonus. AND I AM ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH MY OWN TRAINING/PROBATIONARY PERIOD. GUYS, THIS IS AWESOME. People who have been working here for four-plus years haven't been made trainers.

I was completely blindsided by this, because when I got my schedule on Monday night, it had my usual time, then for this afternoon after my shift was over it said "Training: location" added on, and I was kinda confused because I thought I had finished all the training classes I was supposed to take. I was off Tuesday so I didn't get a chance to ask about it then, but this morning the KM told me he wanted me to be a trainer, and that was what the class was about. I was all, okay, cool. Then (this is the absolute best part) right before I was finished with my shift and getting ready to go to the place the class was being held, he told me to think of something to make for the demonstration for the ROLE PLAY that was going to occur during the training. MEEP. I had to train one of the other class members on how to make one of our dishes, and then let them train me on something else (remember that I work for a huge ass management company that runs multiple restaurants and hotels in the area, so it wasn't just people from the restaurant I work in). I decided to just grab the stuff to make one of our deserts, a fancified banana pudding, because the custard and whipped cream was already made, and I would just have to assemble it (and that ended up being the most complicated demonstration, lol).

But you know what? I did okay. I was shaking a little bit but I managed to speak clearly and it wasn't even all that bad. I really, really don't know why the hell the KM is in my corner, but thank fuck he is, because if he wasn't I probably wouldn't have lasted even this long. Even the GM is starting to act kind of friendly? Most of the time I am pretty good at controlling visible signs of my anxiety, but the week before last, I was very obviously struggling to keep my shit together. But I kept my shit together and I think that maybe impressed them? That and the fact I actually know how to do my job, stupid mistake aside (and I immediately owned up to my mistake instead of trying to throw someone else under the bus). And also thank fuck the KM has also figured out that in this type of situation it's best to just throw me in the river and see if I swim, because if I had known about this a week or even a few days ago, I probably would have had another panic attack, because public speaking, even in front of just ten or twelve people, is huge HELL NO. Surprise!Public Speaking sucks, but not as bad as when I have time to let the dread build up to full force, you know?

Dare I think that this might just be the place where I break into management?
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On Saturday, the kitchen manager and one of my coworkers were in the kitchen talking, and the KM said he thought I was coming along nicely, and my coworker said she liked having me here. Then one of the pizza guys (the restaurant has a separate little area of the dining room with a wood-burning brick pizza oven) said I made the best pizza dough.

And Sunday the assistant kitchen manager was showing another new hire around, and when she introduced us she said I was a blessing. ;_________; I REALLY LIKE THIS JOB YOU GUYS. I wish it paid more, but other than that it's miles better than where I used to work. And I no longer feel any anxiety about coming to work, which it was pretty bad in the beginning. But I'm finally getting familiar with the place and the people, got several of the recipes memorized already. Also I have identified the batshit insane coworker, but it looks like he may be fired soon? The KM said he was going to have make a decision soon.

So, that's life at the moment.
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/shuffles feet, looks embarrassed

Uh. So, this thing, where I really love animals and cats especially. Um. And it's like they know that I can't turn something away that's starving and abandoned. Yeah. I didn't mean to, honest, but he just showed up at my front door! He was skinny and skittish but in no time he was letting me pet him and love on him, and I just know he used to be someone's pet but then they realized how inconvenient responsibility is. My theory is, they were too cheap to take him to the vet get neutered, he started marking his territory, and they threw him out instead of doing what they were supposed to do in the first place. Spay and neuter your cats and dogs, for the love of god.

At least the other stray cat I was feeding got adopted by a neighbor (and she was pregnant). I highly doubt I'll be able to bring him inside, although once I know he's healthy (and more importantly, neutered and hopefully less aggressive) we'll try and see if the others take to him.

NuJob isn't giving me enough hours. :/ And then they drop the bomb that in March, they're closing the restaurant for ten days to expand the dining room. And as I have not been there long enough to accrue vacation days (six months), or to qualify for partial unemployment (90 days), I'm getting screwed out of almost an entire pay period (probably a whole pay period, as anyone who'd ever had to deal with contractors knows, it always takes longer than they say it will.)

