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This happened as I was editing the newest chapter of MPTP. ;___; There is one scene that is being a butthead and holding it up, and thenyesterday instead of working on that particular scene I went and wrote a thousand word sex scene ._. So now I have the scene that still needs working on and then I will probably need to go back and edit the porn and then oh god scene transitions, what are they, how do they work. I need to take a break from it, but I hope it will be finished, uh, really soon. I know I said that a month ago, terminally slow writer here, sorry.

Spiders ;___; A couple of months ago I found a brown recluse at work (and killed it) . And then I found another one on Wednesday (now also deceased). Spiders in general are bad enough; the ones that can actually fuck your shit up are ugh ugh ugh. The best part: of course I told the GM and everyone to be careful when in the basement and opening boxes and stuff--recluses like those places a lot. So when I told her about finding the second recluse, she asked me if I was sure it wasn't the same on I saw before. The same one...that I killed. I was joking with my friend about it, and I told her, goddamn, it's not bad enough we've got human motherfuckers hanging around here (it's an old building in the historic district, so of course there are several stories of it being haunted), now we've got spiders haunting us, too?
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Fucking spiders I hate them. There was one on the ceiling of the stairwell. Raid + shoe. As it was dropping down from the ceiling in its death throws, I saw it was a black widow. ugh ugh ugh

Wonderful way to start the morning.

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