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Oh god where do I even begin. Most importantly; no further health issues with the fuzzbutts. Also, Awesome Roommate finished college and moved out (I knew she was only planning to be here short term but still. frownyface) to be replaced with Roommate of Undetermined Temperament and Financial Stability. She is a military chick, been to Afghanistan but is planning to get out of the army after she finishes her degree in computer science. She goes to church, and also, she has a cat, but the one time she brought him over to see how they would all mingle, everyone got on fine. I was worried about that, but after five minutes they were all totally chill.

Work: I got a raise, an entire forty cents, which is better than the twenty five cents I was expecting and certainly better than nothing. BUT BEST OF ALL. GIGANTIC STUPID ASSHOLE IS ON THE WAY OUT. HE IS FOR REAL IN THE PROCESS OF TRAINING HIS REPLACEMENT. Supposedly this is his decision (he says he is retiring--which okay, I totally buy a forty five year old retiring on a restaurant manager’s salary), but I think the company higher-ups decided he wasn’t doing a good enough job (there have been hints throughout this year that he and the kitchen manager were in danger of losing their jobs because of the restaurant not being as prosperous as the investors want. Those hints included him threatening my job and accusing me of bleeding the clock and telling me I am basically worthless and replaceable as an employee. Funny how before I turned him down cold when he said to me: “Kat, when are we going out to dinner” he was all, I wish I had more employees like you, you are a such a hard worker. lol)

So future general manager is MUCH NICER (although I have no idea how competent he is jobwise) and when I was training him (all new managers have to spend a couple days training on all the stations) we discovered we have almost the same taste in books. Honestly if I had known he was gonna be the new GM I would not have been so forthcoming about anything to do with my personal life and things I enjoy, but the official line in the beginning was that he was training here but would end up going to a different property.

I remember thinking a couple or three months ago I was going to really make a serious effort at posting more and reviving my Goodreads page. HAHA
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post of many things, i.e., in which I keep thinking of things to post about, but have no ability to actually post them so they all stew in the back of my mind.

First off--my brother ended up signing divorce papers and agreed to pay child support. I honest to god cried when I found that out, because my nephew would be 100% better off completely out of her care (actually, all of us would be 100% better off if she stepped in the path of a city bus) but my exSIL has always been able to get him to do whatever she wants eventually. My nephew still spends most of the time with my brother and my parents, anyway, but she could always decide the reason her own child doesn't love her is because we're all turning him against her and not that she's actually a shit mother, and find someone else to dump him on. Am now mostly resigned to the fact. If my brother wants to support her Victoria's Secret and nail salon habit, be my guest, because I am dead certain that's what she'll spend the extra money on, not bills or groceries.

Next--I really hate it when I'm reading book reviews trying to decide if something is worth my time and money, and the reviewer gives it a bad review because it has too many tropes in it.

What does that even mean? Everything has tropes. Tropes are like, the foundation of fiction, ffs. I suspect that what this really means is the book contained tropes that they don't like, but lesson learned, I have now learned to stay the fuck away from Goodreads and stick with actual book blogs.

This is worse when I'm looking through reviews of books I've read and liked in order to find new people to talk about books with, because then I have to flip the Do Not Engage switch, because it's almost never worth it.

On that note, if you preface a review with "I just couldn't get behind a gay lead, didn't understand the appeal or potential of this character. I didn't get it, without even trying it." expect someone to call you on your homophobia in the comments. Just fyi. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that this person was not me, because I wouldn't have given up after just one comment. (I still kind of want to comment on this, especially since the OP responded with the now-classic "I'm not homophobic, some of my best friends are gay!" but since the OP actually gave the book a decent review, it really wouldn't be worth it. I'm too tired and jaded to go around starting flame wars.)

I spilled pureed onions on my shirt, and beer on my shoes, and now I smell lovely.

I am starting to really hate the people I work for. There is one job that I have applied for three times this year and omg please I want to bake all the bread! This is the only bakery position I can think of that doesn't also require me to decorate cakes, which I have absolutely no patience for. Cakes are for eating not looking at, and frosting roses are overrated, and fondant is nasty. Boo hiss.

I ordered a charger for my laptop, it should arrive today and I can start writing on my laptop again!

