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Life: On the plus side I have found a roommate, on the down side we still have to find someplace to move into. The only place I have found that is not a shitheap and also within our budget is in a different part of town than I prefer to stay in (i.e. it is not close to the library, priorities I have them). There is a house for rent on the same block as the library, but is a 4 bedroom split level ugly monstrosity and I would have to find another two people to share it with and ugh. Also stairs, I am over them.

Honestly looking at prices and pet deposits and pet rent, the apartments I'm staying in right now are still the best deal for this part of town. Even though they raised their rent this year, it isn't so much more and considering they still don't charge pet rent? IDK, after this afternoon's fruitless searching I'm going to stop in the office and see if they have a two bedroom available.
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What's worse, spiders or roaches? :/ My old place had lots and lots of spiders. Really scary looking ones, and on one notable occasion I even found a black widow. But the new place has roaches. Horrible disease vectors of nastiness. :(

But other than that I like it. It's very small, (Who the hell designed a kitchen with only two drawers. TWO.) but it's all my very own. I still have my books and bookshelves to bring over, and then I will be all settled.

Work; I hate this job more and more every day. There are few things worse than working for a micromanaging boss who is not as smart as she thinks she is, and is very good at finding ways to blame her fuckups on everyone else. This wasn't something that directly effected me when I was a lowly prep cook with 0 responsibility.

Also my smart phone has died its final death. No more internets at home for me--I got a cheap little flip phone with supposed internet capability. I can check my email and use the search engine, but anything big like Livejournal and Twitter is just too much for it. :( A new smart phone is not in the budget right now. A new anything is really not in the budget right now. Hopefully a few more months of being smart with my money will gain me some breathing room; moving really knocked out what money I'd saved. Again. The money I got back from Usedlaptops.com has been a lifesaver--I was very polite with them and I did get a full refund + the shipping fees back, it just took a while for the transaction to process.


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