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Well, it's not April in the South until we have one last cold snap. Does it matter that the temp was in the 80s last week? Hell no.

I had enough energy to go to the store and buy juice and cheese and mushrooms so I could make an omelate, and use use up the spinach I bought last week before it spoils. I wanted to buy gruyere, but the store didn't have any :( so I decided to try smoked swiss, and it's actually pretty awesome :) The smoky flavor really reminds me of bacon (steak, I can give up no problem. But bacon, ham, sausage? want always) so now I know to try more smoked cheeses. I bet a broiled portabella sandwich with smoked cheddar would be be a good stand in for a bacon cheeseburger. Something to try, anyway.

And then I crashed, couldn't even do the dishes after. Funny thing is, I don't even have a fever. Immune system, what gives?
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Augh, why am I sick again with the exact same symptoms I had a few weeks ago? At least now I have perfectly valid reason to not go to church for Easter. The last time my mom invited me to this new church they've been going to, I didn't really snap at her, but I did say no very emphatically. And let's just say I would never have taken that tone with her when I was a kid. But dammit, I am not a kid and I don't have to let them guilt me into going to church anymore.

I have a gut feeling that before the year is over, they will know all of my secrets. Lately I've been feeling less and less like hiding and crying when they say something homophobic and more like confronting them over it. We shall see.

(Part of me is still thinking they have to know or at least suspect, but my sister says they don't, and she was surprised when I came out. lol, I am 26 and never had a boyfriend, and have aways been a huge tomboy, why can they not put 2 and 2 together???)
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One way or another I am going to work tomorrow, so help me. I promise not to get my pathogen-riddled spit & snot all over the cupcakes and to wear my foodservice gloves like a good little wageslave.

Extremely excessive amounts of green tea with honey and orange juice have helped me to feel somewhat more like an alive person; also ibuprofen, the liquid capsules, thank fuck for those. They completely banished the headache and body aches, so I actually managed to sniffle my way through writing a little bit this weekend. I made a token attempt at practicing making frosting roses; the technique is stupidly easy, as it happens, but I didn't get far with that before I decided it wasn't fucking worth it and went back to bed. Also I don't really have the right tip for it anyway, so.

I pathetically asked my mom to make me chicken & dumplings, and she did and even brought it to my house, even though I offered to drive out to get it. Chicken & dumplings >>>>>>>>>>>chicken noodle, just sayin'.
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Oh fuck fuck fuck, it's the fucking flu. Feel like I've been punched in the gut. :(((((((
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You know you have a fucking hellacious cold when you need to make mini tampons out of tissues to plug up your nose.

And they start leaking in less than five minutes. motherfucker.
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Yay for being sick again. I've come down with another stomach virus, as have my grandmother and aunt. If this is going to keep happening then my parents can expect me to visit a lot less, until those kids get out of daycare. I can't keep missing work like this.

OTOH, this means the uncle I hate will likely also get sick, and this gives me a good excuse not to interact with him. Although maybe I should try to be sociable, that way I can contrive a way to puke on him.
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I've been thinking a lot about my health lately. I know a lot of terrible diseases run in my family, both sides, heart disease, diabetes and cancer being the top three. I've already made very significant changes in my diet, such as cutting waaaay down on how much sugar I consume by drinking less soda (can't entirely kick the habit, unfortunately), and drinking unsweetened tea. I tried the artificial sweeteners, but they all taste awful, even stevia. So most of what I drink now is either tea or water. I also gave up white flour, even for baking. Most cookie and brownie recipes I have work fine with whole wheat, and there honestly isn't a discernible difference. Also nixed are white rice and basically all canned, prepackaged or "convenience" foods. After eating this way for the last three or so years, I really do prefer the taste and texture of whole grain foods.

I've been thinking about becoming a vegetarian off and on the last few years. The way animals for meat are raised is sickening, as well as damaging to the environment. But I really do enjoy eating meat, so I think an acceptable compromise is drastically limiting my intake, and making sure when I do buy it, the animal was raised cruelty-free. I'm also going to restrict my dairy and egg intake as well, but fish and shellfish are still on. ;)
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Full dose of medication is effective (thank god).  It also appears to knock me out cold--better than Benedryl.  x.x

Boss is still an asshat--but when is that not the case?
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I always thought restless leg syndrome sounded like a bullshit disease.  I mean really, restless legs as an illness

But then I could not sleep for the last two nights because of sharp, stinging sensations on my feet and legs, and involuntary leg jerks.  The night before last I finally drifted off, and then woke up suddenly with a feeling like fireants were biting the top of my right foot.  Naturally I called my mom and was telling her about it and she said, "Oh, you've got the restless leg, too."

I was like, "Too?" and she told me that she and my aunt have it. 

Figures I would get the bullshit disease.  There's an over the counter drug for it, and I tried it last night, but to no avail.  I used the lowest dose so that may have been it.  At least last night was more of a tingly sensation rather than outright painful, but my feet still jerked.  

Gah.  And on top of it our new general manager is an absolute ass.  He has told us he wants us to stop using profanity because it is "unprofessional".  Unprofessional, what the fuck?  How many restaurants has this guy worked in, jesus?  Being able to cuss creatively and fluently is practically a job requirement.

What really pisses me off is he spoke to one of the other cooks, and told him that if he stopped swearing, I would stop swearing.  Because, apparently, I need him to set an example for me. 

Set a fucking example?  I am grown, for god's sake, I don't need a motherfucking example of how I am supposed to speak.  And why exactly didn't the manager speak to me about my language?  At any rate, I have had this mouth for a long damned time--starting when I was five or so and said (in front of my parents and grandparents), "What the hell is that dog barking at?"  And on to two instances in high school when my mom found a notes I'd written to friends in the pocket of my jeans.  I was cussin' long before I came to this place, alright? 

If he even did his job worth half a damn it wouldn't be so bad.  I thought our old manager was bad about "the customer is always right", this guy is really old school about it.  If you come to the restaurant thirty minutes before we open, why, go right ahead and order lunch at ten-thirty!  Fucking idiot!!!  Who eats lunch at ten-thirty, anyway?!


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