My roommate is even more antisocial than me. I at least will spend some time in the living room, and make some effort at conversation, but, okay, I can respect her privacy. (She even keeps her soap and toothbrush in her bedroom. I wonder if she does that because she doesn't trust me, or if she thinks that she can't keep them in there because I was living here first and she feels like an interloper or a guest or something. idk. How do I even start that conversation???)

I've probably forgotten a lot, but I'm hungry and I need to finish editing the next chapter of the AU I swore I would never write.

not dead,

Sep. 19th, 2013 03:12 pm
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still broke, but Roommate is moving in tomorrow. Also I'm looking for a second job, because my hours are already starting to be cut, dammit. My phone is out of minutes and I keep thinking that now is when someone will finally decide to call me for an interview, that is just my luck.


And then when I do find time to scribble something down and type it up in the library, it's (technically, but not really) Doctor Who fic, what? Blame it on the interspecies married lesbian couple. I have occasionally joked about a DW/LHM crossover, and my fevered imagination has come up with a semiplausable setup for it, oh my god all these terrible things that I love. I was ready to quit Doctor Who because my frustration with it had reached critical mass, but then interspecies married lesbian couple, did you get that? They are my new favorite thing, and even while I revel in the few episodes they're in, and wish fervently for them to get their own spinoff, I secretly fear that they will get their own spinoff, because Steven Moffat :/
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AND THEY LISTEN TO THE TV ABSURDLY LOUD. Regarding this, I asked once, politely, for them to turn it down. We'll see how long this lasts before I have to file a noise complaint. :(

And my tv broke, so I can't even watch all my DVDs. :(

And I still haven't found a roommate yet. :(

And I'm broke. :(

It cans be good luck tiem plz? :(
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Today is moving day; the person I was originally going to get a place with backed out because her finances weren't up to par. Hell, I'm just grateful she realized this before she actually signed the lease, unlike a former roommate. I do have a lead on another pair of roommates, who are engaged. I would normally shy away from them because of the potential for drama, but damn, it is slim pickings right now. Eh.

So, I'm currently in a top floor apartment (in a two story building). The apartment I'm moving into is on the ground floor. I am less than enthusiastic, because of me being such a light sleeper, it really does not take much to wake me up. But, on the other hand, stairs are a bitch. Well. As it happens, even though this is a three story building, from the parking lot, it looks like two stories. Yes, that is correct, I have to go down yet more stairs to get my apartment. The way it's set up is weird. It's like the parking lot is built on a hill right next the building, and there are actually little bridges connecting the parking lot to the buildings. Weird. But the apartment is cute and, imo, more spacious than the slightly larger, different style apartment that I originally looked at. I guess I'll just have to continue taking ibuprofen like it's candy (my knees, oh god. Is this getting older or did I actually fuck something up? No idea.)

In Gigantic Stupid Asshole news (that would be the general manager of my job) he's barely been in since last week. We all figured he was on vacation or something. Oh, but! On Sunday I was at the bar getting some beer for a recipe, when an on-duty deputy sheriff showed up and asked me where he is. All I could tell him was that GSA hasn't been at work all week. (lol and now we know why) It was only a subpoena, but the court date was for the next day, so I guess depending on if it was a civil or criminal case, maybe the case was decided without him, maybe court date was rescheduled, maybe the judge issued a warrant. He's still been a no-show this week. MAYBE HE WILL HAVE TO FLEE THE COUNTRY. LET ME HAVE MY DELUSIONS, OKAY.
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Uh, warnings for general darkness and uh, cussing? Don't ask. idk, guys, idek )
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I actually managed to get out of work today half an hour ahead of schedule (thankfully this makes up for me staying ten minutes past schedule on Tues and twenty minutes Wed)

The general manager is granting me more autonomy; not having to deal with him so much directly anymore, and knowing how much my resume could use the management experience, makes me think I can probably stick it out. Also liking most of the rest of the people I work with.

The power cord for my ancient laptop is dead. :((( I don't know if I should go ahead and spring for a new power cord or hold off until I can actually afford a new laptop in the fall (been eyeing the Acer Chromebook, omg waaaant and it is actually affordable, like, not all that much more than I payed for that refurbished laptop last summer). I can't write for any length longhand on account of my hand not being able to grip the pencil after a while; typing does get tedius if I spend too long at it, but not as bad as anything that requires me to grip something (such as a knife, lol my career choice).

