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Today's been nice. I went with my family to church (well, it is Easter, after all), and afterward we went on a picnic at the park instead of having a huge dinner. Then we went to the cemetary and put flowers on Nana and Pop's grave (I noticed that they just recently built a senior activity center just across and down the street from the cemetary--nice touch, that).

Now we're just taking it easy. I decided that since the weather's warmed up again, I'd go outside and take some pictures. Bear in mind that they're not going to be very good quality because I only have my little Nokia to photograph things, but I want to share. It's been beautiful lately.

Right over here )

More to come later, probably. One day I'll corner Luke and get a picture of him, but he's camera shy and won't hold still long enough for me to get a decent shot.
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Sorry to any of my friends who are still stuck in winter. My luck for living in the temperate zone, eh? I can tell it's spring because:

1.) I have shaved my legs for the first time in months
2.) I have shopped at a yard sale
3.) It's warm!!! Well, duh, Kathryn, besides the obvious %)

I can't help it; we've had gorgeous sunny warm weather for three days in a row, and it's made me giddy. Of course, we may still get one or two more cold spells, but let's overlook that for the time being.


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