Well, just as I had decided that I am going to need a second job regardless, I got a call from one of the places I applied to last month. They want me to fill out their application on their website, as I had only done the short one on snagajob.com. So, it's not an interview or anything, but it's still a prospect, so hey. It's an in-home senior care place looking for non medical caregivers, which I have experience doing that, taking care of my grandmother when she was sick. I've been contemplating off and on the notion of volunteering with the hospice that took over her medical care when she went from chronic to terminal, but it's always easy to find excuses not to do stuff like that, unfortunately. I honestly didn't know places actually paid people to do stuff like reading to housebound seniors, cleaning their house, cooking or just keeping them company for a while. I thought it was all volunteer work.

Yeah yeah, I know, misanthropic, much? Sick, housebound old people are like animals. <<< eta, in that my withered heart feels sympathy and the urge to help them. God, that sounded terrible.
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She stuck a note on my timecard that said (paraphrasing) "We're too slow for you to be clocking in this early".

ASDFASDHFJG, If you would bring your ass in to work at 4 AM like you're supposed to, I wouldn't have to come in at 3 to do all these breakfasts we have going out at 7:30 and 8:00. And why the fuck can't you actually say this to my face when you know I am still here? I am a passagg bitch myself, but I'm not the GENERAL FUCKING MANAGER. GROW A GODDAMN SPINE FOR FUCKS SAKE.

And then, oh lol, literally just now, she called me and told me she just took an add-on for Monday morning, for 150 people, and they're getting 75 sausage biscuits and 75 ham biscuits, and 25 dozen mini muffins. And she said I need to be in early. It's okay for her to tell me how much time I need to do my work, but I am incapable of making such a decision. Motherfucker.


Normally in January, business slows down for us quite a bit. And it has been really slow, but most of our "big" jobs (25--30 people) have been breakfasts, which fall under my purview, so I haven't felt the squeeze quite as bad as some of my coworkers.

Now, ordinarily, my boss would be at work at 4 AM to let me in, and she would do her paperwork and help me out as needed. But since she gave me a key, she's been coming in at 6 (well, she's supposed to come in at 6, it can be anytime between 6 and 7, when we open the deli for breakfast). So, whatever, I don't care, I like being by myself for part of the morning. And having my own key essentially means I can set my own hours, which is great, because when my boss was letting me in, it was usually at 4:05--4:10, and those ten minutes can really put me behind if we have catering stuff going out on top of the stuff I have to do to prep the deli for breakfast.

So, yeah, because I actually got decent hours this week (36) that's a problem. This place is run so assbackwards, oh my god. We had a staff meeting a couple of months ago with all the owners and managers, and the owners all said that labor was their biggest expense.

WELL FUCKING STOP HIRING PEOPLE FUCKING IDIOTS. How does it make sense to have 6 employees, 7 counting the assistant manager, working in the deli when it would only take 4 people to run the front counter, plus the assistant manager to work the register? There is one other person who works in the kitchen who is trained to work in the deli, and she can be pulled in when it gets busy, plus the general manager. They keep hiring people from one of the local drug rehab programs, which is noble and all, but we don't need the extra labor.

Meanwhile I am certain that food costs have to be the second biggest place the company is hemorrhaging money from, with all the waste I see everyday. The GM finally decided to cut down on the amount of biscuits and muffins I put out in the deli, because almost every day for the year I have been doing the baking, we've had half of it leftover; the biscuits get thrown out, and the muffins are sold for half price the next morning, or given out as free samples, and usually most of a pot of grits gets thrown out, as well. Not to mention all the shit that the company gives away as promo, or donates. They didn't say a word about that, oh no, it's kiss the customers' ass, and don't talk on your cell phone at work, and abide by the dress code. Huh?

I took the initiative and cut down the amount of cookies I make too, and I just flat out stopped doing the mini cinnamon rolls and danishes, because we weren't selling those even when we were busy (because they were so fucking expensive! $1.75 for some little danish you can eat in three bites, or two big bites? When a brownie or lemon bar is bigger and only cost $1.25?)

And now they're raising the costs of drinks and soup. Instead of cutting back on waste, and letting go of the extraneous employees (harsh, I know, but Crazy Bitch and Xanax are two none of us would mind seeing the back of) they're running us off the clock, like we don't have bills to pay and (for most of us) kids to take care of.

Sigh. I hate to keep complaining about this job instead of just finding another one. It's just, the one other really really good, high end fine dining place around here is run by a chef who has a bad reputation for being a real asshole, and given their turnover? I don't doubt.

And given my payraise began last January, I am half afraid that when I file my income taxes this year I'm going to end up owing again, instead of being able to add that little bit of money to the "Get The Fuck Out of Here Fund". :(


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