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Jan. 17th, 2012 08:05 pm
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Mom just called me and told me they found Shadow. He was shot dead. A friend of my mom's found his body dumped on the side of the road in the next town over; the assholes who did it figured they were being clever by taking his collar off and staging it to look like he'd been hit by a car. She said when Dad saw him he started crying.

We even have suspects, although we can't prove they did it; a couple of hunters who lease the land right next ours. My SIL's brother met them one day when he was out hunting, and they asked about the dogs and seemed irritated about it. They probably shot Cody and Shadow because they were scaring away the deer.

Mom and Dad called the sheriff and he filed a report, but since we also can't prove it happened on our property, there's nothing he can do. Dad buried Shadow in the garden, and they said when my sister took Cody out to relieve himself, he went straight to Shadow's grave and wouldn't leave.

God help those bastards if they ever set one foot on our property.
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I'm at my parent's house for my sister's thirteenth birthday. Just now my dad was outside In the garden, and he saw one of her dogs bleeding from his side.

Someone shot him. And we can't find her other dog. Dad is taking him to the vet right now, and I'm watching my nephew while everyone else combs the woods looking for dog #2.

God, people fucking suck. These two dogs (a pair of labs, yellow and black) are the sweetest, most non aggressive dogs. There is the slight possibility that they were shot on accident by a deer hunter, but this happened sometime between 1:30 and 3 PM, and the best time for deer hunting is morning/evening.

ETA: dog #2 is still missing and presumed dead. They are normally inseparable; the missing dog is named Shadow because he follows Cody everywhere. Cody is incredibly lucky; the bullet ricocheted around inside him, but didn't damage any major organs. He has some cracked ribs and a partially broken hip, and had a drainage tube inserted, and is wearing a cone of shame.

more updates + graphic photos )


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