Right now I am just trying to hang on until my lease runs out Aug 1st. Not looking forward to a shared housing situation again, but on the other hand, having disposable income is nice. The most depressing thing right now is despite how much I am working and the halfway decent paychecks I am getting, I'm just barely breaking even. Two more months. I can hang on for two more months. Fuck, I just realized my cats are due for their shots in June. ugh money ugh.
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V: How about I just ran outside to pet this mans iguana! It is so friggin big.

Me: Please tell me that was not a dick euphemism.

...Yes, I have a few real life friends, try not to die of shock.
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STUPID CATS. Stray boy cat disappeared the day after I made that post. :( I hope someone else took him in; I spent the next couple of days after he disappeared fearfully checking the side of the road. I hate it when I see cats hit by cars. :( (I know my fate; agoraphobia, cats taking over apt, dying alone.)

Work has since picked up, and I no longer worry about needing a second job. Amazingly enough the busier we've been the more I've been able to write; unfortunately what I'm writing are two completely new things and not finishing any of the stuff I have in-progress. Such is life. (I can tell I've been on a writing kick because I keep fighting the urge to hit ctrl+s after every other sentence or so. Self, DW is not the same as MS Word.)


Feb. 8th, 2013 04:05 pm
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I never before appreciated how all of my former employers had very little to do with onions.

OMG onions.

We use a lot of onions at new job. My mucus membranes ;__; No seriously even my throat was hurting. Wouldn't be so bad if we had ventilation in the prep area, jesus.

Other than that, um. It's just a matter of learning their recipes. Coworkers are all nice and best of all, not the kind of people who have to be talking all the time. This completely works for me. I am still kind of waiting to see who is gonna end up being the batshit crazy person (there's one in every job) but I can say for sure it isn't my boss, thank fuck. If that guy was any more chilled out he'd be dead.
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I got a toaster oven, awwwww. One of the big ones that you can cook actual food in and not just toast. :) This means in the summer when it's already hot as hell, I don't have to heat up my entire apartment just to cook one little thing.

Cool story (this seriously just happened): Woman in the library asks me if I have a cell phone. I tell her no because wtf, I'm not letting some random person use my phone, even if it is a cheap piece of crap; it's the only phone I have and you can go to the front desk and ask to use their phone, okay. Five minutes later my mom calls me and ofc I forgot to put it on silent.

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I have nice eyebrows? A lady complemented me on them yesterday. Random but I'll take what I can get, lol.

I've been sick off and on for over a month now and really, why is it always the busiest time of the year when my immune system betrays me :(

EPIC WORK DRAMA the so-called chef is fired woooooooooo. His drama queen stupid lazy shit starting wife is still apparently working here so booooooooooo but at least I don't have to deal with her very much so whatever.

COOL STORY; My apartment had the electrical outlets upgraded last week, and the next day, I got home from work and the only things in the kitchen that were working were the stove and the microwave. No lights or anything else. I flipped the breakers and the lights didn't come back on, so I called maintenance. And I told them I already tried flipping the breakers. They sent a guy up, and he had absolutely no equipment with him. He went straight to the breaker box, flipped the breakers, and muttered a puzzled "huh" when the lights failed to turn on.

YEAH, NO SHIT, I didn't do something stupid like plug in fifty appliances that caused the breaker to trip, your electrician bros fucked up the wiring in my kitchen, jackass.

I burned myself four times since last week, twice in the same place. Today it was hot bacon grease, and I can see the drizzle patterns it made on my arm. (I don't know if I ever said but besides doing all the baked goods that we sell out front in the deli, I also handle all of the breakfast catering orders, so. I cook a lot of bacon lol. Also ended up coming in at 3 or 3:30 every day last week, will continue to do so this week. Next week will be absolutely dead as far as catering goes, and I will be very thankful to return to my regularly scheduled job.)
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I'm going through my tags trying to wrangle them into some semblence of order, and I found an old post about a dream I had.

I dreamed that I was getting married to a woman. I was discussing our plans with someone (don't know who they were, one of those weird dream things) and my dad suddenly came up to us. I leaned over to the person I was talking to and said, "shhh, don't say a word about the wedding, he doesn't know." But then my dad said, "I want you to know that I overheard every word of your conversation with M (one of my sisters)." A pause, in which I felt the blood drain from my face. "It was interesting," he said, and then he walked off. And then, in the way of dreams, I was suddenly at work, thinking, I'm not a lesbian! Why am I marrying a woman?! Why am I marrying anyone?!"

