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This happened as I was editing the newest chapter of MPTP. ;___; There is one scene that is being a butthead and holding it up, and thenyesterday instead of working on that particular scene I went and wrote a thousand word sex scene ._. So now I have the scene that still needs working on and then I will probably need to go back and edit the porn and then oh god scene transitions, what are they, how do they work. I need to take a break from it, but I hope it will be finished, uh, really soon. I know I said that a month ago, terminally slow writer here, sorry.

Spiders ;___; A couple of months ago I found a brown recluse at work (and killed it) . And then I found another one on Wednesday (now also deceased). Spiders in general are bad enough; the ones that can actually fuck your shit up are ugh ugh ugh. The best part: of course I told the GM and everyone to be careful when in the basement and opening boxes and stuff--recluses like those places a lot. So when I told her about finding the second recluse, she asked me if I was sure it wasn't the same on I saw before. The same one...that I killed. I was joking with my friend about it, and I told her, goddamn, it's not bad enough we've got human motherfuckers hanging around here (it's an old building in the historic district, so of course there are several stories of it being haunted), now we've got spiders haunting us, too?
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Sanctuary is canceled. :(((((((((((



brb sobbing in the corner...Please let there be a mini series. I figure that Damien, Martin and Amanda knew there might not be a season five, so they tried to tie off as many plots as they could in the season four finale. But still. So many unresolved threads!


This post is lovely eulogy/summary of why this show is the bestest. And now go Netflix it.

*I know it's not, they just ran out of money. Doesn't make it suck less. :((((((
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Yet another pic from my old computer. This is from 2009, the first time in a while it snowed here. I took a ton of photos, but these are the ones I'm posting now :) I put mom's cat, Emma, outside to see how she'd react to snow. And this is how, lololol. She stopped dead in her tracks, turned around, shaking off her paws after each step, and started scratching at the door. This cat is so prissy, she comes in from outside to use the litterbox, and then goes back out again.

kitty )
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Welp, my laptop is almost totally dead. I've been getting blue screens a lot more frequently, so I finally broke down and ordered a refurbished laptop, which I'll use until I can get a good deal on a brand new one. As I was sorting through all my files deciding what's worth saving, I found a bunch of pictures I took when I was in culinary school. Like this one:


And also lots of kitty pictures.


Aw, smoosh face.
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This month is Oz and Toby's birthmonth; sadly I do not know the exact date. But they are seven and six years old now. ;___; Oz isn't showing many signs of aging, except for being less playful than he used to be. Tob is still the same old same old, but in the back of my mind now I'm always thinking, I have maybe five more years with them, if I'm lucky. They could well make it all the way to seventeen or eighteen, but eleven or twelve is still a good long life for a cat.


My babies ;_______;

And I cannot believe that in June I'll have had Mica for a whole year. o.O

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I found my camera, so I have a slightly better picture this time.

I flipped through one of my favorite cookbooks looking at all the chicken recipes, but I couldn't make up my mind which one to go with. So I used several at once. :D

First, I decided to spatchcock the chicken. It makes the bird cook faster and promotes even cooking, so it's less likely to dry out. Then, after rinsing and patting it dry, I rubbed it with a tablespoon of kosher salt, and let it sit in the fridge for two days. (this was from the "Salt Marinated Chicken" recipe)

Second, I made the marinade (I cherry picked ingredients from the "Brick Chicken" and the "Lebanese Grilled Chicken" recipes), which consisted of

-one cup of olive oil
-juice and zest of one lemon
-one tablespoon each of finely chopped rosemary and parsley
-four large garlic cloves, smashed
-three tablespoons of hot sauce--the "Brick Chicken" recipe called for crushed red pepper, which I was out of
-sprinkle of salt and black pepper

After the two day salt treatment, I marinated the chicken in the lemon/olive oil mixture for about four hours, then roasted it at 450°F for twenty minutes, so the skin got good and crisp, then dropped it down to 350° and let it cook for another twemty-five minutes or so.

