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Augh, why am I sick again with the exact same symptoms I had a few weeks ago? At least now I have perfectly valid reason to not go to church for Easter. The last time my mom invited me to this new church they've been going to, I didn't really snap at her, but I did say no very emphatically. And let's just say I would never have taken that tone with her when I was a kid. But dammit, I am not a kid and I don't have to let them guilt me into going to church anymore.

I have a gut feeling that before the year is over, they will know all of my secrets. Lately I've been feeling less and less like hiding and crying when they say something homophobic and more like confronting them over it. We shall see.

(Part of me is still thinking they have to know or at least suspect, but my sister says they don't, and she was surprised when I came out. lol, I am 26 and never had a boyfriend, and have aways been a huge tomboy, why can they not put 2 and 2 together???)

[identity profile] dearnana.livejournal.com 2012-04-06 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
I am sure they have a vague idea and may just be being respectful and letting you wait till you are ready. I hear it is a GREAT relief to just go for it!

Your parents love you.

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idk--my sister said that she and our parents have talked about me, and that they're worried about me being lonely and never getting married or whatever. They are beyond super conservative and religious, and I know they believe people choose their sexuality.

I am relatively sure that while they'll take it badly, to put it mildly, they won't have a drastic reaction and disown me or anything. I just know that it will be probably be a long time before they're able to accept it. And in the meantime things will be awkward and weird.