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So, I know that I've been so far pleased with my new roommate. We seem to get along, she pays her share of the bills and rent on time, she doesn't bother me. When she was first thinking about moving in, I told her I would prefer she didn't have her friends over all the time. I told her it makes me uncomfortable to have strangers in my home, but that it's okay to people over occassionally, as long as she lets me know ahead of time. (This is an anxiety thing, btw). And she said that was fine, that she actually felt the same way. Guess the honeymoon's over.

I went to bed kinda early and curled up with a book. Around ten I realized I hadn't fed the cats yet. So I went downstairs, and lo and behold, there she sits on the sofa, snuggling with a guy I have never met. I had just crawled out of bed, my hair was tangled, I was in my PJs, and I wasn't wearing a bra, and I'm confronted with a strange man in my living room.

OH MY GOD I HEAR THEM HAVING SEX. Fucking hell, way to respect my boundaries, roomie.
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Finally, I am done with the EX-roommates.

What a relief. I'm going to keep her number, just in case more of their mail comes here, because I'm not that much of a bitch that I'd just throw it away or mark it "return to sender". But, all the money they owe me is in my bank account. And all my bills are current. So I can't complain other than the fact that we're getting a metric fuck-ton of rain. Considering it could have been more snow and ice, I'm willing to get over it.
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She only gave me part of the money. Supposedly she will give me the rest Friday. I had to ask my current, awesome roommate to make up the difference, since all my extra money this month went towards rent. This bitch can't even pay the money she owes me even after I agreed to pay an extra hundred dollars of my share! Ugh.

Well. At least we're finally CURRENT on out rent. For the first time since we signed the lease.

And here's the pic of Toby I was going to post the other day, before the internet connection went all wonky:

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EX-roommate is coming over this afternoon to fork over the cash. Also they are finally picking up the hammock which has been sitting on our patio all this time, which apparently is the only item of furniture her dipshit boyfriend owns.

Please god let her have already done the change of address form at the post office. I want to delete her number from my phone and DELETE HER FROM MY LIFE, because really there is so much I never got around to posting about these two.

For now I'll leave you with these fun facts: when they were living here, their room reeked. The stench of unwashed socks, underwear, sweaty t-shirts (her boyfriend worked construction) coupled with the perfume of food trash would permeate the entire top floor if they left their bedroom door open.

And, well, to get kinda nasty, but his shit stank. It was not a normal shit smell, which I can put up with, because hey, we all do it. This was like something literally had crawled up his ass and died. This was something is wrong with you, you need to see a doctor. And he never turned on the fan and always left the door wide open after he was finished. I COULD SMELL IT IN MY ROOM EVEN THOUGH MY BEDROOM DOOR WAS CLOSED.

He would leave his work gear piled underneath the bar in the dining area. He was on fucking food stamps and never bought groceries, either. They always ate out, as evidenced by all the takeout boxes and fast food wrappers that littered their bedroom.

The one positive thing I can say is, they pretty much always did their own dishes. But all other cleaning--vacuuming, sweeping/mopping, scrubbing the toilets, the bathtub, etc., if I didn't do it it didn't get done. And they never bought soap, or toilet paper. One time they DID buy TP, and they kept it in their room! Like I was some sort of thief! And when it got close to running out, did they provide a new roll so no one ever got stranded? And they were the ones who used the most of it, anyway! I swear sometimes I thought they were eating the fucking shit, because how do three people who aren't even at home most of the day use that much toilet paper? If I was home by myself for a whole weekend I wouldn't even use half a roll, but let them be at home all weekend while I was out of town or something? They'd go through a whole roll! Sure toilet paper is cheap, but it's the principle of the goddamn thing. It was either wait until we actually run out, or just go ahead and buy it because duh.

Oh yeah, and she would use my tampons/maxis and not replace them! That's worse than the toilet paper thing, because that shit gets expensive, unless you don't care about having stained underwear and sheets and washing them every morning because the cheap stuff leaks.

God. I'll probably think of some more shit they did that pissed me off later.


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