This was at a time when I had (what I now realise was) a huge crush on a female coworker and also was still under the delusion that I was straight, facepalming my younger self forever.


Nov. 6th, 2012 11:35 am
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Hi and hello. I kind of fail at being anything like a regular journaler even when I have a reliable internet connection. I've had this DW for almost a year and I've barely done anything with it ;___; But I do my best to keep up with friends! It's just making new ones over here that I fail at.

So, stuff I didn't write down in my post on the meme:

I'm a lesbian, was raised in a Southern Baptist household and I have the emotional scars to prove it. I am not a believer anymore, but I'm willing to admit that I can't know everything, so I still identify as agnostic.

I write (slowly); I have in the past posted snippets of original writing (in locked posts obv) and when I actually, finally finish something I will definitely share it with everyone.

I am terribly, terribly social phobic, and have an assortment of other anxieties as well, but as of right now I'm more or less on an even keel (I try not to make too many emo posts about my headspace, but sometimes I feel like I have to. Sorry.)

You might have figured out by now I have cats. :) Here, have some links to old posts since I haven't gone on Photobucket in far too long ugh ugh.

As far as cooking and baking goes, I've worked in the food service industry for basically all of my adult life, everything from fast food to fine dining, and I am currently a professional baker at a catering company. I do have a bit of culinary school as well (although to be honest I learned far more on the job than I ever did in a classroom). Even if I don't actually make all that many food posts these days, feel free to ask me for advice or recipes; I can seriously talk about cooking all day.
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if I weren't so damn obsequious and loathing of drama:

-We have a garbage disposal for a reason, that reason being so the leftovers you kept in the fridge for a month don't stink up the house sitting in the fucking garbage can.

-Wash your damn feet. You are a grown ass woman, why are there dirty foot prints all over the bathroom floor after you take a shower?!?

-Don't leave your bootleg porn DVDs in my DVD player.

-It's great that you love my cats, but knock it off with the bringing people over just to show them my cats. Although that one woman who exclaimed ''look at the golden one!'' when she saw Oz did amuse me somewhat.

-Don't leave your used douche sitting on the bathroom counter.

-Please stop with the cooking dinner in the middle of the night on the weekends when you get home from the club. That's what Taco Bell and Waffle House are for.

-Stop using the toilet paper to take off your makeup. Buy some damn cotton balls.

...And this is the best housemate I've ever had. Christ.
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There was a film of pollen on my car this morning. Ugh.

A week in to being the baker has been hectic. The first couple of days were easy, but then things picked up on the catering end. I have one more week of training and then I'll be left to my own devices. I even have my own key! ;_; People who have been working there for over ten years don't have a key! The GM says she knows she can trust me, and fuck yeah, I'm not gonna screw this up by stealing, especially since that was the reason the last two bakers were fired.

I ended up watching my nephew today. I feel conflicted. He is fucking cute, okay, not cuter than a kitten, but cute. But he drools and snots and is also gross. He can't help it, he's fuckin' eight months old. But I can't help being grossed out.

But on the other hand, I also get to hang out with my mom's and sister's cats! Mom's cat Emma is Toby's half sister, and it's crazy how similar they act, even though they aren't from the same litter.
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If this post had a title, it would be, in which I think of a kink meme prompt, and after posting it, start writing it in my head.

And seriously words are starting to come out. I feel a little better re: anxiety. Still not at maintenance level, which is probably 75--85 percent. But better than I was. If I'm writing again, that's definitely a good sign.

But this prompt, oh my god seriously why did I think of this, why am I writing it, knowing that I can't write anything short, ever.

In light of this, and because of the way I write stories, I downloaded ywriter on my laptop; I had it on my old desktop, but I never really used it because MS Word is a hard habit to break, idk.

Watched some figure skating, And holy fuck why are any major international events held in Colorado where the altitude is difficult to acclimate to. One of the skaters needed an oxygen tank after his short program. Jesus.
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PIRATES: 1,000,000


I am downloading Johnny's commentary for US Nationals right the fuck now, ahahaha.
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I got a free stuff. Yay for me.

Or rather, yay for the cats. I've been wanting to get one of these, but when I priced them they were eighty dollars and I am all lol no. I don't spend that kind of money on myself, sorry kitties. So when I was taking out the trash and saw it parked next to the dumpster, I lugged it to my apartment, vacuumed it and treated with some flea killer, just in case. Definitely do not want to deal with that again. So that's the highlight of my weekend.


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