Then I made the salad dressing--and this is my new favorite thing, I swear: caramelized onion and goat cheese dressing; it is so delicious, and a 100% Kat Original.

While the chicken was roasting, I caramelized a cup of diced onions in olive oil. While that was cooking, I made a vinaigrette with the tarragon vinegar I had left from making the Bèarnaise; I also added two teaspoons of honey for a little sweetness to balance the acidity, a tiny pinch of salt, and two ounces of goat cheese. When the onions were done, I whisked them in while they were still hot so it would melt the cheese a little, and then cooled it completely, because DNW wilted leaf lettuce.

The whole meal was so, so good--"I would serve it to company" good. "I would run this as a special if my job appreciated my skills enough to let me make specials" good. The chicken was so moist, even the breast meat, and it had good flavor throughout, not just on the skin. Salting a chicken for two days seems like a lot of effort, but it is so worth it. And the dressing was so good I didn't even put anything else on the salad, except a little extra cheese crumbled on top. It had a perfect balance of acidity and creaminess, and the honey evened everything out, but the caramelized onions are what took it from being just a good salad dressing to pure awesome.
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So, when I'm not thinking of fandom meta, I'm thinking of recipes. My roommate is finally starting to pay me back for all the bills I paid over the last three months, so I splurged and bought some ~real food~. Yeah, I have weeks where all I can afford is ramen (lime shrimp and cheddar; I swear to god I've probably consumed so much MSG at this point I should be damn near immortal).

Anyways, I made this, and took a terrible phone picture, because I remembered to buy batteries, but then I couldn't find my camera, d'oh:

Crepes with portabella mushrooms and carmalized onions, topped with Béarnaise sauce.

Food geekery ahoy )
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Terrible phone pics of the Assorted Felines, because I am all out of batteries for my camera and I keep forgetting to buy them when I am shopping.

Mica, who upon joining this family weighed a pathetic 6 pounds, 8 ounces. I have no idea how much she weighs now, but it is safe to say, more. I don't free feed; she gets exactly a half cup of food a day. If I don't watch her, she'll push the other two out of the way and steal their food. Girl has no home training.

Toby, aka Butthead, aka Will-You-Fucking-Get-Out-Of-The-Way, is practically joined at my hip. He is probably half dog. He destroyed a pair of my favorite flip flops, drinks out of the toilet, and has a kind of bark-like meow that he mostly uses when he is trying to boss me around. He is the squishiest cat-teddy bear hybrid ever.

Oz. The fluffy. Believes me to be his personal divan/sofa/bed/IDK, if I stop moving long enough he will sit on me. Loves to have his tummy rubbed.

The cat pole I dragged in from the dumpster...! These things cost around $80, therefore I am excite to have a free one. They are lined up in order of age, awe.

And also for better quality pics, see here and here, posts I made to the Livejournal comm cf_pets about Mica, when I first adopted her.
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Mica is such a pushy, chubby, adorable, playful brat. Her latest game of hijinks involves stalking Oz and Toby every time they're in the litter box. She lays in wait, and pounces on them as soon as they come out of the bathroom door. And she also, for some bizarre reason, likes to nurse my blanket. I would find these wetspots on my bed, and had no idea where they were coming from, until I caught her at it. Also she likes to try to catch the drawstrings on my pajama pants. She is such a little booger. She has enriched our lives so much in such a short time.

And it amuses me to no end that everyone I live with, everyone, even people who dislike small animals in general, end up loving at least one my cats. My roommate actually talks to them. My sister meowed at Toby when we lived together. My dad loves Oz--and he normally hates cats. He even let Oz on their bed, which normally no animals on the bed is an ironclad rule. Even my roommate's friends will tell me about funny stuff they did while I was gone.

Don't know if you can clearly see what she's doing, but yes, she is sucking on the blanket. Weirdo.


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