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Saw this on a church's sign board:

"Prophecy class cancelled due to unforseen circumstances."



I get the irony, prophecy, unforseen, haha--but why is a church saying this?  Think about it for a minute...

This is also the same church that had a sign that said "We have a great prophet sharing plan.  Details inside."  I'm still stumped as to what the hell they meant by that one.
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About the Born Agains.  And the only reason I even remembered was because (long convoluted story) my ovaries decided to go into overdrive and remind me, hey, you are a fully functional female, so I developed a crush on a new guy at work.  His name is Desmond but he goes by Dez.  <3  Dez!  But as I was not stalking him in a creepy way, at all, I discovered he's married.  Great.  But on top of that he came to work yesterday wearing a hat that said "Jesus.  Don't leave earth without Him."  Even more great.  Not only do I crush on married men, I crush on married Jesus freaks.  Is it just me or do they seem to get married very young?  There's my boss who's 22, Dez, who can't be any older than that, my cousin, (the one I did all the food for her wedding) who is 18, and several people I have been in classes with over the years, not to mention that I went to church with, back in the day. 

Which brings me to this point; I can't accept that we are inherently bad and do not deserve God's love.  We are evil!  There's no difference in me than in a murderer on death row, even though, you know, I have never actually killed anyone.  I've been really angry at someone, angry enough to maybe hurt them, but I don't think I have ever in my life actually wanted to kill someone.  Not even TDC.  Hell, even the pastors claim to be dirty filthy worthless pieces of trash.  Why is that?  Because Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge?  Okay here's a couple of questions: if the tree of knowledge was so terrible then why did God make it in the first place?  If God is omnipotent then why did he let Satan tempt Eve?  I know what the Born Agains would say--because he gave us Free Will.  It was Eve's choice to eat the fruit.  Yeah, but according to them Eve was a total innocent.  She had no what we would call "life experience", no reason to not trust Satan.  She didn't know who he was.  She didn't know why God told her to not eat the fruit.  How could she have understood the concept of death, if nothing had ever died before (according to my former pastor all animals were herbivores and immortal). Now, if I had a child, and I saw a man approach her and try to give her drugs, would I just stand back and say, well I told her not to do drugs, it's her choice to be good and refuse or be bad and take them?  HELL NO!  A child is not capable at all of really understanding just how bad drugs are, and if this nice man is telling her how fun they are, then what is she supposed to think and do?  So what the hell was God, the merciful everloving Father, doing letting Satan lead Eve into temptation?  Who, again, according to my pastor, was childlike in her innocence?  It flies in the face of reason.  You are supposed to protect your children from predators, not tell them one simple thing, "Do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowedge of Good and Evil", and not explain any more than that, and leave them vulnerable! 

And another thing--they like to harp about how God gave us Free Will, to be able to choose to be good or evil.  But it seems to me that once we exert our Free Will and choose to be Christians, we're supposed to give it up and let God take over our lives.  I'll never forget one thing I read in a devotional book; where a youth pastor was counseling one of the members of her group, and she asked the girl if she had been reading her Bible and talking to God lately, and the girl confessed she hadn't.  Well that was the problem!  She wasn't getting her directions from God anymore!  Because we puny humans are not able, at all, to make decisions for ourselves.  And what pisses me off even more about this scenario is that Born Agains use this metaphore of God as the Loving Father taking care of his children. Because children are willful and need direction.  So, what about Eve?  Huh?  Where was God then?  Didn't she need direction then, more than ever?  And in any case, as all good parents know, you can't take care of your children forever; you have to let them start making their own decisions and learning from then.  They grow up, and the best you can do is hope you didn't screw them up too bad and they become successful, happy adults.

Obviously I don't believe in any of that anymore.  It was far more likely that Adam and Eve represented a typical couple of their time, and the story was created to try and explain away all the Bad in the world.  And again, it gave the patriarchal Israelites a reason to subjegate their women; after all it was "their" fault mankind fell from grace. 
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Apparently a ban on gay marriage was passed in California 2 days ago.  The reason being that the ban's supporters managed to turn the campaign from being about basic civil rights to some lunatic mush about children being indoctrinated to accept gay marriage against their parents' wishes.  Meanwhile a portion of the population is being denied their civil rights.

If they really want to create more bigots they can always homeschool their kids.  Hell, they aren't up in arms anymore about evolution being taught in schools; while they're at it why don't they try and pass a ban on that, too?  Aren't science teachers "indoctrinating" their children to believe in evolution instead of creation? 

As far as marriage goes, while it's not something I want for myself, I don't see why it should bug anybody if someone else wants to, be they an opposite sex or same sex couple.

One thing that struck a chord in me, and made me pissed off and feel the need to rant about it, is what a woman said; "The people of California stood up for traditional marriage and reclaimed this great institution."

Great institution?

As far as I can figure, marriage was invented for one reason: to control women.  It was not about falling in love and wanting to be with someone forever.  Back in the day a husband was well within his rights to murder his wife for the slightest percieved insult.   Even as recently as 150 years ago, a woman was essentially the property of her husband; all her assets and property became his as soon as she said I Do.  So while I do not pass judgement on married friends or people who want to be married, and I know that marriage's meaning has evolved through the millenia, I really do not see how it is a "great institution".
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Technically I am a born again, as I was saved and baptized when I was sixteen.  Actually I was saved and baptized when I was eight, too.  Most people only do it once, but religion seriously fucked with my mind and I was so afraid that I wasn't really born again (although why I would think that, I have no idea; I really don't) that I did it twice, just to make sure, and even sort of did it a third time.  Although in that case I just went forward during the invitation at church and told one of the deacons that I was afraid I wasn't really born again, and he assured me I was.  Since then I have reformed my thoughts on church and religion.  But being in The Bible Belt makes it hard to make friends sometimes.  Because I may meet someone and he or she seems nice and we get along great for a few days or weeks, but then they always bring up that question...what church do I go to?  Or they invite me to theirs, and I hate it when that happens, because it's hard to explain that I believe in a higher power, I just don't think God wants to be my best friend like my former pastor used to tell me, without making it sound condescending.  And I really don't look down on anyone who believes in that brand of Christianity.  Or who seriously follows any religion. 

Remember the woman who interviewed me for my current job, and how it seemed like we could really get along?  Yep.  Born again.  And married, too.  I am now older than her, and she's married.  So that kind of strangled the potential friendship.  I can have married friends who are older than me, but I cannot understand how anyone my age or younger can possibly be ready for something as huge as marriage. 

Which brings me to this little tirade.  How is it possible in an industrialized, Western nation, that women still believe that they have to obey their husbands, just because he is their husband?  Sure they say that their husbands are supposed to respect them in return, but to me that is just not a fair trade off. 

I don't have time right now to go into this more in detail.  More to come on this later.


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