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the nice misanthrope ([personal profile] kat_nic) wrote2009-10-29 06:04 pm

happenings in my world

I always thought restless leg syndrome sounded like a bullshit disease.  I mean really, restless legs as an illness

But then I could not sleep for the last two nights because of sharp, stinging sensations on my feet and legs, and involuntary leg jerks.  The night before last I finally drifted off, and then woke up suddenly with a feeling like fireants were biting the top of my right foot.  Naturally I called my mom and was telling her about it and she said, "Oh, you've got the restless leg, too."

I was like, "Too?" and she told me that she and my aunt have it. 

Figures I would get the bullshit disease.  There's an over the counter drug for it, and I tried it last night, but to no avail.  I used the lowest dose so that may have been it.  At least last night was more of a tingly sensation rather than outright painful, but my feet still jerked.  

Gah.  And on top of it our new general manager is an absolute ass.  He has told us he wants us to stop using profanity because it is "unprofessional".  Unprofessional, what the fuck?  How many restaurants has this guy worked in, jesus?  Being able to cuss creatively and fluently is practically a job requirement.

What really pisses me off is he spoke to one of the other cooks, and told him that if he stopped swearing, I would stop swearing.  Because, apparently, I need him to set an example for me. 

Set a fucking example?  I am grown, for god's sake, I don't need a motherfucking example of how I am supposed to speak.  And why exactly didn't the manager speak to me about my language?  At any rate, I have had this mouth for a long damned time--starting when I was five or so and said (in front of my parents and grandparents), "What the hell is that dog barking at?"  And on to two instances in high school when my mom found a notes I'd written to friends in the pocket of my jeans.  I was cussin' long before I came to this place, alright? 

If he even did his job worth half a damn it wouldn't be so bad.  I thought our old manager was bad about "the customer is always right", this guy is really old school about it.  If you come to the restaurant thirty minutes before we open, why, go right ahead and order lunch at ten-thirty!  Fucking idiot!!!  Who eats lunch at ten-thirty, anyway?!

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